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UV Gullas has completed 100 years of its existence since its foundation in 1919. It is one of the top universities in the Philippines.

Currently, the university maintains over 30,000 students on its campuses and tens of thousands of international students from India and different earth areas. In the most- conducive to learning portals situated at Cebu city, UV Gulla’s faculties are currently practicing as licensed medical doctors in India and the world over.

UV Gullas College of medicine is a recognized association by neighborhood and global regulating bodies. It is highly rated in global medical school directories, including who, FAIMER, IMED, and UNESCO.

This medical school was started it’s opertions in the year 1977. The history of this medical school goes back to 1919 when Don Vicente Gullas started Visayan institute. This later became the university of Visayan in 1948 and it finally after the approval of the ministry of education because what it is now in 1977. They have since then kept a reputaion of being amongst the colleges who have gifted great medical professionals to the world.

The students have to pay 8.9 lakhs for the 16 months pre-medical phase and then 4.96 lakhs for the remaining 4 years. You can read everything that you might need to know before deciding if this is the medical college you want to get in.

Why should you choose UV Gullas among other top universities?

“Based on American physician statistics, among ten physicians in the USA examined at Philippines medical university.”

The university asserts the most advanced medical centers. It supplies a well-balanced learning atmosphere. It owns a range of healthcare buildings complete with innovative educational centers and seamlessly incorporated with its training hospital.

UV Gullas follow the American education system, and all research programs are in English moderate. Their prestige is that their franchisees possess a 91% success rate in the MCI screening evaluation.

Lately, in the Philippines competitive examination 2019, outcomes have produced UV Gullas college of medicine on top 3 from the whole nation with the maximum no of its candidates topped the examination, making UV Gulla college of medicine the best option for the candidates.

Highlight some top features and accomplishments by UV Gullas…

  • 3000+ medical students from across the globe.
  • Number 1 international supplier of physicians practicing in the USA.
  • 100+ years completed of existence
  • 5000+ beds hospitals
  • 54+ affiliated clinical hospitals in the us, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • 400+ full-time faculties
  • 91% maximum MCI passing rate
  • Internationally recognized by ECFMG, GMC, AMCU
  • Greater than some other non-us medical colleges on earth
  • 190+ health care residents and clinical rotations in the Philippines.
  • 84 percent USMLE step1 first time pass rate of students in the 47 nations

These are the top three affiliate hospitals with UV Gullas University, situated in Cebu city.

Located at Mandaue, Cebu City

Located at Cebu City

Located at Cebu City

An economical, medical education, UV-GCM, was set up to give you the maximum quality medical education at a reasonable price. It delivers the lowest tuition prices amongst all top-rated licensed medical colleges, together with tuition from $1900 us dollars each session.

UV Gullas believes in the philosophy of AMOR, SERVITIUM, humanities; meaning, they put love, leadership, and service to humanity first. They consider forming a student’s profession that broadens his perspective and prepares him for a profession of his decision.

These are the top qualifications of UV Gullas University.

Reputation & excellent

The university’s global reputation for world-leading study, centers, and resources draw candidates from all around the world. Imbue the Christian ideals of love and service to humankind by means of a tradition of spiritual and community-oriented schooling. Quite a few positions placed it as the most favored medical school in the Philippines. Its health and medical research and teaching as the very best from the Philippines for decades, running along with the UV Gullas as the best college in Cebu, Philippines. UV Gullas came from universities since it is the most favored medical college for global students.

Academic staff

UV GULLAS’S academic staff is internationally renowned, and their team is worldwide, originating from nearly 100 distinct states and territories. The university has won lots of anniversary prizes for higher education, more significant than any other college.


UV Gulla’s accomplishments aren’t purely cerebral. UV Gulla’s candidates have taken part in the Olympic Games, winning several awards, all of which are golden. It has an excellent reputation for fostering leadership among medical candidates, both directly through the topic they research and throughout the opportunities, it can present to candidates due to the massive assortment of the university’s job.

Innovation & shaping

Its eyes are firmly fixed on the future. UV Gullas gets the most prosperous associations for commercializing study through medical technology licensing. Their work has a broader impression on society, contributing to the Philippines ‘ economic system yearly with a worldwide impression and supporting more than 20,000 jobs. Its medical sciences analysis alone value billions within the worth of lives saved, high quality of life enhancements, and the native life sciences cluster.

