Founded back in 1969 this is situated in the city of Dagupan. MBBS from this university is already getting popular in other countries because they have seen a decent rise in the number of students who took admission from other countries.  They offer a 6-year course in which 5 years are for academics and learning what happens in the labs whereas 1 year is the mandatory internship. The nearest airport is 230 KMs and it is in the city of Manila.

For the records, there are more than 2000 foreign students and out of the 250+ are just Indians. You can see that if this much is just from India then how many in total will be there all together.

This university was listed in the world directory of medical schools because of the balanced curriculum. The fee to study at this university is 3,00,000 per year.

Why You Should Choose Lyceum-Northwestern University/Ukraine For Medical Education:

Reputed University:

The Philippines is a country that is slowly developing its education system. Even though they are not as strong as some other counties but Lyceum-Northwestern University, in particular, is the best that a student can ask for. This is something that the world says. They are recognized by the best and the biggest institutions of medical science in the world. That is something that you are looking for. There have been some great medical science professionals who have studied at this university.

Great Facilities:

No matter which international university you have been dreaming of, this university will give you everything that they would have. A great infrastructure that will make sure to provide you everything and WiFi around all parts of the campus, shops of things that you might need and more. This is something that no one should and no one will have to compromise on when you are planning to get admission to this university. They have more things that you can see by visiting the official website of the university.

Focus On Quality Of Education:

They have all the facilities but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to focus on the quality of education that they impart to their students. That is the most important thing and they gladly pay attention to it. They know that students come all the way to their country and especially to their university to learn something and if they don’t even provide that, the 5 years that they spend here are wasted This is the reason why they prefer to hire the best in the region. They also go out of the country and get the best people available for their students.

International Exposure:

Events, conferences, interactions and more make the students learn so much from speakers from different countries. This is what matters the most when you are going overseas for education. It is important that you choose a university where everything is there. This part is where you need to check if they have interactive workshops or seminars where they call people from different counties. It is not easy to find and you might have to do a bit of research. But, with this college, we have done that research for you and you can just trust them about the mentioned things.

Great Accommodation Facilities:

Accommodation is an important factor and everyone who is moving out of the country needs to check this. When you are at Lyceum-Northwestern University you don’t need to worry about it. There are great facilities that are provided to you. They give you a room with all the basic amenities and furniture and free electricity. It is also the safest option when you are travelling to a country for the first time. 

Opportunities For Internship:

1-year compulsory internship in their 5-year course is important and that is something that might be difficult to find without the help of the institution. Lyceum-Northwestern University makes sure that all their students find great internships and learn in the best way before they complete their degree.

Know You Eligibility For Admission into Lyceum-Northwestern University:

If you don’t know what is the eligibility criteria when you hopped on to our website, we are here to tell you. Let’s have a look at what you need to be having when you are applying to Lyceum-Northwestern University:

  • You need to be at least 18 of age at the time of applying for the college
  • Applicant should have cleared their higher secondary examination with at least 50% scored (General) or 45% (if reserved).
  • You need to have Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the subjects in the higher secondary classes


Q: Do I need to pay a donation to get admission to Lyceum-Northwestern University?

No donation fee is asked from any students who come for admission at Lyceum-Northwestern University. If someone asks you for any kind of money other than the tuition fee or their own counselling fees then you need to report directly to the institute. There would be no effect on your admission process given that you clear the eligibility criteria and have provided all the documents that are asked for.

Q: Can I practice outside the Philippines when I get my medical degree from Lyceum-Northwestern University?

Yes, the university is recognized by all the top international health organizations like NMC and WHO. There are many doctors who have graduated from here are practising in their own country or in some thrid country other than the Philippines or their homeland. It might be compulsory for the students to clear some exams in some regions otherwise they can just start with the degree.

Q: What are some other activities that the students can do other than study at Lyceum-Northwestern University?

Yes, the institute has a sports team and also a culture team. There are many events that happen every few weeks, and the students can participate in whatever area they want to. They also participate in sports-related tournaments that happen between different medical universities. Workshops and seminars are quite regular and they make sure that they conduct general seminars and workshops as well so that it doesn’t become monotonous for the students. 

Check Your Eligibility

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