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Students get a bunch of options to tailor a fruitful career after Class 12. However, choosing a career option depends on multiple factors. If you are a student confused about picking up the ideal career, there are certain factors to consider. While choosing the right career, every student must know the scope of the career and the future opportunities in that field. If we consider today’s time, the medical world is loaded with opportunities. In developing countries like India, there is always a scarcity of qualified and experienced medical professionals. In India, the doctor-to-patient ratio is 1.34:1000. This is pretty alarming for the country, and so it needs an adequate supply of qualified doctors. So, if you are a 12th pass out, MBBS can be one of the most tempting career options for you.
Every year millions of Indian candidates dream of pursuing MBBS to become skilled medical professionals. However, there is a much-limited number of reputed MBBS universities in India. On top of that, due to the lack of seats and high education fees, most aspirants fail to get admission to these universities. Although the government backs the students, they need to compromise on the quality of education due to financial instability. So, stepping out of the Indian border may allow the candidates to achieve their future goals. Migrating to foreign lands to pursue a dream career is now a trend in Indian. Every student wants to get the most valuable education under affordable pricing. So, they choose to travel to foreign countries. The top international education destinations serve the students with quality education and a low fee structure. Moreover, due to the easy availability of seats, the students prefer to move abroad.
When it comes to the most premium destinations to pursue MBBS, the Philippines stands out as a prominent one. In the last few years, the country has become incredibly popular among MBBS aspirants. With more than 95% English-speaking population, the Philippines eliminates the language barrier for foreign candidates.
The Philippines features one of the best medical education mechanisms in Asia. In recent years, it has turned out to be the prime location for the students who want to pursue the MBBS program at an affordable price. The Philippines is considered to be a hub of quality education, and the country produces tons of highly qualified nurses, doctors, and medical workers every year. It offers a bunch of medical courses that possess high value in the Indian education system.
If you are a student wondering to choose the best location for pursuing MBBS, the Philippines can be the doors to heaven for you. Check out the complete article to get a deep insight into all the aspects of MBBS in the Philippines.

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About the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelagic country located in Southeast Asia. The country is bounded by the South China Sea in the west, the Celebes Sea in the southwest, the Philippine Sea in the east, and it shares the maritime border with Taiwan, Japan, and Palau. The Philippines is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. The country covers a land area of 120,000 sq mi and has a population of over 109 million. Manila is the capital of the Philippines. While Quezon City is the largest city in the country. The climate of the country is maritime and tropical. It features relatively high temperatures, abundant rainfall, and high humidity. It’s somewhat similar to countries like India. The coolest time falls in the month of January, while the summers hit in May.
The education mechanism of the Philippines is highly influenced by its colonial history. English is the primary language used in the country for education. The education system is supervised by a special government-owned body, the Department of Education. The government offers incredible support to mark the excellence of the medical institutions in the Philippines. It offers financial assistance as well as strict supervision to ensure the institutions run smoothly.

Majors Perks of Studying MBBS in the Philippines

The Philippines bring a bucket full of benefits to the students. Today, it’s one of the hottest locations to get quality medical education at a reasonable price. Here are some of the most tempting perks of joining the MBBS program in top Philippinian medical universities –

  • Providing the students with quality education for years, the Philippines has successfully sketched a positive image in the field of medical education. Most parents find the country suitable for their children. They trust the education system of the Philippines.
  • The Philippines is one of the most cost-effective countries in terms of education. It offers highly affordable MBBS programs and presents tons of easy payment options for the candidates.
  • The country offers higher living standards under low charges.
  • All the top MBBS universities implement efficient teaching techniques and premium quality equipment to train the candidates.
  • The highly experienced medical staff teaches the students to sharpen their learnings.
  • All the Philippine Medical institutes are recognized and approved by the major medical bodies like WHO, UNESCO, MCI, and more.
  • The medium of instruction is English.
  • 1 out of 10 practicing doctors in American belong to Philippine medical institutions.
  • The Philippine medical universities prepare the students for the MCI screening test. Nearly 100% of the candidates holding Philippine medical degrees pass the MCI examination to grab their post of practicing doctors in India.

Duration of MBBS in the Philippines

If you are a student who is actually keen to explore the world of medicines and master the skills to become a successful medical professional, then the Philippines is heaven for you. Its medical education system features a 6.5 years MBBS program. This is the longest duration for MBBS courses in any country. However, during this time, the universities not only instill theoretical knowledge within the students but they handhold them to gain immense practical knowledge. The complete duration of the MBBS program is categorized into three parts –

  • 18 months of the initial program, where the students get the Bachelor’s degree and pass the NMAT exam.
  • Four years of medical training under expert faculties after qualifying in the NMAT exam.
  • One year of mandatory Internship program where the students are trained under experienced doctors in the reputed hospitals and clinics in the Philippines.

Why should the aspirants choose the Philippines to pursue the MBBS program?

MBBS is one of the most challenging courses for students. Therefore, it requires expert supervision and guidance from world-class teachers. However, the students face different hurdles while pursuing their MBBS program in countries like India, where they lack proper guidance and qualified faculties. If they seek admission into the reputed medical universities, they are often turned down by the highly expensive fee structure. So here, a highly developed country like the Philippines comes to the rescue of the students. Offering the students with a bag full of perks, the country attracts foreign students each year. Every year thousands of students migrate to the Philippines with a dream to become highly skilled doctors. Here are the most prominent reasons to choose the Philippines for studying MBBS –

Quality Education

When it comes to the most promising medical education system, the Philippines tops the list. Backed by the government, the country brings the best mechanism to offer quality education to the students. Medical universities hire world-class staff who possess years of experience in the medical field. The students get the golden opportunity to get trained under the best facilities around the globe.

Reputed Medical Universities

The Philippines has a wide collection of medical universities. Most of the universities are managed and supervised by the Philippines government. The government ensures quality support to the institutions. All these institutes are recognized by the major medical organizations around the world, like WHO, UNESCO, and more. All Philippines universities offer customized programs for Indian candidates to train them for MCI screening tests. The top-notch teachers ensure that the students get the best opportunities in the future.

