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MBBS in Italy

MBBS in Italy has a remarkable reputation in providing higher medical education due to high education standards with advanced and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches. Italy has one of the best medical universities recognized by the world’s major organizations which includes WHO, MCI & UNESCO.

While studying medicine in Italy, you will not only get the opportunity to learn at leading academic institutions but also get a chance to experience a vibrant Italian lifestyle. The number of students opting for MBBS in Italy is due to world-class education in the field of medicine. It takes around 6 years for completion of the MBBS course from Italy.

Italy is one of the most ideal places for the medicine to study across the world. People from across the globe come to Italy to study MBBS. It has become the most preferred place for MBBS study. There are a large number of seats for MBBS in Italy. In recent times, it has become one of the best choices for all MBBS aspirants. Italy has some of the best universities in the world. For MBBS, Italy is the best choice as all the universities there offer world-class education. The professors at Italy MBBS universities are extremely professional and expert at the subject. The demand for MBBS Italy has significantly increased over the last decade. They offer a high standard of MBBS education to all the MBBS aspirants.

There are already a huge number of students coming to Italy to study MBBS. Indian Students always prefer Italy to study MBBS as all the universities are approved by MCI. So, you can complete the MBBS course in Italy and go back to India to practice there.  You can also pursue a PG degree from India if you want. The only thing that you need to do, is to clear the MCI screening test.

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Duration of Studying MBBS in Italy

  • The duration of MBBS in European Universities is 6 years.
  • In these 6 years of MBBS course, 1 year of the internship program is also included.
  • The medium of Teaching MBBS in European Universities
  • The medium of MBBS education in European Universities is English
  • English is the primary language used to teach MBBS
  • Other European languages as per the country are used as a secondary language
  • Intake for MBBS Education in Europe
  • The classes for MBBS course study in Europe start by the end of September or October
  • The overall procedure of medical education in Italy commences around September onwards

It is important to be aware that many students will apply from different countries

The seats are limited and admission is done on a first come first serve basis

It is important for students to apply for admission in July or August, for simple and convenient MBBS admission in Italy, one must apply earlier, you can also get in touch with the medical universities in Europe for more information

  • They will guide you with your queries through the online service
  • You can also get in touch with the consultancy firm

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Italy

  • You have to be 17+ years of age on or before 31st December of the admission year
  • You have to complete 10+2 standard exam with a science degree
  • Your must-have Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as your subjects in 12th grade
  • You also must secure at least 50% in your 12th-grade examination
  • You have to qualify NEET exam to apply for MBBS in Italy
  • You must present all original documents in the time of admission

Required Documents for MBBS in Italy

  • Scanned mark sheet copy of 10th and 12th standard
  • Birth certificate
  • A valid passport
  • Migration certificate
  • Bank statement of your guardian to confirm that you can afford the tuition fee and living cost
  • The medical certificate containing complete reports on HIV and vaccination
  • Passport size photographs
  • The application form must be filled up
  • Offer letter from the European MBBS university
  • Air tickets
  • Scanned copies of NEET scorecard
  • The documents must be 100% original and genuine

✓ If you face any issue with the authenticity of any document, the admission gets stopped immediately

Why MBBS Study in Italy

MBBS in a study in Italy is the booming hub now

  • You can easily find MBBS universities in Europe offering English as the medium of education
  • You do not have to pay anything extra for the course in English
  • The course material is related to the MBBS syllabus in India
  • Hence it makes things quite easier for Indian MBBS aspirants coming to India
  • The cost of education of MBBS in Europe is quite affordable than in India
  • Studying MBBS in India is the best option for all Indians
  • The living cost in most part of Italy is quite cheap
  • The top-rated MBBS universities offer affordable accommodation
  • Indian food is easily available at these university hotels
  • Almost all the MBBS universities are approved by MCI
  • You can easily come back to India and get a license after clearing MCI screening test
  • You can also stay in Italy and continue your career here
  • You can practice anywhere in the world as the universities are recognized by prominent bodies
  • MBBS degree in Italy is always of great value than other places
  • The university provides world-class education to all MBBS aspirants
  • They have state of the art infrastructure when it comes to research centres, labs, courses etc.
  • The field of medicine in Italy is hugely advanced.
  • The medical study in Europe includes field experience as well
  • Medicine study Italy for Indian and international students are quite productive
  • The duration of the course is around 5 to 6 years
  • The best universities in Italy for MBBS offer additional support for MD degree after completion of MBBS course
  • During the course of MBBS in Italy, students are exposed to the rich culture of Europe
  • They get to learn about new culture and study medicine in Italy together
  • Studying MBBS in Italy will not only make you a perfect doctor but also a good person