Why You Should Study In UV Gullas College of Medicine:

Global Exposure: 

The students find better ways to expertise their education and learn about the healthcare system of a brand new country. They also get to interact with students from totally different countries. This provides them with nice exposure. It can be one thing that uncovers their mind towards totally different things and aspects of medical science. With workshops happening and medical professionals coming for seminars all the time. The students will learn many things that they just may not be able to learn staying in their own country. That’s one thing that you just have to be considered while exploring a medical school where you want to go for graduation. Universities like UV Gullas College of Medicine check that that their students get to expertise things that improve their quality.

Internship Opportunities: 

Universities give the scholars with nice opportunities wherever they’ll find an internship within the best hospitals in the country. They’ll be trained beneath specialists, experienced doctors. Here they get to learn things that involve the functioning of the hospitals and the way the doctors truly observe and resolve what the patients truly feel. It’s difficult to notice the particular health problems of the patients and if you can’t find them then you would possibly not be able to treat the patients properly. These are the things that will decide if you may become a decent doctor or a normal doctor. 

International Facilities:

They provide facilities that you just will have seen within the best of the international universities. After you head to the university you would see big libraries with every book that you might want to read, spacious lecture rooms with all the most recent technologies and well-equiped laboratories. The university campus tends to even have food chains, stationary retailers and different vital things. The administration takes care of the facilities that it provides to the scholars as a result of it is aware of that it’s a right away impact on the abilities and also the final results.

Some benefits of pursuing your medical degree at UV Gullas College of Medicine:

There is a large list of advantages that are offered to students who will be pursuing their MBBS at UV Gullas College of Medicine. Some advantages are mentioned below:

  • UV Gullas College of Medicine is recognized by international healthcare bodies like NMC and WHO
  • The cost of learning MBBS at UV Gullas College of Medicin is comparatively less than learning MBBS at identical schools in other Asian nations
  • The university has provisions for exchange programmes for international students that turns out to be very useful
  • It is of the oldest schools for MBBS and therefore extremely honoured among the individuals of the country
  • It provides great hostel facilities that give appropriate comfort to students from different countries. The campus of the university conjointly has associate Indian mess out there for those that wish to have solely Indian food in their meals

How Long will It go for Complete MBBS From UV Gullas College of Medicine?

It needs 5.5 years to complete MBBS degree from UV Gullas College of Medicine which includes one year of compulsory internship. It consists of varied sensible experiences, internships and schoolroom data for building the scholars physically and mentally able to enter the medical science profession. 

Eligibility Criteria to get admission in UV Gullas College of Medicine:

You need to be aware of the criteria that UV Gullas College of Medicine has set for admissions. All the things that you need to know are mentioned below:

  • Student needs to score at least 50% in their 10+2 examinations
  • They need to have Physics, Biology and Chemistry as the optional subjects in the 10+2
  • They should be of 17 years of age before the completion of the year in which they take admission
  • The student needs to appear and pass the NEET examination
  • There is no requirement of TOEFL and IELTS exams

Accommodation Facility:

When you head to country it won’t be possible to seek out a place where you may stay outside the campus. Although, after a year you’ll be able to apprehend things that will help you to rent a flat or accommodation away from the university campus. For the initial year, it’s instructed that you just settle within the hostel provided by the university. They’re amazing and for many students a higher choice than ones that they’ll get outside the campus of the university. There are cafeterias where all students can sit along and eat. This can be one thing that they won’t get if they decide to stay outside as they’re going to got to pay additional for all those things.

Hostels even have a common room area so the scholars can cook on their own if they don’t want to eat something that’s cooked in the cafeteria. It also helps if they wish to eat something out of eating area’s timings. There’s a cooking gas that’s provided by the institute however different things (ingredients) need to be there with the scholars.

These hostels are guarded and have CCTV cameras so the safety of the scholars can be ensured. With these facilities it’s very not an honest choice to go and settle outside the campus. There are several advantages of staying within these hostels and you’ll get to experience all of them once you reside in these hostels.


Syllabus of M.B.B.S. (M.D.)

The pattern of schooling in the Philippines is mainly depending on the U.S. The same is correct for medical also. In India, we connect the expression M.D. to denote a postgraduate degree. Still, in the majority of nations in the entire world, the M.D. is employed to denote that the bachelor’s level.