World-Class Infrastructure and Other Facilities

All the reputed medical universities in the Philippines offer the most premium infrastructure to the students. The classrooms are equipped with the most efficient medical equipment. The libraries are loaded with books, thesis projects, papers, and more. All labs are highly equipped with the most modern machinery. The student enjoys the best academic expense during the six years of the MBBS program.

Affordable Fee Structure

Most international students choose the Philippines due to its low fee structure and quality education facilities. In countries like India, MBBS is pretty overpriced. Most Indian medical universities feature high tuition features and other additional charges to burden the students. However, the Philippines universities offer a much affordable fee structure which allows the students to enjoy their educational journey without worrying about their financial status. The government constantly backs the students in terms of finances. The fee structure in top Philippine colleges is extremely cost-effective. On top of that, the universities also offer scholarship programs and loan facilities. The students do not need to pay any donations or hidden charges for admission to the universities of the Philippines. Moreover, they get flexible payment options to pay their tuition fees.

Low Accommodation Cost

Being a student in the best Philippine colleges, you can enjoy premium living standards. The hostels are well-equipped with all facilities. The living costs are much lower in comparison to other countries. Moreover, the students can choose to stay out of the campus as paying guests.

No Language Barrier

Unlike most foreign countries, the main language for education in Uzbekistan is English. Although being a diversified county, Uzbekistan has all types of language-speaking people, English is preferred for foreigners. Therefore, the students can enjoy seamless medical education without any language barriers in the country.

MBBS Curriculum

One of the most prominent reasons why international students prefer the Philippines for MBBS is its highly optimized curriculum. The universities offer top-notch theoretical as well as practical training to the learners. The staff always motivates the aspirants to turn them into efficient medical practitioners. The medical universities of the Philippines follow the same curriculum as the U.S. So it’s pretty easy for the students to crack the USMLE examination or the MCI screen test.

Safe Country

The Philippines is one of the safest countries in the world. If your child is studying in the Philippines, you can be assured about his/her safety. The government implements the most strict measures to safeguard the students. The country has nearly negligible crime rates.

Quality Food Service

One of the main challenges the students face on the foreign border is the non-availability of their native food items. However, in the Philippines, the students can be stress-free from it. The Philippines universities present A-class canteen featuring multiple cuisines. The top chef of the country is assigned the job to cook the most healthy food for the students. The candidates get a wide range of food options to choose from.

Worldwide Recognition

The students with the MBBS degree from the Philippine universities get worldwide recognition. The MBBS degree is approved by all the major countries. The students, after pursuing MBBS, can travel to their native lands to start practicing as a doctor, or they can choose to stay back in the Philippines and elevate their learnings or get a job to earn a living. After completing MBBS in the Philippines, the students unlock a new world of opportunities to tailor a fruitful career.

No Language Barrier

95% of the Philippines population speaks English, and it is the official language of the country. Therefore, the international candidates studying in the Philippine universities do not have to bear the burden of learning an additional language. The primary medium of instruction in academics is English.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in the Philippines

As a coin has two sides, similarly the Philippines also have certain disadvantages for the students. Here are the major demerits of studying MBBS in the Philippines

  • All the candidates must appear for an entrance examination before joining the MBBS program in the Philippine universities. They must mandatorily pass the NMAT exam to be eligible for pursuing MBBS in the Philippines. Around 30% of the total applicants fail to pass the exam and return back to their native countries. This is one of the most preeminent negative sides of the Philippines. However, the universities believe in quality over quantity. So, in order to pick the most studious students, they have made this exam mandatory. Moreover, they train and educate the students for 18 months before they appear for the NMAT exam.
  • The universities of the Philippines offer the longest MBBS degree. The tenure of the total program is 6.5 years, including the internship period. It’s pretty good for the students who want to explore the depths of the medical field. However, most students skip MBBS in the Philippines due to the long MBBS program.

Eligibility Criteria To Study MBBS In The Philippines

Although getting your seat reserved in the top MBBS universities in the Philippines is comparatively easier, the students need to satisfy some eligibility criteria. Here are the standard eligibility criteria to get admission in the renowned Philippine universities –

  • The aspirants willing to pursue MBBS in the best universities of the Philippines need to qualify in the NEET examination.
  • They must have mandatorily scored a minimum of 50% marks in the core subjects like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, studying under a recognized board of education.
  • The students need a passport with a minimum validity of 1 year.
  • They need a visa to enter the Philippines’ borders.
  • The students must mandatorily appear for NEET, without which they will not be eligible to sit for the MCI screening test and practice as a doctor in India after completing MBBS in the Philippines.
  • If Indian students desire to tailor a career in the medical field without appearing for NEET, they can join the BS program in the Philippines. But, if he/she wants to enroll in the MD programs NEET is a must.

Documents Required To Pursue MBBS In The Philippines

If you are an international student, traveling to the Philippines to pursue MBBS must keep some documents handy. Moreover, you will mandatorily need a set of documents to apply for the MBBS program in top universities of the Philippines. So, here are some of the document you must mandatorily have –

  • The applicants must have a passport with a minimum validity of 1 year.
  • You must have your original Class 10th mark sheet and certificate.
  • The class 12th certificate and mark sheet are also mandatory to get admission to the Philippine universities.
  • You must carry your birth certificate.
  • To apply for the MBBS program, you will need 10 passport-sized photos with a white background.
  • You must carry the official invitation letter provided by the Medical University of the Philippines.
  • You must have authorization of all your official documents from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi if you are an Indian candidate.
  • You must have a valid visa to the Philippines.
  • You will need all verified documents highlighting your mental and physical stability.
  • A bank receipt of the medical university first-year tuition fee is also mandatory.
  • You will also need address proof, like utility bills, or other documents.

