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MBBS IN Belarus

Among many study abroad destinations to pursue higher education, Belarus is one of the most preferred destinations.

Belarus, a landlocked nation in Eastern Europe, is known for its Stalinist engineering, fabulous fortresses, and primitive backwoods. Belarus is a non-coastal country located in Eastern Europe. Belarus has five neighbors; Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine. The country is famous for its massive fortifications, Stalinist architecture, and primitive forests. The two main languages in Belarus are Belarusian and Russian, although an increasing number of young people are fluent in English as well. It is considered one of the countries that carry the richness and traces of history.

Importance of Study MBBS in Belarus

Belarus is the most preferred location to study medicine and pursue an MBBS. In addition, students joining MBBS in Belarus need not worry about communication as the language spoken is English throughout the country, though Russian is the most popular. The temperature adds value to the destination for a pleasant climate throughout the year. Most of the universities here are rated as the world’s best universities. Students studying in Belarus have the opportunity to get Training in Europe’s Biggest Hospital which can be a mark of the greatest kick-off in their career.

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Studying in Belarus should be the best choice for both domestic and international students. This is due to the standard and quality of the education system in Belarus. Education in Belarus is of a very high standard, hence every year students from all over the world troop into Belarus for studies in their respective courses of choice. Studying in Belarus is more than just a dream of having a degree program or a Master’s program abroad; Belarusian universities and other high institutions are immensely equipped with education facilities to meet the standard of any present-day academic challenge.

There has been constant growth in higher education since 1991. As per the data available in 2011, 4725 out of every 10,000 citizens were undergraduates. To allow more student mobility, Belarus has adopted the ECTS system (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). The country has 45 state-owned and 10 private institutions for higher education.

With a growing economy and a high literacy rate, Belarus is also the choice of study for medical aspirants looking to study MBBS abroad. Every year a good number of medical aspirants opt for Belarus as there is no capitation fee or entrance exam to seek admission to an MBBS course. The government spends a significant part of its budget for uplifting the standards of education at par with the international norms. With an easy admission procedure and advanced technological progress, the students gain sufficient academic brilliance and practical knowledge in the subject. With affordable tuition fees, low living costs, and a welcoming population, MBBS in Belarus is gaining popularity while delivering the best classroom education.

The country offers a medical degree course, the duration of which is 6 years. The students need to pursue their internship in India on return after the completion of the course and successfully qualifying for their FMGE examination. The academic session starts in the month of September. It is better to apply to the universities through authorized service partners as early as in the months of June-July as the admissions are on a first come first serve basis.

A student must attain an age of min 17 years and a maximum of 25 years on or before 31st December in the year of taking admission. He/she must obtain a minimum of 50% in 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as compulsory subjects. NEET qualification is mandatory for all the students applying for MBBS abroad starting in the session 2019.

The language of instruction in Belarus is English. However, the students have to gain knowledge about the regional language of the country so as to develop a good rapport and trust with the patients and present good case study results.

Our Services is the authorized service partner for MBBS in Belarus. A trustworthy name, you can always connect with our counselors to seek guidance and support for university selection and admission procedure to confirm your seat for MBBS in Belarus.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students

  • English medium of education throughout the MBBS course.
  • No donation & capitation fees for taking MBBS admission in Belarus.
  • TOEFL and IELTS test are not required for MBBS in Belarus
  • After Completion MBBS from Belarus, students will be eligible for certificate or entrance exams like MCI, USMLE, PMDC, PLAB & many more.
  • MBBS degree from Belarus medical universities is recognized globally.
  • Easy & simple admission process for studying MBBS in Belarus.
  • Affordable course fee structure for MBBS programme in Belarus.
  • Top MCI & WHO approved medical universities in Belarus.
  • Modern hospitals are available for internship during MBBS in Belarus.
  • Student friendly campus environment.
  • A complete safety and security for foreign students.

Education System in Belarus

  • Belarus has an education system equivalent to the soviet union. There are around 250 vocational schools and 57 higher education institutions.
  • The country has more than 100+ advanced training institutions.
  • Universities at Belarus has a wonderful campus & engaging study atmosphere.
  • Students will get an opportunity to learn Russian & Belarusian language.
  • Lectures are taught by world-class professors.
  • Overall education facilities at Belarus are ideal for Indian medical students.