Italy MBBS Education System

  • The European Union has 28 active members
  • The European countries vary in their structure of education
  • Each country has got its own MBBS education system
  • Every country in Europe is a part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
  • The EHEA ensures and regulates the tertiary education system in the European nation
  • It functions towards the improvement of compatibility between the researches, students, and academics in Europe to study and work abroad without any hassle
  • The European qualifications framework is responsible for making a comparison
  • Between the qualifications provided in a lot of European MBBS universities
  • To maintain and improve the standard of education in Europe

Medical programs of Europe has lectures, assessment, through essays, coursework, practical

Scholarships for Studying MBBS in Italy

  • There are hundred thousands of financial support and scholarship programs in Europe for MBBS aspirants
  • There are some schemes that cover half of the tuition fees
  • There are some aids that cover the whole tuition fees and living cost of the student
  • Education Loan Assistance for Indian Students
  • Education loan is an important factor to consider for all MBBS aspirants
  • The consultancy firm will help you through the process of educational loan
  • PG options after MBBS in Italy
  • Students who complete their MBBS education from Italy are offered PG options
  • They can practice in the USA after the USMLE qualification
  • They can join a PG program in Germany
  • After PLAB passing you can practice in the UK
  • After the qualification of MCI, you can practice medicine in India
  • After AMC you can practice in Australia
  • After passing the language and practice licensing exam you can continue practicing in other European countries
  • Overall, there are a lot of PG options available to the students after graduation in abroad

Career Scopes after MBBS Europe

There are a lot of career scope options after MBBS in Europe. Hospital management is one of the best options and you can set up your own clinic. You can start working as a doctor in any multinational hospital. Specialize in some specific fields such as a surgeon, gynecologists, and so on.

MBBS Syllabus in Italy

  • General Histology
  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Physiology
  • Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
  • Pathology
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Dermatology and Venereology
  • Community Medicine
  • Medicine
  • Ophthalmology
  • Obstetrics
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgery

Studying MBBS in Italy for Indian Students

In India, there is massive competition to get a seat in any MBBS university. This is because of the large number of Indian MBBS aspirants. The competition becomes complex and most of the MBBS aspirants do not get a seat

The course fee of the private institution is also very expensive that is why students from India tends to come to India to study medicine. MBBS education in Italy is of world-class level

  • The state of the art infrastructure and world-class faculty is perfect for Indian MBBS aspirants
  • The tuition fees and living costs in Italy are quite affordable for Indian students. They offer globally accepted MBBS degrees
  • The MBBS universities in Italy are recognized by MCI, WHO, and other prominent bodies across the globe
  • Most of the places in Italy are safe for students there is no admission test such as TOEFL or IELTS required for admission
  • The admission process is simple and straightforward.
  • No donations are required for admission
  • You can get Indian food here if you crave for some homely food
  • The climate is suitable for Indians

Frequently Asked Questions on MBBS in Italy

What is the basic eligibility criteria to get admission into a medical college in Italy?

If you are above the age of 17, then you are allowed to fill up the admission form. Also, you have to score at least 50% in 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as your subjects. Another thing that you need is the NEET scorecard and that makes the NEET examination mandatory for every applicant. Anyone who has not provided these proofs will not be eligible to proceed through the admission process. The applicant needs to present original copies of all the documents at the time of admission.

Can I practice anywhere else in the world if I complete my MBBS from Italy?