Steps To Apply For MBBS Program In The To Philippine Universities

Read the points mentioned below to easily apply for MBBS in the Philippines –

  • Step 1 – Reach out to the official admission online portal of your desired university and fill the application form.
  • Step 2 – Fill in all the details and supply the valid documents. Make sure to cross-check the form before submitting it. Submit the form and wait to get a reply.
  • Step 3 – Once your application is verified and you are eligible for admission, the Medical University of the Philippines will send you an invitation letter.
  • Step 4 – Now move to the online portal and clear the enrollment fee of the university.
  • Step 5 – After you complete the payment collect the receipt and apply for your Philippine visa.
  • Step 6 – Get your visa, schedule your flight to the Philippines as per the dates and time provided by the university.
MBBS In Philippines Infographic
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Recognition Of The Medical Universities Of The Philippines

While selecting the best college for pursuing MBBS, it’s pretty important to check the affiliation, recognition, and other important parameters of a university. If you desire to study MBBS in the Philippines, you do not need to worry about these aspects as most of the universities are approved by the major medical bodies of the world. The students with medical degrees from these universities get worldwide recognition. Most Philippine Universities are affiliated with the following medical authorities

  • Ministry of Education, Philippines
  • WHO (World Health Organisation)
  • FAIMER (The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)
  • WFME (World Federation for Medical Education)
  • NMC (National Medical Commission)
  • ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)

MBBS Syllabus In the Philippines

The syllabus structure of MBBS in the Philippines is as follows

First TermSecond TermThird TermFourth Term
Calculus & AnalyticalPlant PhysiologyEcologyRizal’s Life, Works, Writings
GeometryFundamentals of GeneticsEducation of sustainableEcon./ Taxation & Agrarian Reform
BiochemistryAnimal PhysiologyDevelopmentHuman Genetic
Plant Morpho-anatomyEntomologyResearch MethodologyRadiation Biology
Comparative Vertebrate AnatomyFreshwater BiologySystematic BiologyHistology & Micro-technique
General PsychologyGeneral MicrobiologyCell and Molecular BiologyResearch in Bio Sc.
ParasitologyPhilosophy of ManComparative Religion
Plant Morpho-anatomyDevelopmental BiologyPolitics and Governance

How Much Does It Cost To Study MBBS In The Philippines?

When it comes to affordability, the Philippines is the top choice of students. The Philippines is one of the most economical locations for education. Especially for foreign candidates, the country is a major center of attraction with a low fee structure for the different medical courses. However, the expense of a student depends upon his/her way of living and wants. Most universities offer an affordable fee curriculum to ensure the students do not have to bear any financial burden. Here is a detailed view of different charges linked with the MBBS programs in the Philippines –

Living Cost

The living cost depends upon the needs of the students. The students can choose to settle down in the university hostel, which is the most economical option. However, they can also accommodate off-campus, i.e., they can live in the Philippines as a paying guest. If a student chooses to stay as paying guest, he/she has to bear some extra expenses including –

  • Rent and Utility charges
  • Clothing
  • Food and Drink
  • Transportation charges
  • Phone, Internet, TV charges
  • Learning material and more

Miscellaneous Expense

While living in a foreign country there are always some miscellaneous expenses like health insurance, medical requirements, resident permit retention fee, study material fee, exam fees, and more. Therefore, the students must keep some cash handy other than their monthly expenses.

Cost of Studying MBBS in Top Philippine Universities

Name of University Tuition Fee (for 2 Years BS Course)Tuition Fee (for 4 Years MD Course)Total of 5.5/6 Years Course Cost
UV Gullas College of MedicineRs. 6,65,000Rs. 11,20,000Rs. 17,85,000
University of Perpetual HelpRs. 6,75,000Rs. 16,15,000Rs. 23,25,000
University of Santo TomasRs. 4,20,000Rs. 10,50,000Rs. 14,70,000
Emilio Aguinaldo College, ManilaRs. 5,60,000Rs. 15,12,000Rs. 20,72,000
AMA School of MedicineRs. 7,00,000Rs. 10,50,000Rs. 17,50,000
University of Northern PhilippinesRs. 3,50,000Rs. 7,28,000/-Rs. 10,78,000
Our Lady Of Fatima UniversityRs. 8,40,000Rs. 17,92,000Rs. 26,32,000
Davao Medical Foundation SchoolRs. 5,50,000Rs. 16,44,000Rs. 21,94,000

Career Scope After MBBS In Philippines

The Philippines is the world’s fifth-largest English-speaking country. It is the land of opportunities for medical aspirants who wish to pursue higher education and weave a successful career. The medical universities of the Philippines are recognized globally. This ensures immense opportunities for the students who pursue MBBS from the Philippines. After completion of the MBBS program, the students can get employment in any of the English-speaking countries around the world.

Here are some top-rated career options after MBBS in the Philippines –

  • After completing your MBBS course in the Philippines, you can climb the academic ladder and pick the Postgraduate course to give an edge to your career.
  • Degree holders can start a clinical practice or get a clinical research job.
  • You can also choose to stay back in the Philippines and get your practicing license to work in the most reputed hospitals and clinics.
  • You can also return to your native country and qualify for an examination there to kick start your journey as a practicing doctor. If you are an Indian you have to pass the FMGE examination conducted by MCI.
  • As the MBBS curriculum is based on the U.S. education system, you can easily migrate to American countries to explore new opportunities in your medical career. You can also get a job there in the top Healthcare centers, hospitals, clinics, biomedical companies, and more.

Financial Aids For Studying MBBS In The Philippines

The Philippines government is extremely active in serving the financial needs of the students. Most universities offer exclusive scholarship opportunities to students. If you are dedicated to your career but are barred due to financial instability, shift to the Philippines to pursue your medical education. The meritorious students can easily claim a 100% scholarship on tuition fees.

Scholarship types in the Philippines Universities

Every Philippine university has its own set of scholarship criteria and policies. Here are the top three ways the students can claim a scholarship for studying MBBS in the Philippines –

Scholarships based on the NMAT exam – Before stepping into the MBBS program, the students are trained for 18 months and then they need to qualify in the NMAT exam. Many universities offer scholarships to meritorious students based on their NMAT marks.

Scholarship based on MBBS course exam – The top medical universities of the Philippines also offer exclusive scholarships on the performance of the students in course examinations.

Scholarship based on NEET examination – If the student has scored some shining marks in the NEET exam, they are eligible to get a scholarship for studying MBBS in the Philippines.

