MBBS in Bulgaria

Looking onward to study MBBS in Europe? You can definitely choose Bulgaria as your one perfect destination.
We are in a very crucial time in our life where the whole world has undergone the worst of the healthcare problems and the most need for everyone around the world is for doctors and due to heavy demand, the number of doctors is now more than ever. A lot of countries and nations have now seen a scarcity of good doctors who could manage all the problems that people were getting here and there. Here, we are not only just talking about the Covid related problems and issues but all kinds of problems and difficulties in general. The treatment to this issue is very simple and plain: we obviously are in need of more doctors who have completed their medical degree and studied from some good medical colleges around the world. Therefore here in this article, we are going to talk about going to Bulgaria to pursue your MBBS degree. Most people would know that Bulgaria is a country that is very well developed and advanced where you can go as a tourist or traveler to watch a lot of good things but have you ever thought about going there for an MBBS course? Yes, there are some very great medical colleges and universities in Bulgaria and here, you are going to know about it all today. For all the students around the world who have huge dreams, who want to help people in the time of their need, then Bulgaria is that country where they can get the right advice and direction for their future. Though a lot of people might find it difficult to get admission to medical colleges in a country like Bulgaria, that is not the case for Indian students. Or for any student who studies well, for that matter of fact. Students who graduate from one of the top colleges or universities in Bulgaria have a great opportunity of working around the world. The given curriculum activities that are followed and the facilities that they get are tremendous. There are many reasons why one should choose to be studying in Bulgaria and securing their own perfect future. The degree that you get from the medical universities there in Bulgaria is recognized by the directory of world councils and NMC.

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Why choose Bulgaria for your Medical studies among all the other European Colleges and Universities

Bulgaria has gained a lot of popularity among all the MBBS aspirants worldwide and also very recently. As it provides a very low-cost MBBS in Bulgaria, programs offered by the state universities, students seemed to choose Bulgaria over other European countries. The colleges and Universities in Bulgaria is an epitome of cultures, tradition and ethnicities. Medical studies in Bulgaria at some of the top medical colleges in Bulgaria is the dream of many medical students. Colleges and Universities in Bulgaria till now is known to have trained more than 5,000 international students in medicine and other specialities.

Bulgaria is situated in Central Europe. The destination is found to be very much favourable for the students residing in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Moreover, the location is the melting point of popular destinations and landmarks thus, Bulgaria is a great option for students. And admission to the top medical college or university in Bulgaria is kind of easy too. The students are not required to clear any kind of entrance exams or English Language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL to get admission there. The country has also given a home to several well-known universities of global repute.

The top and leading well-known colleges and universities in Bulgaria

There are some of the best and top medical colleges and universities in Bulgaria for Indian students to pursue MBBS. The colleges or the universities are intent on providing quality education that meets the global standards. Infrastructure in Medical Schools in Bulgaria is strong and the faculty holds years of expertise and experience in shaping the careers of the students.

Universities for MBBS in Bulgaria for Indian Students in 2021 are given below:-

  • Plovdiv Medical University
  • Varna Medical University
  • Sofia Medical University
  • Pleven Medical University

Courses that are offered by the Bulgarian Medical Colleges or Universities

Before selecting a college or a University, the aspirants must make sure that the college or the university is offering the chosen specialty in them-

  • Aspiring dentists have to invest 5 years of their life in college to complete their course
  • Pharmacy students are also instructed to go to college for 4 years at stretch to complete their course
  • Students who are pursuing nursing in Bulgaria have to go through 4 years of college or university to complete their course
  • The duration for the MBBS courses in Bulgaria is 6 years
  • There are 4 major paths that are offered in Bulgarian Universities and they are General Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Dentistry
  • Graduates can also apply for their course of Masters Degree from Bulgaria

There are several other advantages of studying in Bulgarian Medical Universities.

For instance, the students studying there get to learn local languages in the college or the university itself as they provide some separate course of learning languages.