The Philippines is among those few states which up until lately didn’t possess a 10+2 design of this syllabus. Instead, students have to finish almost any Bachelor of Sciences degree after completion of the 10th, and then that the candidates could combine the four decades M.D. Course.

Considering the candidates from different nations have already completed two decades of schooling after their 10th, the candidates are only required to complete a shortened B.Sc. program that has a length of 1.5 years and can combine the M.D. program that has a length of 4 decades. Effectively meaning the length of the course is going to be for 5.5 decades. After the conclusion of this program, the students will need to return to India to get a sampling exam (now called F.M.G.E., but will be shortly known as the N.E.X.T.) that is compulsory for all students if they research in India or overseas. After the conclusion of this Examination, the students will need to combine in virtually any hospital in India to conclude the Internship.

UV Gulla is recognized by the Medical Council of India and other international medical organizations such as F.A.I.M.E.R., WHO, AND ECFMG. P.A.A.S.C.U. has also given the license to this university, and it has many associated universities all over the world.

The M.D. syllabus varies slightly from the M.B.B.S. routine as it depends more on sensible exposure for those students during their last years of research. This incorporated with how the Philippines provides extensive opportunities for hands-on instruction in the last years of research; also U.V. G.U.L.L.A.S. has among the most significant bed advantages, clinical vulnerability in the nation due to being among only two medical schools in Davao, produces a unique study environment for those candidates that’s really unmatched.

F.M.G.E. Coaching MCI Screening Test

F.M.G.E. stands for the Overseas Medical Graduate Examination, and scholars who’ve graduated from any international College; intending to follow again in India have to Seem, for this Examination performed by N.B.E. (Nationwide Board of Training) beneath MCI (Medical Council of India).

This is one place where the U.V.P. can set itself apart and can demonstrate the standard of its education. U.V.P. has supplied the highest number of MCI screening tests passed by medical students all over the world. With a mean first-time departure percentage of 85 percent since the very first batch of students took the Examination. The candidates have always been one of the best marks in the exam, together with U.V.P. candidates holding the no.1 position at the MCI Screening evaluation on multiple events.

The Most Recent batch out of U.V.P. scored performed tremendously once more at the MCI Screening Test, together with all the candidates amassing an overall pass percentage of 86 percent.


 What’s the standing of health instruction in the Philippines?

The Philippines is known among the best medical education on the planet. Annually tens of thousands of student graduates acting MD (Doctor of Medicine (equivalent to MBBS) from the Philippines will be set from the simple fact that all inch doctors from ten in America have graduated from the Philippines.

Can I apply for an internship in India after the completion of graduation?

The students might take their internship only after draining the Screening Assessment in India and procuring the Provisional Registration of these MCI. It’s likely in order to complete your internship in India.

What if the student fails to pass the Screening Exam?

If students have successfully passed the MD degree of the American education system they are most likely to pass the screening test in the first effort

After the completion of graduation, can I get a job in the government hospital of India?

You can easily find a medical position in India’s government and private hospital after the completion of the program.

Will I be able to get an education loan?

Yes, most educational loans are provided by many nationalized banks. The students must employ directly in the region of permanent houses.

Are there some hostel facilities readily available in UV GULLAS?

It has a separate hostel facility for both girls and boys.

How can I get familiar with the hostels’ environment and foods?

It has dedicated hostels for Indian students with an Indian touch of food and culture.

What’s the process adopted in teaching in most of the universities?

There is a US regular and way of teaching at the Majority of the universities in the Philippines. There is the progress of clinical capabilities and collaboration using problem-based learning. New teaching techniques are deployed to ensure the students are vulnerable to analyze jobs, which makes them build skills.

What type of area would be the Philippines?

The state has a stunning with the attractiveness of personality and possesses a combo of distinct cultures and communities. Filipinos enjoy junk food, picture, and sound. American global fast food show stalwarts have entered the industry.

Can I do a part-time job in the Philippines while studying together?

Unfortunately, doing the job is not permissible for international students while studying in the Philippines.

Why is UV Gullas best among the other international universities?

This university ranked 3rd under the international medical education system suggested by candidates. It has completed the 100 years of its existence, providing world-class quality medical education.

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