Belarus Student Visa

  • Belarus student visa is the authorization provided to each Indian student to stay & study in Belarus. Foreign nationals need to obtain a study visa in Belarus after receiving an invitation letter from the institute.
  • Study Visa Belarus is usually issued at the Minsk International Airport with the help of an invitation letter by the migration department of Belarus.
  • The immigration officer will check the visa details of applicants & approve the letter which enables the applicants to depart from their homeland.

Note: Applicants need to inform the date of arrival to the respective university of Belarus before arrival.

Visa Processing Time

  • Processing time for a study visa in Belarus is 6 working days after the submission of the visa application. It is very little time compared to any other country.
  • More Reasons You Should Opt for an MBBS Course in Belarus
  • In case you are thinking to opt for studying medicine Abroad? then MBBS in Belarus will be a great option due to the high quality of education with highly experienced faculties, sophisticated labs & modern techniques.
  • We have listed a few reasons why you should study MBBS in Belarus :
  • All the Medical Universities in Belarus are government-recognized.
  • A complete safety and security for foreign students studying MBBS in Belarus
  • Availability of Indian food is easy.
  • Modern hospitals are available for internship
  • Belarus Medical dеgrее rесоgnіzеd bу – МСІ & WНО authorities

Note: Above mentioned are the reasons that every calendar year more than 1000 foreign students from across the world come to study medicine in Belarus.

Fees Details

University NameEstablished YearEligibilityNEET ScoreTuition FeeHostel FeesPopulationCountry RankWorld RankLocation
Belarussian State Medical University1921HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED5100 USD850 USD1,742,12422608Minsk
Gomel State Medical University1990HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED4200 USD1000 USD480,951257536Gomel
Grodno State Medical University1958HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED4400 USD800 USD370,000104955Grodno
Vitebsk State Medical University1934HSC QUALIFIEDNEET QUALIFIED4800 USD600 USD342,700125812Vitebsk

Admission Process: Step-by-Step:

It might be intimidating when you are the first one in and around the family to apply for a foreign university. Going forward in the application process you might get confused about what you need to do ahead. This is the reason why we have created a step-by-step process that will help you to complete the process without much struggle.

Step 1

The first step is to get the form and fill it properly. There should be mistakes in the form because if any of the records do not match properly then your form might be rejected. You need to check all the details twice before submitting the form.

Step 2

Once you submit the admission form along with all the required documents, you will get an admission letter from the university. This letter is important because this is the thing that becomes the base for your visa application. You have to collect all the documents that are important for your visa application at this point.

Step 3

Once you get the admission letter, you need to pay the enrolment expenses. This is only after which your admission gets confirmed. You give your fees for the first year and some other expenses.

Step 4

Once you pay the expenses and submit all the required documents to the university you can then apply for your student visa. Most people get their visas in 4/6 days. You should make sure that you already have a passport so that you don’t face any further delay in the process.

Step 5

When you have the visa, the last thing to do is book your tickets to Belarus and shift to the new country. This is the last step in your admission process and you need to prepare for shifting into the hostel of your university.

It is advised that you stay in the hostels provided by the university as you will be able to understand the atmosphere.

Documents That You Need For Visa To Study MBBS In Belarus:

As mentioned above, you need to have some documents ready in order to apply for the visa. For your convenience we have mentioned all the documents below:

  • A Passport
  • Official Letter Of Admission From The University
  • All School Certificates
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate That Shows That You Are Medically Fit (With Hospital Stamp)
  • Passport Size Photographs (5)

These are the documents that you need to have and then your visa application will be processed.


What are the accommodation facilities provided by MBBS university in Belarus?

Hostels in the medical universities in Belarus have everything that you might ask for. There are all the things that a student might need for living. A bed, table, chair and all other basic things that are needed. They also provide extra space where the students can cook their own food with their own ingredients.

Can you get admission to a medical university in Belarus without appearing for NEET?

