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The Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines is the primary medical faculty that was established in Mindanao town. Established years ago in 1976, this has full-grown up to be a well-established and preferred destination for medical students that wish to find admission within the Philippines. There are several reasons for that and education quality and facilities come on prime of it. The annual fee for the MBBS/MD course is 5,45,830 INR per year and that is not too much when we look at the kind of reputation and facilities provided. This university incorporates a country rank of 134 and a world rank of 18214. Although the ranks aren’t suggesting it to be at the highest tier, the scholars actually feel great about the university. The university is additionally authorized by NMC and the WHO and that gives it all the credibility that it might need.

Davao Medical School Foundation is a medical university on Mindanao Island which has been established in Davao city in 1976. This city is one of the Philippines’ major cities and claims to have a substantial land region—also a well-organized transport facility with an international airport and seaport for better connectivity.

Students choose Davao Medical school foundation to pursue an MBBS degree where they can gain excellent clinical knowledge. This university occurs by the beginners as the leading installations to study medicine.

Affiliation with Davao’s doctor hospital, San Pedro Hospital, is managed by Dominican sisters of the trinity.

Address: Davao Medical school Foundation, Bajada, poblacion District, Davao city, Philippines.

Why You Should Choose Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines/Ukraine For Medical Education:

Reputed University:

There are several famous universities within the country and Davao Medical School Foundation can be one that suits your budget and alternative necessities. You for sure ought to have a good score on the NEET test if you’re from an Asian country to get admission to this university. The admission procedure isn’t that powerful. Students from Asian countries simply ought to clear the basic eligibility and need to keep ready all the documents that are mentioned. This medical college has a notable reputation around the world for its education quality and also the facilities that it provides to the scholars. MBBS faculties within the Philippines have everything that’s needed and that they conjointly follow the internationally approved program. These all make sure that the scholars grasp everything in a balanced way.

Affordable Fee Structure:

One of the explanations why individuals move to the Philippines is that the fee that they need to get the MBBS course. If we tend to speak in Indian Rupee, the typical yearly amount that a student needs to pay because the tuition fee is quite affordable. This amount isn’t high in comparison to Indian medical universities. The period of the MBBS course is 6 years in total with one year of the internship program, this is mandatory and you can’t skip it. In the time when the scholars learn the utility of the things that they learn within the lecture rooms and also the labs. Skipping this one year might be too much as the students might lose their graduation certification. With these things, the fee that’s taken by the medical university is incredibly reasonable in comparison to alternative countries.

Focus On Quality Of Education:

The focus on education quality is one of the reasons why a lot of Indian students choose this university. There are many medical colleges in the Philippines but this one has advanced types of equipment that allowed them to teach their students in the best way during the lockdown as well. They provided their students with the greatest experience in virtual teaching. Their students perform well in international competitions and are considered great in their basic education. They are great in theory and practical both types of education.


Students can be assured that when they are studying at Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines, they would be safe. The government of the nation, the university and the local administration all work in unison to protect students from any type of threat. They make sure that the students who are coming from other countries don’t have to face any kind of problem. The hostels and other parts of the country where students might be staying are also protected.

Great Accommodation Facilities:

When it comes to accommodation, the students can be assured that they will be getting the best in the amount that they pay. If the students think of staying outside the campus they will have to pay a sum much bigger and would even get services that would nowhere be near what they will get in the hostels. The hostels provide everything from free Wifi to free cooking gas and electricity. They also provide the students with furniture. The students can buy their own sheets and covers but all other things are already provided to them.

Aims OF Davao Medical School Foundation:

  • To give back to the world, best healthcare professionals with great caliber in all honors.
  • To provide education and services that emphasize primary health care in instruction, motivation to be a doctor, good verbal communication, ethically sound, integrity, honesty, research, patient and community engagement.
  • Institute is determined to fulfill the dreams of students who are seeking to study abroad.
  • To grow medical knowledge in both rural and urban regions of the country.

