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The Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine is one of the most promising medical colleges in the Philippines. Established in the year 1967, this medical institution has seen more than 30,000 medical graduates. The number might not be that huge but the standards certainly are. They provide great attention to each and every student who decides to start their medical education journey with them. The 6-year long journey that they know the students have to complete with them, they try to give them the most out of it. As far as the fee is considered the yearly tuition fee is 5.18 lakhs. This is very much reasonable when we consider the facilities they provide and the kind of focus that they have on the quality of education.

OLFU has an ongoing and deeply committed offering of facilities and services centered on its growing population of international students’. Studying at Fatima allows the candidate to experience a country with a strong sense of identity equipped with a varied and multi-cultural history. With its mandate, “Improving Man as Man,” the University instills in every candidate an environment of academic improvement together with the social role and responsibilities important of holistic healthcare doctors and medical specialists.

The OLFU is covered in five buildings where you will get the school’s lecture halls, seminar and conference rooms, research and teaching laboratories, classrooms, theater, library facilities with audiovisual monitors, administrative offices of the departments, and parking space.

The College comprises the latest medical laboratory equipment that meets the Board of Medical Education standards. OLFU has a computer laboratory equipped with internet access to facilitate all medical students’ research work and networking.

All these are put together to make sure that students have all the necessary learning tools within their reach and get a better place to study.

Why Choose Our Lady Of Fatima University to Study MBBS?

Below are some of the advantages of studying at Our Lady of Fatima University:

  • The university offers the students with MBBS education, which is based on practicals and theory.
  • OLFU campus provides an excellent environment for the students.
  • It offers cultural activities at the university to improve the relationship between the students.
  • To join the MBBS course, the student doesn’t need to give any entrance exam at this university.
  • OLFU doesn’t require any Capitation or Donation fee.
  • The MBBS course here has an affordable college fee.
  • The university has a wonderful campus, and it provides a safe and secure environment for the students.
  • Inside the university, the hostel rooms are large and spacious.
  • Canteens are available inside the university campus, and they provide all types of Indian food.
  • Library offers the facility of 24 hours reading.
  • The OLFU campus provides a 24 hours Wi-Fi facility.

OLFU Accreditation and Achievements

  • It is fully empowered by the Association of the Philippine Medical Colleges.
  • OLFU is listed in the WHO Geneva Recognized Medical Schools
  • Fatima University has an ongoing Clerkship Program with the Harbor Hospital in Baltimore and Jackson Park in Chicago, USA.
  • Authorized by the Illinois State Board of Education.
  • Authorized by the New York State Board of Education.
  • The California Quality Health Assurance recognizes OLFU.
  • Competent Alumni placed in key hospitals within the Philippines and Abroad.
  • Garnering topnotch within the Physician’s Licensure Examinations Philippines.

Our Lady Of Fatima University – The Course Duration Of MBBS

Below is the duration of the MBBS course:

The MBBS course time period at Our Lady Fatima University is six years, including one internship year.

The course of MBBS in the Philippines is partitioned into BS, MD, and internship. BS can take 1.5 to 2 years. MD is nothing but MBBS only. After BS, students can go with MD, which takes four years to complete.

Why You Should Choose Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine For Medical Education:

Reputed University:

Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine has created a reputation for itself. This is not simply in the state but also within the minds of scholars that wish to pursue MBBS. This university comes within the prime ten universities wherever students can go to finish their medical education. This is also because of the entire medical education system of the country. One university that has created a good reputation around the world for just itself but the country is Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine’s Medical faculty.

There are several students who have done nice work following their graduation from the university. 

Great Faculty:

MBBS schools in the country specialise in their standard of education which is why all of them ensure that they need the best of lecturers. These lecturers are all knowledgeable about their fields. This is often the basis for how the students grasp things in the best manner. Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine conjointly has some excellent professors from around the world. 

Reasonable Fees:

They provide a lot of things and still the fees that they ask from the scholars is incredibly affordable. That’s one thing, something that is impossible in other countries that have such nice universities with all high-level facilities. Students are continuously provided with things that are needed for his or her betterment, for their education and for comfort. This is why the fees that they pay doesn’t feel too much. The Philippines is one of all of the countries where you’ll be able to go and find excellent universities with all attainable international level facilities.

Great Accommodation Facilities:

When you move to a brand new country the biggest matter of concern is that the place where you have got to settle. All the colleges within the country have nice hostels with all the facilities that are necessary. If the scholars want to settle outside the field they’ll do this. However, it’s suggested that they stay within the hostels for a minimum of a year. The motive behind this is often straightforward. You get to grasp things about the native markets and therefore the culture and if you begin trying to find accommodation after that, it helps tons. You get to find better options as you start knowing about the locality. Also, you’ll be able to browse a lot more things concerning the accommodation facilities within the latter part of the article. The universities themselves give you everything from furniture to free Wifi and electricity. Also, they provide common cooking gas and cooking area for students so they can easy whatever they want from their own ingredients.


It is essential that the university you’re in provides you with correct safety after you are within the country. Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine and every other alternative university in the country offers the scholars the right safety within and outdoors the university. Even the govt. of the country takes care of the scholars who come from another country. Once somebody comes from outside, for the country it’s a responsibility to keep them safe. All the gates within the university are guarded and therefore the hostels also are guarded on an individual basis still. The field and hostels even have CCTV cameras so that everything that happens is beneath surveillance. There are several alternative precautions that they go to ensure that every and each student within the university feels safe. The locals also are there for the foreign students. The scholars will be given attention and care from the locals if they try and mix up with them and their culture. These are tiny things, but efforts from each side create the relationships extremely strong.

Know You Eligibility For Admission into Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine:

Eligibility criteria are the first thing that a student should be looking at when they first look at a university they really want to go to. Because if you don’t clear it, then it is not worth it to read so much about all the things that you’ll find there.

  • Students should have cleared their 12th class with a minimum 50% score 
  • They should have Physics, chemistry and biology as their subjects
  • Students don’t have to appear for any language exam like TOEFL or IELTS
  • Students from India need to appear for and clear the basic cutoff for NEET

Teaching Medium

At Our Lady of Fatima University(OLFU), the medium of teaching is English. Therefore language is not a barrier for non-Chinese candidates while considering studying at this university.

Is studying medicine in the Philippines good?

MBBS Philippines, India, is also a better option. However, Studying MD / MBBS in the Philippines itself has the benefits of good weather and affordable medical colleges for Indian students. Hence, it became an excellent option for students who want to pursue their MBBS abroad.


Q: What are the other activities that I can do at Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine?

Students can form teams for sports, music, debates and other co-curricular activities. There are events throughout the year. The institute has auditoriums and sports grounds that can support the activities that these students do. They also make sure that they provide them with trainers.

Q: Can I practice outside the Philippines when I get my medical degree from the Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines College of Medicine?

You can practice outside the country after passing from any top college. Our Lady of Fatima University comes in the top tier and you just need to clear the NMC examination to be eligible to practice around the world.

Check Your Eligibility

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