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You might be prepared for the entrance examinations to get into the new world of higher medical education, but have you done your research about where to go if not the top colleges in India? The question is important and does not have an easy answer to it. The answer would be different to most students because of their preferences. Let’s be honest, we all want the best but in our budgets and comfort. No one wants to go to a country or a college where the system is a bit hard on them, also it would be really problematic as well because it would cause mental pressure.

But, we are here to take away some of your stress so you can focus better on what you actually want. You might already know that the Philippines is one of the countries that is really growing itself in terms of medical education. Here, we are going to tell you about one of the best medical colleges in the Philippines and tell you why it is worth it. Most of the students don’t explore much and that is why they are left unaware of such amazing universities.

Check Your Eligibility

We are talking about Southwestern University School of Medicine. This medical university is situated in Cebu city. Cebu city is one of the best cities in the country and has everything that anyone can need as a student. They are growing so probably the time you graduate, you will experience great positive changes. This is a private university and that means they have to use the fees and accommodation money into improving. The college was established back in 1946 but could start its functions as a university in 1959.

The university was transferred into the management of an investment firm by the name of Phinma Corporation. This happened in the year 2015. They also own a hospital that runs by the name Sacred Heart Hospital.

Why Get Enrolled Into Southwestern University School of Medicine – PHILIPPINES

Let’s find out the reasons why you should get enrolled in the Southwestern University School of Medicine in the year 2021.

  • The university has got recognition and accreditation from the biggest health organizations around the world
  • It is accredited and recognized by WHO and NMC, this states that the university has everything that makes it an international-level choice for users
  • Students can apply for a student loan when they are applying to this student
  • The university is not just about education but also about a lot of other things. They provide many facilities to the students so that they can develop in all aspects
  • The language of education is English for all the courses that have international students in it. They understand the fact the people cannot be fluent in their language and hence choose the global language of communication
  • Also, outside the campus as well the student won’t face any language problems because the locals can also understand English. This is one of the best things about being in this country
  • If you are someone who is facing problems with budget and want to move out of your country to study in one of the best universities, Southwestern University School of Medicine is a great option. Why? Because they provide scholarships to the students who have exceptional academic records and would really need that scholarship
  • The weather in the country is one of the best things about it. You already would know that the Philippines is beautiful and it gets even better because of the weather. Yes, it would be a little different for students from India and other countries near the equator
  • It is really easy to get admission to Southwestern University School of Medicine (Process is easy). You don’t have to struggle a lot if you have cleared all the eligibility criteria and all the documents that are provided to the college are legit
  • The country is really safe for the students who come from a different country. The government of the nation and the university take care of the students and make sure that there are no issues that these students have to face
  • As per the policies of the university, no admission is offered against any type of donation fees. The students who are eligible can apply and get admission until the seats are available. No one will be allowed to get admission after the capacity is filled
  • This university takes care that of the quality of education that they provide to their students. That is why they make sure that they keep only the best teachers and also provide them with all the resources that can help them in providing effective education
  • The fee structure of the university seems very reasonable and as already mentioned if you have exceptional talent, you might get a scholarship and that will ease the burden as well
  • Hostels are provided to the students and these hostels are luxurious. They provide you with comfortable beds, tables, chairs and wardrobe and more. You also get free electricity, WiFi, a geyser and more. These things would not be available if you decide to stay outside the campus and think that you will buy all of it on your own.
  • There are special mess facilities for Indian students because of their different food habits. This is to make sure that no one has to compromise on their taste.
  • The cost of living Philippines is really manageable. You will experience that when you compare it to other countries where medical education is good, you will see how decent are their expenses still.
  • You get to do an internship in their own hospital that has a great reputation around the country. This means that you are getting great training without having to move back and forth to secure the internship.

What Is The Duration Of the MBBS Course?

The course goes on for 5 years and you have to pay the fee every semester and that makes it 10 instalments of the fees. The total amount that has to be paid totals up to 9,00,000 INR and that is not too much when you will check out their facilities. They have one of the most high-tech and advanced campuses in all the medical universities in the Philippines. You don’t have to roam around in hospitals for either treatments or practical learning because they own one of their own.

This duration of the course has been decided carefully and they have integrated everything within this. It is important to let the students know about the things that are important They balance out advanced and traditional medical philosophies and let the students figure out how they want to move ahead in the direction.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Get Admission To Southwestern University School of Medicine – PHILIPPINES?

As we said, only those students will get admission who can clear the eligibility criteria that is decided by the university. Let’s have a look at what they expect from you and then you can see if you want to know more and get admission or try at some other university.

  • The student should have scored at least 70% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology if they want to get admitted into the MBBS course. This is the most popular course and as you move down the medical course hierarchy you might clear the cut-off even if you had less percentage.
  • The students need to pass all the subjects in their 10+2 exams and they need to have English as one of their compulsory subjects.
  • Because they take the students part academic progress to be the criteria and the subjects to know the languages and expertise, they don’t ask for IELTS or TOEFL.
  • The student should be of at least 17 years at the time of admission. If the student is not 17 then they might have to wait till the time they are.


Do I Get Any Scholarship?

Yes, if you have performed well then you can apply for the scholarship. There are three types of scholarships offered by the institute and they are; a) PHINMA Scholarship b) President Scholarship For School of Medicine and c) Chairman’s Scholarship for School of Medicine.

When Do Admissions Start In Southwestern University School of Medicine – PHILIPPINES?

Admissions start in February and go on till the end of July. You can complete the process and then get the invitation letter to finalize your admission in 2 weeks from the date of filing the application form. That is the time when you are asked to submit all the documents and also pay the fee for one semester.

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Cebu City, Philippines?

If you are living in the hostel then the cost is taken at the starting of the academic year or the semester. That cost suits the budget of most students because if you decide to stay outside the campus then you have to spend at least 25-30k everything included. This is the reason why most students prefer to stay inside the hostel and live comfortably.

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