The duration of Studying the MBBS course in Bulgaria is given below

There may be a different set of admission procedures of different colleges. However, the basic admission process of most institutions are as follows –

  • Universities or colleges in Bulgaria are offering 6 years for courses in MBBS
  • The other disciplines and courses that are offered by MBBS Bulgaria are Nursing, Dentistry and Pharmacy. The duration for the study of nursing is 4 years and the duration for completing the course of Dentistry and Pharmacy is 5 years and 4 years respectively.

Medium of Teaching while going your MBBS course in Bulgaria

Universities in Bulgaria are very much preferred by international and foreign students due to their English teaching Medium for MBBS in Bulgaria. The lecturers, teachers, and professors in Bulgarian Universities are very well versed in the English Language. International and foreign students are also taught their local languages in university so that they can communicate effectively with the locals and it would be easy for them to survive in there.

Intake of MBBS course to study in Bulgaria

The colleges and universities open their applications nearly in the month of April. The applications start to close by the last week of September or early of October. Each Bulgarian college and University takes as many as around 3,000 to 4,000 MBBS students each year.

  • The aspirant must need to have completed their 12th standard with PCB and English as their Subjects.
  • The aspirant must need to have 55% of the marks and above in PCB in their 12th standard.
  • The aspirant must have to be above at least the age of 17 and below the age of 25 at the time of filling the application
  • The aspirant must need to have cleared the NEET entrance exam with qualifying marks.
  • The student must need to have their y passport with over 18 months of validity in it.

The required Documents For taking admission for studying MBBS in Bulgaria 2021 are given here

Listed below are some of the most necessary documents that are essential for taking admission in any Bulgarian Medical college:

  • All the academic documents that are related to the secondary education of the student
  • Aspirant’s Passport which is has a validity that can be extended for 18 months at least from the day for filling the admission form
  • The recent Medical Certificate or the HIV reports of the student
  • The application form duly and properly filled
  • 10 passport sized coloured photographs of the aspirant

Why to pursue MBBS Study in Bulgaria?

There are a lot of reasons as to why to study MBBS abroad. Some of the reasons to choose MBBS Bulgaria as your destination for pursuing an MBBS course are as follows:

  • The candidates are not required to sit for any kind of entrance tests or exams.
  • The colleges and universities in Bulgaria are very much affordable especially for the students of India and also some of its neighbouring countries.
  • Bulgaria is one of the recently emerging destinations for MBBS students globally.
  • There are several colleges and universities in Bulgaria that are offering English Medium courses to the international and foreign students.
  • The candidates also do not have to clear any kind of English Language tests or exams.

Some of the top Medical colleges and Universities in Bulgaria in the year 2021/22

There are several top medical universities that are located in Bulgaria that offer very good and quality education to all the students who are seeking admission in the top medical colleges and universities in Europe. Most of the medical courses that are taught in English and thus attracting a lot of international and foreign students, besides some factors like the high quality of education and reduced tuition fees are some of the other favourable factors that are influencing the students from across the whole world to go and study medicine in Bulgaria.

Plovdiv Medical University, Bulgaria

Plovdiv Medical University has come into existence in the year 1945 and is very well known for its numerous and different departments that include departments like medicine which are namely dental medicine, pharmacy, public health and also contains specialized training. Plovdiv Medical University is a hospital that is now offering assistance to various kinds of patients and it comprises more than 2000 beds. The university is also offering some specialized training which has more than 130 experienced professors, lecturers and renowned scientists.

Sofia Medical University, Bulgaria

Sofia Medical University being the first-ever medical university in Bulgaria, this University was commenced in the year 1888. Sofia Medical University is very well known for its scientific research and inventions, specialized training in the field of medicine and is also considered to be one of the most highly-rated top universities of Bulgaria. Sofia Medical University is also the most preferred and chosen option by the students for pursuing medical courses and who wish to pursue MBBS from abroad as the university’s world rank is 1147 and country rank is 2.

