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Language Coaching


International English Language Testing System is the highest international standards of language assessment. This method approves the proficiency of four skills of using the language i.e. Reading, Writing, listening through which one can easily communicate in English if he or she migrates to predominant English countries such as the UK, NZ, Canada, and Australia for education immigration and professional purposes. At Softamo Education Group we provided focusing on the practicality of using the English language in four skills in predominant English countries. The coaching provided here quite creative and enjoyable.


The listening module of IELTS is taught with all the possible factors of developing understanding through listening skills. The faculties at Softamo Education Group teach the students all the strategies of predicting the correct answers of every sub-skill of IELTS listening. The listening is provided with computerized devices.


Reading in IELTS requires more focus to derive correct answers. The sub-skills of the reading tests are too complex for the candidate to come correct answers.

At Softamo Education Group the students have instructed the minutest details of hunting the correct answers. How should they develop the range of vocabulary based in synonyms as the module is designed to check the understanding skill of the student.


Speaking is one of the most important modules of IELTS as this module evaluates the overall personality of the candidate. At Softamo Education Group students are made confident by teaching them the dos and don’ts of maintaining attitude to attain fluent speech in English. The learners are motivated to speak better by improving their grammar skills and lexical resources. The pronunciation skills are improved drastically with practical speaking, group discussion, and presentations.


Writing skill is designed in IELTS to check how better the student can interpret his views and thoughts through writing. This task is designed in two tasks. The academic module has a report or description writing as Task-1 and a general essay as Task-2. General Training has Task-1 as letter writing and general essay as Task-2. These tasks decide the benchmark of the writing skill of a student. At Softamo Education Group the students are given the realistic approach to these various tasks in the writing module. Faculties develop all the required criteria of the writing skills in a student. The grammatical accuracy is derived with a lot of practical improvement. The students are instructed to focus on the organization of the task and thus, the learner learns to achieve the task leading to excellent bands.

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