About Softamo Education Services Private Limited

Softamo is a privately owned study abroad education consultants group headquartered in India registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs. We provide consulting services to students in India and abroad who like to pursue further education abroad. Choose from Diploma, Bachelor Degree & Master Degree courses in Information Technology, Business Administration, Hotel Management, International Trade, Computer Science, Engineering, Bio-sciences, Medical, Clinical, Non-Clinical, Textile Technology, Fashion Design, Art & Design and many more. We are directly dealing with reputed universities and colleges in most of the European countries, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc., with a global presence we are able to provide you with the right choices to set you on a rewarding future by obtaining world-class qualifications. We offer relevant advice with the bigger picture in mind (globally) where we consider students as individuals on a case by case basis. This enables us to help them plan learning pathways that are realistic and most appropriate for them.

Our Mission:

 To remain market leader through consistent delivery of quality, ethical and professionally sound service to its clients (students, education partners, and government agencies). Softamo will continue setting challenging standards leading to overall development in the industry.

Our Vision

With years of experience in the Education industry, we have successfully emerged as an industry-leading one-step education solution, with a vision to provide you a platform, which enhances your personality and communication skills for this fast-paced competitive world.

​Being multilingual in today’s world, is an added value to your resume and a supreme advantage for you over other individuals, in your career. Therefore, Softamo is extremely proud to introduce you to significant Foreign Language Courses like French, German and Spanish, etc.

​We believe that hard work alone is not sufficient to survive in this world, but you need to look sharp and be smart. Hence, we innovated our major courses which will transform your personality and make you be the change you always desired about.

​Softamo Education Group is your best bet, as we enable you to aim limitless, rise high, break all horizons and be an identified individual!

Personalized Counseling:

With more than 50 universities under our contracts, we have a range of options for our students to choose from which may vary from best in the world as well budget-friendly and best in class university for fulfilling dreams of the student.

Excellent Local Support:

We are the only team with global presence for any kind of help for student like admission process, safe and secure pre-departure from their source to destination location, once reaching at destination will provide local guardian who will able to speak and understand English language as well local language of the place students are traveling to, thus making sure that students travel comfortably and without any kind of hassle throughout the journey.

Resources and Infrastructure:

We also provide residential accommodation at places where universities do not have hostel services along with Indian food, as well as guide the student for local transportation as well as shopping.

Softamo Education Key Fact:

  • Our commitment is to find quicker and hassle-free and cost-effective ways for students’ Abroad Education. We make sure that students can easily make the right choice while planning to study abroad.
  • Honesty, clarity, and dedication are the pillars to our success, and sustaining the integrity, through each step, is the main priority of our team members.
  • Our Well Experienced and Well guided team excel in guiding students throughout the admission process while focusing on the student’s preferences, Student satisfaction is a must for Softamo Group of Education.
  • We try to give a personal touch to advise and response to all the queries of the student; therefore, the better understanding of the application process

Courses We Offered

  • MBBS
  • Engineering and Technology
  • MBA and Management
  • Business and Economics
  • Arts
  • Aviation
  • Free Education Programmes
  • Job Placements in cream as well as European Nations



The Education World today requires people who would not only contribute to their organizations but also will provide new direction and leadership to the society to make it a better place to live in.

Softamo was established way back and since its inception, it has been continuously evolving its strategy to respond to the contemporary educational needs and social changes.

Our alumni have achieved laurels in the past and have set a trend for the new entrants to face the emerging challenges with professionalism and dedication.

With world-class facilities and a dedicated team of talented members, Softamo always strives to achieve excellence in varied dimensions of management education. I along with all the members of Softamo family welcome you to our prestigious institution and wish that you will have very valuable experience with Softamo.


“Let us think of Education as the means of developing our ‘Abilities’ because in each of us there is ‘Hope’ and ‘Dream’ which fulfilled can be translated into benefit for everyone and for our Nation”.

In a current competitive world where the world is always determining winners and losers among nations, it has become increasingly necessary to ensure that, besides a sound education, our students should have the ability to engage and win the global context. Here at Softamo, with a belief that Knowledge is Power, Money, Safety, Happiness, and a Key to Success, we understand that the educational institutions can be a powerful driving force where people can share their knowledge, act and interact with the students to mold and cast them for future. With a consideration that the students will become world-class leaders in their respective fields rather than just capable students or just competent workers but they should be a person with innovative ideas of their own and striving to change the future.

We invite you to join us in our endeavors to create a knowledge-based society that fortifies the intellectual, physical and psychological dimensions of participating individuals who can really shape the future.

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