Education loans are also available for the students to enjoy financial aid. The medical universities help the students get quick loans to study MBBS. However, you must arrange all the necessary documents to apply for an education loan. Documents required for applying for education loans in the Philippines are as follows –

  • Admission letter
  • Total Expenditure of the course
  • University ranking list
  • Parent’s income proof of the applicant
  • Property papers
  • Guarantors

Top MBBS Universities In The Philippines

The Philippines is a hub of world-class medical universities. Every university presents the best facilities for medical aspirants. However, if we analyze the enrollment reports of the universities, the top Philippine Universities are as follows –

UV Gullas College of Medicine

The UV Gullas College of Medicine is one of the most sought-after MBBS institutes in the Philippines. The university ranks 7,244 globally which makes it the top university in the Philippines. The major benefits of studying medicine in the UV Gullas College of Medicine are

  • No entrance examination and affordable fee structure.
  • Approved by CHED, ECFMG, WHO, MCI, and more.
  • It’s a hub of excellence with highly skilled teachers who inspire the students to grow in their career.
  • Over 90% success rate in the MCI screening examination.

University of Santo Tomas

The University of Santo Tomas is Asia’s oldest medical university. It is one of the most reputed non-profit Roman Catholic research and higher education institutes. The university is located in the beautiful city of Manila, Philippines. The University of Santo Tomas offers three primary medical programs – Doctor of Medicine, Master in Pain Management, Master in Clinic Audiology. Here are some major benefits of studying at the University of Santo Tomas –

  • The University of Santo Tomas ranks 2588 globally
  • Computer-generated teaching mechanism
  • Constructive, experiential, and collaborative learnings
  • Highly experienced faculties in all medicine departments
  • A popular choice in Asia, being the oldest university

Lyceum Northwestern University

This is one of the most prominent universities in the Philippines. For more than 50 years, the university has been serving students with premium quality medical education. Situated in the Dagupan City of Philippines, the Lyceum Northwestern University is a 9001:2008 recognized medical institute. The benefits of pursuing MBBS from Lyceum Northwestern University are as follows –

  • The Lyceum Northwestern University ranks 11464 globally
  • The university is committed to the overall growth of the students
  • It offers highly compassionate, and knowledgeable teachers
  • The students pursuing MBBS in the Lyceum Northwestern University get the golden opportunity to get hands-on clinical training.
  • The Lyceum Northwestern University features a low tuition fee structure

Angeles University Foundation

Angeles University Foundation is one of the most popular Roman Catholic Universities in the Philippines. Situated in Angeles City, the university was established on May 25, 1962. The perks of studying MBBS at Angeles University Foundation are as follows –

  • Angeles University Foundation is recognized and approved by NMC.
  • It features a highly affordable MBBS fee structure.
  • The university is situated in one of the safest cities in the Philippines.
  • The Angeles University Foundation offers a simple admission process.
  • The university offers high-quality education under experienced teaching staff.

University of Perpetual Help

This university has a world ranking of 14629. It’s one of the most reputed medical universities in the Philippines, operating for over 45 years. The University of Perpetual Help is situated in Las Pinas city in the Philippines. The major perks of studying in this university are –

  • No donation is needed for admission.
  • No stress of the entrance examination.
  • Top-notch facilities and infrastructure.
  • 24 hours library facilities.
  • Highly experienced teaching staff.

Our Lady Of Fatima University

With a world rank of 8086, Our Lady Of Fatima University is one of the most prominent universities in the Philippines. The university offers a balanced medical course combining both theoretical and practical learnings. Located in Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Philippines, Our Lady Of Fatima University was founded in 1967. The main perks of studying at Our Lady Of Fatima University are as follows –

  • Magnificent accommodation facilities.
  • Safe environment and secure hostel.
  • Cutting-edge advanced hospital facilities and top medical clinics.
  • Recognized by major medical bodies like WHO, MCI, and more.
  • Low fee structure.

Emilio Aguinaldo College School Of Medicine

The Emilio Aguinaldo College School Of Medicine was established by Dr. Paulo C. Campos on July 23, 2001. It’s one of the most committed institutions to offer quality education and training to produce the best doctors around the globe. The major benefits of pursuing MBBS at the Emilio Aguinaldo College School Of Medicine are –

  • No hidden charges or donations required for admission.
  • No need to appear for any entrance examination.
  • Affordable fees structure.
  • Highly optimized MBBS curriculum.
  • Canteens with all types of cuisines.
  • 24 hours Wi-Fi and library facilities.

Davao Medical Foundation School

The , one of the top medical institutes of the Philippines offers a rich culture and modern facilities that promote the overall growth of the students. The university was established in JuDavao Medical Foundation Schoolly 1976, with the sole aim to produce skilled medical professionals. Here are the merits of studying in the Davao Medical Foundation School –

  • Most premium quality medical courses.
  • Top-notch facilities and infrastructure.
  • World-class accommodation and food facilities.
  • English is the main language.
  • Affordable medical programs.
  • No burden of donations.

AMA School of Medicine

The AMA School of Medicine is situated in Makati, Manila in the Philippines. The university aims to produce the most component medical professionals who are educated under the top doctors of the world. Its curriculum helps the students to become lifelong learners. Here are the main perks of pursuing MBBS at the AMA School of Medicine –

  • The university is a hub of facilities employed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students.
  • Highly advanced laboratories, where the learners are supervised by skilled faculties.
  • Highly experienced teachers offer seamless medical learning.
  • Approved by all major medical bodies like MCI, WHO, and more.
  • Located in the heart of Manila, Philippines it is well-connected and enables easy transportation.

The Philippines is a pocket pleasant destination for pursuing medical schooling. Medical faculties in the Philippines provide the most advanced syllabus and a sensible approach towards schooling mbbs in Philippines fees. The average lesson expenses for scientific courses are a whole lot more finance-friendly. Every 12 months hundreds of students from Japan, India, Thailand, The USA, Australia, and many others., come to the Philippines to fulfill their dreams of becoming a physician.

With the maximum advanced syllabus and affordability, medical training in the Philippines is a desired desire for college kids in private medical colleges with low fee structures in 2021. The price is especially less than the maximum of the international locations globally. MBBS in the Philippines is obtainable at a way less costly in contrast to MBBS in India, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia & the Caribbean.