Varna Medical University, Bulgaria

Varna Medical University was established in the year 1961 and is very well known for its state of the art academic and scientific amenities and researches that are offered to the staff and the students by them. Being one of the well established and recognized and well-considered medical institutions in Bulgaria, Varna Medical University also offers masters programmes in some the fields like dentistry,  public health, medicine and pharmacy.

Pleven Medical University, Bulgaria

Pleven Medical University now comes under one of the most popular and famous universities that are offering undergraduate MBBS programs in Bulgaria. Pleven Medical University came into existence and was founded in the year 1974 and is very well known for its highly qualified professors, teachers and lecturers and their world-class education in medical programs which is making its global ranking as 7489.

All about the Bulgaria MBBS Education System

  • The students must need to attend 6 years of college for pursuing an MBBS course in Bulgaria.
  • The system of education in Bulgaria can be divided into two major portions i.e first 3 years and the last 3 years
  • During the first 3 years of the course, the students there start to learn about the subjects like Anatomy, Histology, Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, Pathology, and Pharmacology.
  • And in the last next 3 years of the course, the students are then allowed to apply their education and learning into practical knowledge
  • The range of the subjects that are in the last 3 years is based on the application of theoretical knowledge.
  • The major subjects are Internal Medicine, Psychology, Pediatrics, General Surgery, ENT, Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Gynaecology and many more.

Scholarships that are given and provided by them for Studying MBBS in Bulgaria

The state colleges and universities in Bulgaria are found to offer some very attractive scholarship plans for International and foreign students. Many of the colleges and universities in Bulgaria are also research-based colleges or universities for which they receive big grants from the state government for their researches.

The aspirant must need to apply for the scholarship in their respective college or university.

Education Loan that is provided Assistance for Indian Students

  • Students studying in the college or Universities in Bulgaria are eligible to apply for the educational loans that are provided to them. Domestic and international or foreign students are also eligible to apply for the Government-guaranteed students loan at AUBG.
  • The loans seem to bear interest at 7% per annum.
  • The student must need to apply for the loan that is latest by December 15 for the spring semester.
  • Aspirants who are looking for an educational loan for the fall semester can apply for it by April 30.

PG Options that are available after MBBS in Bulgaria

  • Students who are studying in MBBS colleges or Universities in Bulgaria seem to get the opportunity to pursue specialized courses after their graduation
  • The students can also choose to get an MD degree in Bulgaria after they complete their graduation
  • All one needs is to apply for the enrolment in MD courses with the necessary documents that are relating to the graduation.
  • The aspirants who are graduating from the colleges of the Universities in Bulgaria can also settle in Bulgaria to practice further in medicine.
  • Another lucrative option they get to choose from for the students is to migrate to other foreign countries such as the UK, USA or Canada.
  • Since the colleges or universities in Bulgaria has tie-ups with other colleges or universities abroad, students can easily find any jobs and internships they want.

Career Scope and options that gets open after doing the MBBS course in Bulgaria

  • The students after their graduation from the colleges or Universities in Bulgaria can go back to their respective countries to pursue further MBBS.
  • Indian Students can sit for NMC screening tests and exams after graduating from the top-rated universities in Bulgaria.
  • Many students also have the option to settle there in Bulgaria itself to practice further in medicine and other disciplines.
  • Graduates can also think of PG Courses provided in Bulgaria and other European or even American countries.

MBBS course Syllabus that are provided in Bulgaria

The syllabus for the MBBS course in Bulgaria has been discussed previously short. Let us discuss the various key points:

  • The MBBS course provided in Bulgaria is for a duration of 6 years.
  • During these 6 years, of course, the aspirants try to learn the basic and advanced subjects relating to their respective chosen disciplines.
  • Included in the 6 years of MBBS course is one complete year of internship that is provided by them.
  • The students can carry on with the internship in Bulgaria itself after the course year. Or Indian students can also choose to intern with the medical institutes in India during their summer vacations.
  • The first 3 years in the course, the curriculum is all based on the theoretical knowledge of very basic subjects.
  • The next 3 years require the aspirants to focus on the application of theoretical knowledge.
  • After graduation, the students set to receive a degree of graduation from the university or college itself.
  • After receiving the degree, it enables the aspirants to practice medicine in Bulgaria or other countries abroad.
  • The aspirants can also think of doing higher education in the field of Medicine after graduation.