Yes, a student who has completed their MBBS degree from Italy can practice anywhere else in the world. Though, there are certain examinations that they have to clear. The doctors might also have to pass the individual exams of the country they want to practice in. A doctor who has graduated from Italy is respected because most of the universities in this country are accredited by trusted medical institutions of the world.

What are the accommodation facilities in Italy for MBBS students from abroad?

A student who comes to Italy for MBBS has to stay in the university hostel for the first year and then they can move out and decide where they want to live. There are no restrictions on staying in the hostel for all 5 years if the student wants. If someone does want to move out, then they can rent a room with a local family or rent a whole apartment. They can do so alone or with a group. Sharing it with a group can help you manage the budget but if it is not a problem, then you may stay in a flat all by yourself as well.

How does MBBS cost in Italy?

The cost of studying MBBS in Italy is distinctly affordable. Most medical universities in Italy are about 20-30 lakhs for the complete course.

Can I do MBBS in Italy without NEET?

In order to take a look at medicine in Italy, you should have expertise in physics, chemistry, and biology. This understanding might be tested in IMAT or college front tests. NEET scores can be a demand for Indian college students who later want to practice in India

Is there any entrance examination for MBBS in Italy?

No Entrance check is needed to observe in Medical universities in Italy (Only NEET Qualification is sufficient). No capitalization rate. The Indian college students seeking admission are admitted to those institutions identified by the medical council of India for screening exams conducted by way of NMC

How many MBBS NEET marks in Italy?

For getting admitted to colleges for MBBS in Italy, you want to attain not less than 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology and NEET score now not less than 50%

Which check is needed for MBBS in Italy?

In order to use for MBBS in Italy, Indian students must own a minimum of 50% combination marks inside the PCB subjects and feature a legitimate NEET score of not much less than 50%. Students ought to actually have a legitimate TOEFL or IELTS score because the issue is taught completely in English in Italy.

Is MBBS in Italy taught in English?

More than 13 public scientific schools offer English-taught MBBS stages. These are the colleges of Bari, Bologna, Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Messina, Milan, Milan-Bicocca, Naples Federico II, Padua, Pavia, Parma, Rome La Sapienza, Rome Tor Vergata, and Turin.

Is studying remedies in Italy difficult?

Studying in a clinical college in Italy isn’t any easier or harder than analyzing in a single anywhere else. However, being admitted into an Italian scientific college is considerably tougher than it’s miles in lots of different international locations with a comparable degree of training.

Is Italy reasonably priced to observe medication?

It can range between 20,000-30,000 USD* in private worldwide universities. The low tuition expenses of numerous public and private scientific universities in Italy lead to low costs for global students.

Do Italian doctors speak English?

If the office is too full, you may want to head return another day. Most widespread practitioners operating as Italian National Healthcare Service docs do not communicate English so you might not be able to speak efficiently if you don’t examine Italian.

Is it higher to study in Italy or Germany?

If you need to study in a rustic with a lower value of residing and rich subculture, Italy is better. However, in case you’re seeking out lessons-unfastened education in diverse surroundings and higher employability prospects after commencement, you should pick to study in Germany.

Can I settle in Italy after observing?

Those conserving a master’s diploma or Ph.D. are eligible to live lower back in Italy after their studies for one year. The post-take-a-look-at-work permit may be implemented after the applicant gets a complete-time task or maybe an internship possibility. Officially ‘permesso di Lavoro’ – a piece permit/employment allow could be wished

How a whole lot a doctor earns in Italy?

According to the Economic Research Institute, the average profits of a health practitioner in Italy is approximately € 130,983 a year. Depending on enjoyment and specialization this salary can range from €103,000-174,000 in step with yr

How the year is a medication in Italy?

Medical schooling in Italy is for six years. The first three years of this schooling are theoretical, and the next 3 are medical training

Does Italy reject pupil visa?

The value of a visa to Italy for an Italian D pupil visa is €76 (INR 6,800), whilst the software price for a C or visa for much less than five years is €81 (INR 7,000). Italy’s scholar visa refusal rate became 8.2 percent in 2017, rising to nine.6 percent in 2018 and alternatively in 2019 to 9.9 percent

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