Filipinos are heated, energetic people with a high-quality comical inclination ukraine university mbbs . According to Gallup’s report, the country is placed among a number of the maximum happy nations on the earth. Seeking MBBS or different advanced education publications within the Philippines is a smart desire mbbs in Dubai. Philippines faculties offer A-list training in remedy, nursing, drug saving, enterprise, and lots more topics.

Along with the high-quality schooling centers, the opposite advantages like a pleasant environment, higher process possibilities, expanded profits programs, hostel, meals facilities, and easy transportation appeal to students in the Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines 2023

Education in the Philippines is an interesting adventure with proper opportunities engineer exams in India. A scientific diploma from the Philippines will enhance your resume and bring about a better career as training from abroad has a higher demand in worldwide requirements for age-eligible for neet. The diploma supplied with the aid of scientific colleges of the Philippines is globally permitted and duly identified by means of leading medical associations in the arena.

The Philippines provides an American primarily based device of education in medicine and this system is called the Doctor of Medicine medical universities in Kyrgyzstan. The publications offer theoretical in addition to realistic schooling which makes college students successful practitioners. The rush among scientific aspiring students to stable admission from the best medical faculties in the Philippines has expanded the call for MBBS in the Philippines for the academic yr 2022 – 2023.

The u . S . Is extraordinarily safe and has a pleasant environment after 12 studies in the USA. Moreover, college students who’ve surpassed clinical faculties inside the Philippines can retain their exercise in India for the reason that scientific faculties are accepted by the National Medical Commission (NMC).

The fee of residing is also appropriate for college students as there are higher boarding and accommodations centers supplied by way of the University when is gmat exam conducted every year. There’s no similar need for college students to examine a new language because the medium of coaching is English.

The Philippines is an archipelago state of Southeast Asia within the western Pacific neet mds exam admit card. The kingdom covers 7,641 islands. The islands are classified under three geological divisions from north and south particularly, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. Filipino and English are the authority dialects. The absolute area of the country is three lakhs rectangular kilometers fees of mbbs in the Philippines. It has a 12th spot inside the quantity of population on the earth that makes it possibly the most desired objective to don’t forget.

The Philippines is actively concerned with numerous groups’ currency of Russia in Indian rupees. It is one of the founding participants of the United Nations and is related to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, The World Trade Organization, and the East Asia Summit.

Philippines medical university popularity

Trusted scientific bodies internationally understand the Philippines Medical Colleges’ neet examination 2021. Every scholar desires to select a college diagnosed by way of the clinical body in their respective united states of America. The first-class medical colleges in the Philippines are authorized and diagnosed with the aid of the subsequent clinical bodies.

  • National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • the Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education & Research (FAIMER)
  • World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)

MBBS in Philippines – Education Pattern

The Philippines Education device follows the America schooling pattern abroad mbbs consultancy. This can be because the previous rulers have especially stimulated the USA. American society had dominated the united states for a long term and English has become the number one language neet phase 2 registration details. The subculture got influenced, too.

The USA follows both formal and non-formal structures of education. The formal schooling gadget follows 14 years of education which consists of 6+4+4 years neet ug update 2022. The education is assessed as six years of number one college training, four years of secondary faculty schooling, and 4 years of better schooling, main to a bachelor’s diploma.

The educational 12 months commences in June and concludes in March, a section that covers a complete 40 weeks will need 2022 be postponed Twitter. The Philippines follows a credit-based machine that resembles the education system of the United States.

A bachelor’s diploma is for four years wherein the primary years are composed of popular training and important subjects are taught in the final two years next ug phase 2. Few bachelor diploma programs like agriculture, pharmacy, and engineering have a 5-12 months course length. The master’s degree is generally for 2 years with a minor thesis or comprehensive examination.

Students looking for degrees in engineering and medicine need to possess a bachelor’s degree in an applicable movement before neet phase 2 exam date . Any expert degree is for 4 years with a sensible approach towards the situation.

The MD software by Philippines colleges is corresponding to MBBS in the UK, India, Pakistan, and other Commonwealth international locations top universities in the world for medical. The diploma constitutes scientific speculation, a sensible and clinical pivot for all spherical gaining knowledge of.

The pleasant of clinical training presented inside the Philippines is known for its pleasant education international neet Tamil Nadu. The Philippines MBBS Colleges are recognized for imparting great clinical expertise to scientific practitioners.

The contemporary statistical reports prove that 1 amongst 10 medical doctors within the global’s most important hospitals is a Philippines scientific graduate mbbs fee in Manipal university. The record isn’t always surprising as the Philippines is the visited vacation spot for many international students.
The state-of-the-art studies conducted by using a famous college have validated that the US sample of schooling has a greater effect on logical getting to know mp neet ug counseling 2021 date. Because training focuses extra on sensible solutions than theoretical ones. Practical education is suggested via most psychological experts as students acquire a better understanding.

With the Philippine schooling machine, a major impact took place among college students who want to settle in The United States. The percentage of Philippines medical graduates clearing the USMLE examination is a great deal higher than scientific students graduating from another u . S . A.

MBBS in Philippines Eligibility

Students who satisfy the eligibility criteria can apply for their path of preference. The eligibility standards to observe MBBS inside the Philippines for worldwide college students are as follows:

  • Students should have 50% of marks in 10+2 trendy with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or equivalent better schooling international schools of medicine . For college students belonging to OBC/SC/ST reservation class, 45% marks are enough for admission.
  • Basic eligibility in NEET is necessary for Indian college students in the final 3 years.
  • Students’ age restrict is 17 to 25 years vintage.

International students in search of medicinal drugs within the Philippines will have to join the Bachelor of Science (BS) application for 12 months and eight months in all Asia medical institutes. This adjustment turned into made for global college students following the United Kingdom gadget of training. The actual BS diploma is for four years that’s adjusted to 1 yr and eight months for Indian and International college students.


NMAT is a front exam performed by means of the Philippines government. The Commission on Higher Education organizes the examination jnu university courses and fees. The exam serves as an eligibility front exam for college kids who want to study remedy from clinical schools in the Philippines. Some colleges can also have their very own eligibility criteria for NMAT. In trendy, the minimal mark to be obtained within the NMAT examination is the 40 percentile.