Studying MBBS course in Bulgaria for the Indian Students

  • Indian students who want to make a career in the fields of medicine can choose to go and study in MBBS Bulgaria.
  • Getting a seat in the colleges and universities in Bulgaria is easier as compared to getting a seat in the colleges and universities of India.
  • Indian Medical Universities have very limited seats and according to seats, the demand is huge which can’t compensate for the situation.
  • Thus, many medical students are not able to get their admissions in the top colleges or universities in India.
  • Unlike the conditions in India, Bulgarian colleges and Universities welcome Indian students wholeheartedly irrespective of their marks and qualifications.
  • So, if anyone is eager to pursue an MBBS course in Europe, Bulgaria is the best place to be in.
  • As Indian students are also offered very low-cost education at some of the best colleges in the world, the low cost of MBBS in Bulgaria is one of the major reasons why students choose to study in Bulgaria.
  • Indian students also get the profit of staying in separate dormitory rooms or accommodation that is available only for Indians.
  • The students from India also get to have some delicious Indian food on various college or university campuses
  • Indian food is also available in canteens and cafeterias around the college or the university campuses.
  • Almost all of the students who go to study in the colleges and universities in Bulgaria seem to successfully easily clear the NMC screening tests and exams.

The recognition of the Bulgaria Medical colleges and Universities

  • Colleges and universities in Bulgaria seem to be recognized by the National Medical Commission.
  • The top 10 medical colleges in Bulgaria are listed in the Directory of the Medical Schools by World Health Organization i.e WHO
  • The colleges and universities are also recognized by the Ministry of Health and Education of Bulgaria
  • American Medical Association i.e AMA, FAIMER, and UNICEF also seem to acknowledge the best universities in Bulgaria.

Things that you Should Know Before Applying for your MBBS course in Bulgaria

Doing MBBS in Bulgaria is one of the most preferred options for medical aspirants abroad.

However, there are a few things that you must take note of before applying to the MBBS course in Bulgaria

  • Aspirants must need to check the eligibility criteria and see if they are eligible before filling out the application forms for the chosen college or university.
  • The applications of the aspirants who are not eligible would eventually be rejected.
  • The student must need to go through a complete medical check-up before applying for their VISA
  • The students must need to check for HIV/ AIDS reports.
  • The VISA application process for Bulgaria must be done very soon after getting the confirmation letter of admission from the intended college or university.
  • Bulgaria is very less expensive compared to the other most of the countries in Europe and therefore, it is beneficial for all the students.
  • However, the aspirants must come out with some extra bucks for transportation and food.

Vacations that are provided during the MBBS course in Bulgaria

Some of the major disadvantages that are to get for the Indian students who are studying MBBS in Bulgaria are:

  • The major vacations that are provided in Bulgarian for the MBBS course is just the summer and the winter vacations
  • During the summer vacations, Indian students can also travel back to India and complete their internships and other works.
  • The university also seems to permit the students to take a break on all of the National Holidays.
  • The university also hosts several competitions and cultural festivals and seems to encourage students to take part in them.