No, a student who has not appeared for NEET is not eligible for getting admission into any medical university in Belarus. This is why if you are planning to get admission, you need to give the exam and qualify for the basic cutoff in order to be eligible.

What is the average cost of living in Belarus?

A student can stay in Belarus with a budget of between 10-15 thousand. This is the basic cost and it can vary according to the habits and the lifestyle that the students want. If the students live in the hostel, there are chances that they can reduce the budget. If you live outside too, the budget won’t go too high.

What is MBBS referred to as in Belarus?

MBBS is called “Physician in General Medicine”. It is the equal thing, simply the distinction in nomenclature.

How lots does it value to have a look at MBBS in Belarus?

Annual MBBS in Belarus charges within the college is 4 lakh 75 thousand INR. Annual hostel and food prices are 50 thousand INR.

Is MBBS in Belarus really worth it?

Indian students get top-notch publicity while reading the MBBS route in Belarus, which enhances their typical personality. Students get to examine and experience top-high-quality training at some stage in their research for MBBS in Belarus.

What is the admission manner for MBBS in Belarus?

Candidates ought to have exceeded 10+2 or equal with PCB and English. The scholar should have handed in a mixture of 50% marks and 50% marks. Candidates should have finished 17 years, and college students should have qualified for the NEET entrance exam.

Is MBBS in Belarus really worth it?

Indian college students get first-rate exposure at the same time as reading the MBBS route in Belarus, which enhances their ordinary persona. Students get to analyze and experience pinnacle-exceptional education in the course of their studies for MBBS in Belarus.

Is Belarus good to study medication?

Students who need to look at Belarus at Grodno country scientific college for 2022-2023 intakes might also follow now. Vitebsk state clinical college is one of the nice medical universities in Belarus and is located inside the town of Vitebsk. This college additionally has personal labs and affiliated hospitals for the practicals.

Is MBBS from Belarus valid in India?

Is MBBS from Belarus valid in India? The MBBS degrees provided by way of scientific universities in Belarus are globally diagnosed via the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organisation. Thus, candidates can exercise medicinal drugs in India after pursuing medication in Belarus.

Is the Belarus MBBS degree legitimate in India?

Yes, the MBBS diploma from Belarus is certainly valid and ideal in India. The Belarus scientific universities are legal and approved by using WHO and UNESCO as well as by means of NMC. The diploma is properly-recognized and legitimate in exclusive international locations of the arena as properly.

Is Belarus clinical degree legitimate in the UK?

Therefore, you can be assured of the validity of the MBBS degree obtained from clinical schools/institutions of China/Belarus in international locations like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada… on verifying their names listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

What can I do after MBBS in Belarus?

One can pursue PG in Germany after they have finished their MBBS from Belarus, or they may also explore the option of doing a PG route from Belarus. After the entirety of scientific education from Belarus, you’ll come again to India, and he can exercise in India

Is MBBS in Belarus worth it?

Indian students get exceptional exposure whilst reading the MBBS course in Belarus, which enhances their overall character. Students get to research and experience pinnacle-fine training at some stage in their studies for MBBS in Belarus.

How good deal marks are required for MBBS in Belarus?

To take a look at MBBS in Belarus, you do now not want to skip the IELTS or TOEFL exams. The applicants should skip the ten+2 examination with a score of 60%.

What is the salary of an MBBS health practitioner in Belarus?

In Belarus, a person running as a physician or physician makes more or less 6,900 BYN according to month on common. Salaries vary from 2,530 BYN (the bottom common) to eleven, six hundred BYN (the highest common) (maximum average, real most income is higher).

Why do Indians do MBBS in Belarus?

For Indian college students, reading in Belarus is a secure bet. In the evaluation of MBBS in other nations, together with India, the lesson costs are decreased. Transportation and residing fees are both inside reach. MBBS in Belarus offers a globally recognized degree at a low fee.

Can I exercise in Belarus after MBBS?

Indian college students who finished their MBBS course in Belarus are eligible to exercise medication in India in the event that they passed the NEET check and graduated from a medical university in Belarus that is diagnosed by using the Medical Council of India.

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