Facilities offered by Davao Medical School Foundation:

  • Offers leading medical program at affordable cost,
  • Modern teaching method including- smart classrooms, simulation labs, 3D anatomy dissection center,
  • Sports facilities,
  • Conference halls,
  • 24/7 Modern library,
  • Most importantly, corona safety systems.

Why Go With Davao Medical School Foundation:

  1. The university owns the 6th position for providing the best medical knowledge.
  2. Nearly six major hospitals are correlated with us.
  3. Are approved by MCI [ Medical Council of India] and WHO [ world health organization].
  4. Reputed medical university with satisfactory connectivity.
  5. Globally secured university for medical aspirants.
  6. We prefer the international language [ English].
  7. Our learning methodology – innovative and research.
  8. The syllabus is entirely based on the US [ United States] pattern.
  9. Davao city is declared as the best city to live in the Philippines by the tourism department.
  10. The majority of the college is available for Indian scholars.
  11. Focusing more towards increasing practical studies for students.

Know You Eligibility For Admission into Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines:

Let’s find out if you are eligible for this university or now:

  • You should be of minimum 18 years to be eligible to take admission
  • You should have passed class 12th with Physics, Biology and Chemistry as subjects
  • If you are in a General category then the minimum percentage to be eligible is 60
  • If you are in the reserved category then the minimum percentage is 50
  • You need to give the Neet examination because the certificate of clearance of that exam is necessary

Steps To Get Admission:

  • Firstly, ask a consultant to help you in applying to the committee chairmen of the institution.
  • An orientation activity will be conducted for the students with their parents/guardians only if they grant an application.
  • Then the scholarship committee will organize an interview for the students.
  • If the aspirants successfully clear the interview, then they have to sign a contract for the scholarship.
  • Now your consultant has to reach you to arrange VISA.

Documentation Needed During Admission: 

  • Academic documents of 10th standard, 11th standard, and 12th standard.
  • Birth certificate for age proof.
  • NEET exam report.
  • Passport by the country government.
  • 4 Passport size photographs.
  • Paid receipt of visa fee payment.
  • Receipt of 1-year tuition fee
  • Proof of medical certificate from NABH hospitals.
  • Student Aadhar card [ 3 sets of color xerox self-attested].

Fee Structure:

BS [1ST year 8 months]11,500 USD8,50,000 INR
MD15100 USD3,50,000 INR
MD25100 USD3,50,000 INR
MD35100USD3,50,000 INR
MD45100USD3,50,000 INR
TOTAL31,900 USD22,50,000 INR

 Aspects Of Davao Medical School Foundation: 

  • Affordable tuition fees: Davao Medical school’s foundation provides a very affordable fee structure for international aspirants compared to leading medical institutes abroad.
  • Easy payment schemes: For students to enroll along with a flexible and easy payments scheme, there is an option.
  • Scholarship available: To get them enrolled with the available scholarship program, the students can even be eligible.
  • Well predominant university: Our university is one of the most reputed and prime predominant in the Philippines, and this is exactly what every student needs and wants.
  • No language issue: There are no language barriers for international aspirants because the whole curriculum is in the English language to learn effectively and efficiently.
  • Indian students: Being an international student, it is hard to manage in a foreign country, but you don’t need to worry because we have a huge number of Indian aspirants, Indian food, and an Indian warden.


Q: What are the other activities that I can do at Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines?

You can get into sports or join the cultural society. The university has allowed the students to form their own groups and societies because they also understand that a student can’t stay without such activities in their university life. These activities also bond with each other and that helps them to create a network that would stay with them even after the university classes are over. The events that they organize or the competitions that they win help them to stay motivated. 

Q: Can I practice outside the Philippines when I get my medical degree from the Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines?

Yes, the students can easily practice outside the country after getting the graduation certificate and clearing the NMC examination that allows people to practice in whatever region they wish. Though some countries might have their own set of rules that ask you to complete their training or give some specific examination to be eligible to practice in their country.

Q: What is the total fee for MBBS at the University Of Perpetual Health?

The total fee that you have to pay when you are studying at Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines is $8620. 

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