Disadvantages of pursuing MBBS Bulgaria especially for the Indian Students in 2021

  • For most of the part, the local language is Bulgarian and for the Indian students, it might create some trouble while trying to coping up with that.
  • The faculty in most of the Bulgarian colleges and Universities are not very much fluent in English.
  • There may happen to occur many misunderstandings and miscommunications due to the language barrier among all the different kinds of students studying there.
  • The teaching hospitals that are provided in Bulgaria also do not allow junior doctors to touch or examine the patient which doesn’t help to gain any experience. And thus the students seem to not get a complete idea about the treatment methods in that case.
  • College or university for the MBBS course in Bulgaria allows students to take only 2 weeks off between all the semesters i.e time of vacation and free time is very less.
  • The FMGE pass percentage for the students with MBBS education in Bulgaria is also too low. And thus, it is very risky for International and foreign students to give Bulgarian colleges and Universities a shot.

Vacations that are provided during the MBBS course in Bulgaria

Some of the major disadvantages that are to get for the Indian students who are studying MBBS in Bulgaria are:

  • The major vacations that are provided in Bulgarian for the MBBS course is just the summer and the winter vacations
  • During the summer vacations, Indian students can also travel back to India and complete their internships and other works.
  • The university also seems to permit the students to take a break on all of the National Holidays.
  • The university also hosts several competitions and cultural festivals and seems to encourage students to take part in them.

The FMGE Passing Percentage of students after completion of MBBS in Bulgaria

Despite the available faculty and infrastructure promotion quality of education, the FMGE pass percentage in Bulgaria is very low compared to other countries.

It is in fact, the passing percentage in FMGE in Bulgaria is very much lower as compared to the other European countries.

The percentage ranges between 6% to 18% in some of the best colleges and universities in Bulgaria

Thus, it is all up to the student to decide if their investment is really worth it or not.

Accommodation and hostels and dormitories for the MBBS Students in Bulgaria

The students in the colleges or Universities in Bulgaria are offered very comfortable accommodation facilities by the authorities.

  • Medical colleges and universities in Bulgaria seem to offer the paid accommodations and hostels to the students
  • Each college and university has at least 3 hostels or dormitories to accommodate students who are coming from abroad.
  • Rooms are found to be fully furnished with beds, closets, and a couple of desks and chairs in each of the available rooms.
  • The students usually get to have the facility of open kitchen space to cook their food.
  • The cost of accommodation is nearly around INR 15,000 to INR 20,000.

Is Bulgaria safe to go and study for MBBS?

As compared to the various other European countries, Bulgaria is very much a safe place to stay and study.

However, International and foreign students who migrated to the country recently must need to take some of the safety measures to prevent anything bad and they are-

  • They must resist roaming around very late at night time.
  • A newbie i.e a new student in Bulgaria must update and keep informing his friend and family members on his whereabouts in the city.
  • Bulgaria seems to have its fair share of pick-pockets, burglaries, snatchers and thieves, so one must be very careful about their stuffs.
  • Financial frauds are also very common in Bulgaria. Therefore one must be very smart with it.
  • Gruesome crimes seem very less in Bulgaria but are not unlikely about the situation.
  • Therefore, the students are advised to go and explore the city safely and carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions on MBBS in Bulgaria

Is MBBS Degree earned in Bulgaria considered valid In India?

Yes, after the completion of the MBBS course from Bulgaria, the students can start their practice in India by appearing for the NMC Screening Test (which recently got replaced by the National Medical Commission in September 2020).

What is the average fee amount for doing MBBS in Bulgaria?

The Average cost of doing the MBBS course in Bulgaria is nearly INR 5.75 to 7.10 lakhs a year which is considered quite low, cheap and comparatively lesser as compared to the fees charged by the colleges and universities in India.

What can I do after getting an MBBS degree from Bulgaria?

The students after the completion of their MBBS course can explore different job opportunities ahead of them. As the degree of MBBS that one gets from Bulgaria is very much valid across the whole world, therefore the students can also become doctor and work anywhere in the world as they wish.

Can I get a scholarship opportunity to do my MBBS course in Bulgaria?

Yes, there are many scholarships opportunities for the bright students in India who did amazingly well in their 12th standard and also passed NEET Entrance Exam with good marks. Students looking for scholarship benefits need to gather the latest update on it when planning to apply for it.

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