Lateral Entry:

International college students who’ve completed their commencement with Biology topics are eligible to get admission inside the Philippines scientific colleges nri sponsorship certificate for mbbs. Students can apply for admission, take the NMAT examination, and continue to examine for MD within the Philippines.

Advantages of MBBS in Philippines

Studying inside the Philippines can definitely show to be a very good desire. The main advantages of choosing higher research inside the Philippines are:

  • WHO, NMC, WFME, FAIMER diagnosed medical schools.
  • The medical stages are globally recognized and college students are authorized to practice as certified physicians.
  • No requirement for studying a brand new language. English is the primary language. About ninety five% of humans within the Philippines communicate in English.
  • Affordable training costs for worldwide college students to examine medicinal drug. The value of residing within the Philippines is reasonable too.
  • The American sample of Education is accompanied in all the faculties.
  • More sensible publicity to students to advantage higher clinical expertise.
  • The protection index of the Philippines is taken into consideration to be better than most countries supplying clinical schooling to International college students.

Life of college students in Philippines

Student life in the Philippines is an awful lot better than expected. Students from distinct backgrounds and international locations around the world unite here for training usmle exam date. The united states offer a pleasant welcome for their proper being. International students have access to all their wishes.

The Philippines has continually been a domestic away from domestic for college students. The residents are friendly and the lifestyle is without problems adaptable. The u . S . A . Is considered a totally friendly, safe, and inviting vicinity and will need 2022 to be online. The popularity in the direction of diversity, special cultures, and food has attracted travelers and international college students around the globe to the expensive place. The country is a boon to the eyes with its plentiful herbal resources and surroundings.

The Philippines has been a desired preference for Indian clinical aspirants at maharishi markandeshwar university. The exceptional scientific colleges within the Philippines provide nice scientific education to students at a cheap rate.

Being an English speak me state, students face no difficulty in verbal exchange. The nearby population welcomes humans from all range, tourists, and students mba in the USA. The Philippines also stays an education hub for providing excessive first-class schooling in the field of drugs, nursing, pharmacy, commercial enterprise, and many greater subjects.

Finances for students are very viable as global college students have the option to regulate their spending depending on their budget university in usa for mba . Yup! Students have the option to live with just a hundred$ a month which includes their accommodations and meals or even hire a residing area for much less than 50$ a month.

Hostel Facilities

Most Philippines medical schools offer on-campus accommodation for global students with all important facilities studying in Poland. There are separate hostels to be had for boys and women with 24×7 CCTV surveillance. Students are supplied with high-velocity net centers on the campus premises. They can choose to rent outside campus based on their necessities.


Food centers also are very apt within the Philippines mba usa university. There are various options available for meals to choose from. There are quite a few restaurants available within us with well-known dishes from maximum nations across the world.

The united states look after the flooding of its student’s MBA in Australia fees. The top clinical schools inside the Philippines like Davao Medical School Foundation, UV Gullas College of Medicine, Cagayan country University, and so on., provide healthful and hygienic Indian meals within the canteen. Food is ready in hygienic surroundings with fresh supplies every day best colleges in Germany for MBA. These colleges are recognized for supplying both north Indian and south Indian dishes prepared by way of Indian chefs. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are available in the canteen.


Transportation is snug inside the Philippines. The u . S . Has over 70 airports connecting distinct routes. This region has thirteen air terminals that are related to other countries’ mahaveer institute of medical sciences and research. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Mactan-Cebu International Airport are the busiest air terminals in the Philippines. Public companies comprise Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Skyjet, SilkAir, Malaysian Airlines, and PAL Express.

From India, there are normal flights to the Philippines thru Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Hongkong, and Bangkok.

Jeepneys are the maximum well-known form of public transportation in the Philippines, with absolutely open home windows. Usually, it’s miles over-pressured; tourists in front adjacent to the motive force and 16-20 individuals within the jeepney’s lower back. Exciting, right?

Traffic is the maximum well-known trouble in different countries.

Best Medical Colleges in Philippines

The Philippines has been a go-to place for college kids looking for training from abroad germany university for engineering. The demand for Philippines clinical colleges is excessive because the scientific schooling provided is of top rate best at a low-cost rate.

Top scientific colleges in the Philippines like UV Gullas College of Medicine offer good satisfactory schooling and high clinical publicity.

Students all over the globe opt for scientific education in the Philippines as they do now not require to research a brand new language mp medical education. As international locations like China, Russia and Ukraine compel college students to learn their language. Higher officials in the WHO additionally recommend the excellent Philippines Medical faculties to International students as a concern.

Thus, choosing the Philippine islands to look at medication is a win-win deal.

Admissions in Philippines Medical Colleges

Over 10,000 fresh students come to the Philippines to contemplate MBBS inside the Philippines universities for medicine. All scientific universities in the Philippines comply with American Standard Medical Education which makes it easier for students to plan for USMLE simply as Foreign Medical Graduates Exam(FMGE).

Students of India have the Philippines because the top destination for higher studies study in abroad consultancy. Being an English talking u . S . And with such comfortable centers, the u. S . Draws college students from everywhere in the globe. The variety of students in Philippines Medical Universities is increasing drastically. So, seize your seat asap!

Philippines clinical university fees

One of the principal factors at the same time as selecting schools is the price.

Philippines MBBS prices are appropriate for students coming from all walks of life studying in Poland. Most students are concerned about MBBS in the Philippines Fees are probably higher to take a look at in the Best scientific colleges in the Philippines. Parents also are concerned about the cost of living all through life in the Philippines.

What are the training charges of the Philippines MBBS college for global college students looking to observe MBBS in the Philippines?

Philippines Medical college expenses vary between each college mba usa university. The mbbs in the Philippines charges structure for international students starts off evolving from 2000 USD to 6000 USD in keeping with yr. Most faculties offer college students the to pay their fees in two installments.

The training costs for Philippines clinical schools vary in this fee range. Other expenses like hostel and food brought to the tuition prices range from one hundred fifty USD to 300 USD in step with month.

MBBS In Philippines Syllabus

The clinical syllabus is nicely crafted to provide students with theoretical as well as realistic information.

    • The B.S route has Basics of Psychology, Human Physiology and is for twelve months and eight months.
    • The first 12 months of medicine covers Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Histology, and Neuroanatomy.
    • The 2nd yr of the path covers pathology, microbiology, pharmacology, parasitology, obstetrics, and preventive medication.
    • The 0.33 12 months of the drugs route covers pediatrics, radiology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, lawful medicinal drug/medical regulation, gynecology, clinicopathologic assembly/tremendous points in pathology.
    • The fourth year of drugs is a brief scientific position to exercise with partnered medical colleges.

MBBS In Philippines Eligibility and Admission Process

You can also apply for the admission technique if all the eligibility requirements are happy.

Students ought to have a NEET qualifying rating over the maximum recent three years at mata gujri university. For NEET 2020, the passing reduce-off turned into 147 for Unreserved classes and 113 for OBC/SC/ST reservation classes.

Admission Process for MBBS in Philippines

The admission technique is easy and free from hindrances.

  • Step 1: Fill the College Admission Application shape.
  • Step 2: Submit copies of Your Passport, HSC mark sheet to use for a Letter of Permission for Admission.
  • Step 3: Receive the confirmation greeting letter from the medical university.
  • Step 4: After getting an affirmation letter, practice for the Philippines Visa with the required documents.
  • Step 5: Appear for Personal Visa Interview on the Philippines Embassy.
  • Step 6: Travel to the Philippines and join the scientific instructions.

If you need to recognize greater approximately other Medical Colleges Abroad, then it’s no longer an excessive amount of trouble. Download the MBBS Council Android App k s hegde medical academy. This software gives an advising route to the MBBS Admission technique.

If you need to know more records about the alternative Medical Colleges Abroad, if it’s no longer too much trouble, download the MBBSCouncil Android App. You can download the utility by clicking right here. This software gives an advising path to MBBS Admission.

Philippines Visa Processing

The Philippines government offers understudy visas to students over the age of 18 years. If the pupil is 17 years, they can get a Special Study Permit(SSP) MBA in Australia fees. The approval of the SSP is for a half of-yr length.

Candidates with the usual stipulations can get an understudy visa. They want to have

  • 1.Identification with 1/2-12 months legitimacy
  • 2.One reproduction of imprint clarification
  • 3.Leaving statement from the beyond considering foundation
  • 4.Birth testomony
  • 5.Oath of help finished by way of guardians/lawful gatekeeper
  • 6.A document of documents
  • 7.Endorsement of properly man or woman
  • 8.Police leeway endorsement
  • 9.Medical assessment reviews of X-beam film and mental health reviews
  • 10.Verified authentication from the Philippines status quo

Every this sort of information wishes to be tested with the aid of the Philippines authorities.

After Completing MBBS from the Philippines

Many college students pick to appear for USMLE tests for a profession within the US. Some choose to serve the united states of America after attaining a medical degree.

Indian students have the choice of clearing the USMLE exam to pursue in addition training in the US. Or pick out to go back to India for exercise after clearing MCI/FMGE check mba 1 year Canada. After the hit examination, college students need an allowance from the National Medical Council of State Medical Council to start training top universities in Russia. With this allow, they are able to do temporary jobs within the Indian authorities or non-public clinical clinics. After completing the activity, students should practice for a scientific license from an authorized enterprise. Further, they could either start to rehearse or absorb the PG choice and take a look at joining post-commencement publications in India.

Top motives why MBBS in Philippines is pleasant for Indian students

Many Indian college students, particularly from south India, are reading in diverse parts of the Philippines how to apply to foreign universities. The Doctor of Medicine route in the Philippines is one of the top choices amongst Indian students. It empowers the students to come to be powerful professionals. The practitioner schooling received from Philippines Medical Colleges and Universities is accepted all around the global intake for Australia. After the MD inside the Philippines, Indian college students can are trying to find PG in any u. S . A . Or practice medicine in India. Some of the essential advantages of studying in the Philippines are as follows:

Language: The Philippines is the 0.33 largest English speakers u. S . A. On the planet. English is utilized in all spheres of lifestyle in us top mba universities in Australia. Students do not need to examine any new language. Language is NO barrier inside the Philippines.

Wellbeing: The Philippines is regarded as a protected kingdom minimum fee for MBA. The lifestyle is comfortable in the USA. Students living in university hostels get hold of all the necessities. 24*7 CCTV surveillance is stored to preserve safety. In terms of local human beings, the populace is welcoming toward college students and travelers.

Seat availability: Almost 16 Lakh students try the NEET take a look at in 2020, with simply around 40,000 of them get success in getting government seats to study abroad for an MBA. Many do not get their favored group. Reappearing for NEET might get you in lack of a year. So, in terms of selecting a personal college or gap, the Philippines come to the rescue universities for MBA in Singapore. The affordability and great schooling in the Philippines is a beneficial desires for medical aspirants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the top MBBS universities in the Philippines?

According to world and country ranking the top five universities in the Philippines are – UV Gullas College of Medicine, the University of Santo Tomas, Lyceum Northwestern University, the Angeles University Foundation, and the University of Perpetual Help.

Is the Philippines safe for Indian candidates?

The Philippines is one of the most secure countries for foreign students. It has a negligible crime rate and the government imposes strict laws to minimize the crime rate. The standard safety index of the country is 60.

How many Indian candidates presently study medicine in the Philippines?

The Philippines is one of the top-rated locations for MBBS. The country has significantly attracted Indian medical aspirants over the last few decades. As per the latest reports, the total number of Indian candidates pursuing MBBS in the Philippines is over 9000.

Can an International student work part-time while pursuing MBBS in the Philippine universities?

Unfortunately no, foreign candidates are not allowed to do any kind of job during their academic career as they enter the Philippine border with a student visa.

What is the minimum NEET score required to be eligible for joining a reputed medical university in the Philippines?

The cut-off marks keep on changing each year. As per the report from last year, the cut-off marks for the general category candidates were 147. While for OBC/ST.SC/ or other reserved categories the minimum mark was 113.

Is the Philippines secure for Indian students?

Yes, the Philippines is the safest country for Indian college students.

Is Indian and veg foods to be had in the Philippines?

Yes, Indian traditional foods are to be had in the Philippines. There are many Indian restaurants that is serving.

Is MBBS from the Philippines legitimate in India?

Yes, the MD (MBBS) degree is legitimate in India, all you want to qualify the MCI screening take a look at carried out with the aid of MCI.

Is NEET required to look at Medicine in the Philippines?

Yes, NEET is one hundred% mandatory to have a look at MBBS overseas.

Top Medical Universities of Philippines

Liceo College Of Medicine

Liceo College of Medicine

Liceo College of Medicine is a part of the non-government/religious Liceo de Cagayan University that provides medical education to people of the Philippines and other countries since 1955. It has been a long run since then but they have improved in every aspect. There are twelve different colleges in this…

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Southwestern University School Of Medicine

Southwestern University School of Medicine – Philippines

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Our Lady Of Fatima University(OLFU), Philippines College Of Medicine

Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine

The Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine is one of the most promising medical colleges in the Philippines. Established in the year 1967, this medical institution has seen more than 30,000 medical graduates. The number might not be that huge but the standards certainly are. They…

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Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines

Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines

The Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines is the primary medical faculty that was established in Mindanao town. Established years ago in 1976, this has full-grown up to be a well-established and preferred destination for medical students that wish to find admission within the Philippines. There are several reasons for that…

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University Of Perpetual Help, Philippines

University of Perpetual Help, Philippines

Dr./BGen, Antonio Laperal, Tamayo, and Dr. Daisy Moran founded the University of Perpetual Help on February 5, 1975, in Las Pinas City, Philippines. The University of Perpetual Help is the highest acceptable choice for worldwide medical aspirants to pursue the Philippines' MBBS course. The University is also known as the…

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Angeles University Foundation

Angeles University Foundation

Angeles university foundation is located in Angeles City, Philippines. It is a roman catholic university. University was established on May 25, 1962. Angeles university is the perfect choice for students who wish to pursue MBBS in the Philippines. Angeles University is an innovator in the field of health science education…

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Emilio Aguinaldo College Of Medicine

Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine

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Lyceum-Northwestern University

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AMA School Of Medicine, Philippines

AMA School of Medicine, Philippines

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UV Gullas College Of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas has completed 100 years of its existence since its foundation in 1919. It is one of the top universities in the Philippines. Currently, the university maintains over 30,000 students on its campuses and tens of thousands of international students from India and different earth areas. In the most-…

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Compare Universities

University NameEstablished YearEligibilityNEET ScoreTuition FeeHostel FeesPopulationCountry RankWorld RankLocationREMARKS
AMA School of Medicine2004HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED3500 USD2000 USD5,83,000NANAMakati
Angeles University Foundation1962HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED4500 USD750 USD4,12,000297599Angeles City
Ateneo de Zamboanga University191285% IN HSCNEET QUALIFIEDNANA8,62,00012811022Zamboanga City
Cagayan State University Tuguegarao (Carig)1978HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED3500 USD1100 USD1,39,00010810471Tuguegarao City
Cebu Doctors University College of Medicine1973HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED6600 USD1200 USD3,63,00010010278Mandaue City
Cebu Institute of Medicine1957HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED5000 USD1200 USD9,23,00019212104Cebu City
Central Philippine University1905HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIEDNANA4,48,000247148Iloilo City
Davao Medical School Foundation1975HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED4700 USD1200 USD16,03,00015911619Davao City
De La Salie University Health Sciences Campus1979HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED5500 USD1500 USD5,76,000629052Dasmariñas City
Dona Remedos Trinidad Medical Foundation1980HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIEDNANA2,42,000NANATacloban
Emilo Aguinaldo College, Manila1973HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED4800 USD1500 USD17,80,000538888Manila
Far Eastern University Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation1928HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIEDNANA17,80,000578962Manila
Iloilo Doctors College of Medicine1981HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED3500 USD1500 USD4,48,000NANAIloilo City
Lyceum Northwestern University / Dr. Francisco Q. Duque Medical Foundation College of Medicine1975HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED3500 USD1500 USD17,80,0009110005Manila
Manila Central University1904HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED8100 USD1500 USD1,583,978488695Caloocan
Our Lady of Fatima University (Fatima Medical Science Foundation) Valenzuela1967HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED5500 USD1500 USD6,20,000448507Valenzuela City
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila1965HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED2800 USD1200 USD17,80,000468652Manila
Saint Louis University1965HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIEDNANA1,39,00011210623Tuguegarao City
San Beda College1901HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED5200 USD1200 USD17,80,000789602Manila
Silliman University1901HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED2000 USD1500 USD1,21,00085372Dumaguete City
Southwestern University Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine2015HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED2800 USD1500 USD9,23,000NANACebu City
Southwestern University, Urgello, Cebu City, Philippines1946HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIEDNANA9,23,000769450Cebu City
St. Lukes College of Medicine William H. Quasha Memorial1993HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED4500 USD1500 USD29,04,00014811341Quezon City (
St. Paul University,Philippines1912HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIEDNANA17,80,00011510724Manila
University of Northern Philippines1906HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED2800 USD1200 USD53,87910510362Vigan City
University of Perpetual Help Rizal1976HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED5300 USD1200 USD2,83,00014911344City of Biñan
University of Saint La Salle1952HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED3500 USD1200 USD5,62,000659158Bacolod City
University of Santo Tomas1611HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED4200 USD1200 USD17,80,00032588Manila
University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center1956HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIEDNANA29,04,000759445Quezon City (
University of the Philippines Manila1908HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED1500 USD1200 USD17,80,00075201Manila
UV Gullas College of Medicine1919HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED4000 USD1500 USD9,23,00013711176Cebu City
Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation1958HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED4000 USD1200 USD1,75,00012611004San Carlos City
West Visayas State University1902HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED1000 USD1200 USD4,48,000689240Iloilo City
Xavier University1933HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED3000 USD1500 USD6,76,000217069Cagayan de Oro City
Zamboanga Medical School Foundation1912HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIEDNANA8,62,00012811022Zamboanga City
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