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MBBS in Armenia

If you had to buy fruits, would you go to a dairy? No. You go to the fruit market if not there then to a store where you can get some fresh fruits. Now, where would you go for an MBBS degree, probably the top colleges in your own country, and if not there then to some other country where you can find some good colleges. One such country where you can find some great MBBS colleges in Armenia. This is a country where getting admission is comparatively easy. In this article, we are going to touch on every aspect of it and tell you how you can fill the application form, what are documents that you will need and what you need to know before moving to that country. These are all important things and we want you to know about all of them. This is the reason why all these things are researched and then written in the best way so that you have all the information that helps you to decide if you should really move to Armenia or not.

Armenia has some great public and private medical universities where students from India and other countries can get admission. Indian students need to make sure that they appear for the NEET even if they don’t want a college in India at all. The examination is important in the admission procedures of other countries as well. Be it Armenia, Russia, China or any other Asian country, they all ask for the NEET scorecard. Though, if you are going to the UK, you may have to give your own examination for Medical.

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Admission’s basic eligibility is something that most students would clear and hence to secure the seat you need to work hard on your NEET score. The better you score the better will be your chances of getting a top college. There is one more aspect that says why you should be going to Armenia for MBBS and that is the fees. The fee is way more reasonable than the private medical colleges in India. They provide all the great facilities, hostel, food and more all at a price that students can afford.

Another great thing is they will get to explore a country different from their own. Knowing about a different culture, observing their healthcare structure, adapting all the good things that they go through and more. These things make any person great, not just a great doctor but a great human being. This is something that helps in a lot of things in life. You also understand what you can do when you are in a new country, this helps you to adjust to different lifestyles.

These are just a few things that we have mentioned here in the intro. All these things are properly explained in the paragraphs below. There are many things that you have to know in order to only get the basic knowledge about the county without looking at the educational background. The next sub-topic is something that deals with the things that anyone should be knowing before they move to Armenia. This country has some things that are very different from other countries. Different countries demand an introduction, there are facts about them that should be known. Though, the things that a student would do might be different from what a person would do if they were there for work or vacation. This is why I read this as a student but don’t think that it won’t be true if you ever get there for any other purpose.

Things You Need To Know About Armenia:

Just like every other country, Armenia has its own culture and language. This might not feel like a tourist-ready country but the way people welcome the guests here is really heartwarming. You will feel the compassion that people of this country have towards other people who visit their country and want to explore their culture. Now, you are going there for education but that doesn’t mean that you all are not going to be treated any differently. They know who is from their own country and who is from foreign. This is why if you are there you will feel the special treatment every time you visit the local market. The best part is, if you are living outside with a local family, you will get to understand a lot of special things about the culture. That can be the best way to spend your educational time in this beautiful country. There are many more things that you need to know and we have mentioned some of them below:

  • People of this country don’t speak English generally, they mostly communicate in Armenian or in Russian. These are their top 2 communication languages but that does not mean that they won’t be able to communicate with a person who is speaking in English. They do know the language just not fluently. They will understand but knowing that you have to spend a lot of time in that country it would be great if you also try to learn some phrases in their language as well. This will give you some advantage over the people who can’t communicate in Armenian.
  • Armenia is still a very poor country. This is because of all the economic transitions that they have faced. Their markets didn’t flourish as they should have. This is something that you need to know because that means that you will get things at a much less price than what you got in your country. You can live a better lifestyle while you are in Armenia. This is something that you will be doing while constantly improving your lifestyle. There are so many things to be done. It would be great if you also serve the country for some time once you have graduated. The country would be the reason for your success and you should give something back to it.
  • Here you will see that these people value families. There might be people who might often start a conversation about your family. This is something that defines their culture. They respect their elders a lot and they ask others about their families as well. These people are all about spending time with their grandparents, having a good laugh together while having dinner. They are happy people and that is why there are many happy families who live together in Armenia. This is something that you can find in almost every household in the country and it is better that you adapt to it.
  • Talking about the food, they eat less spicy food and that is why if you are from India you might not adjust to it. But, the food has a unique taste, when you try it, there are chances that even if it is not spicy, you might like it. But this is something that should not bother the students as they have food facilities in their hostels and there is a different mess for students from different countries.
  • Transportation in Armenia is really cheap when it is compared to the transport in other countries. And here we are talking about public transportation. Most people here travel by the means of public transport only. You as a student can save a lot of money on travelling. If you think that these will not be comfortable then you would change your thoughts once you use them. They are really comfortable and fast as well. You can get around the town in a better way with the help of the buses and trains than the private cars. It’s better to use these while in Armenia.

Why is Armenia a great choice of destination to study MBBS for international students?

There are so many countries where you can go to and there are so many colleges that you can choose from. Why choose a college that is situated in Armenia then? This question should come into every medical aspirant’s mind. When you ask questions you get their answers and with answers you get clarity. Clarity about the country, the universities, you decide. You know that the decision is right or wrong before you take it. This is why people who ask too many questions are mostly in profit. They might sometimes take a lot of time. But, doing this is way better than going to a place that is not right for you and then wasting a lot of time and money. Here, in this section, you will know everything that is important for you to decide if you should go to Armenia for MBBS or not.

Renowned Universities

Obviously, this is the first reason why you would go there and also the first reason why we even put in efforts to write about it. There are many medical universities that are known around the world and by some of the best medical organizations. This shows that they are trustable and that they have a reputation around the world. It helps a lot of getting good work after you have graduated from any one of the top universities in Armenia. Universities in Armenia are very much concerned about the comfort and the education of their students and that is why they pay equal attention to the infrastructure and to the recruitment of their professors. Most universities have highly qualified professors from around the world. They are all experts in the subjects that they teach. These people also are part of the research that keeps going in these universities and the hospitals connected to them. There are some great colleges that have their own hospitals as well. Students know that it is really easy to get an internship at any of the great hospitals in the country when they are doing an MBBS from a top university in Armenia.

Great Lifestyle

Armenia is both affordable and has a great standard. If you want to visit a country where you can improve your regular lifestyle this is the perfect country. You get great facilities in the college, the hostel and outside the campus as well. Because you are a student, it is all upon you how you want to live the duration of your course. Students who will explore and make the most of their time in the country would have a lifestyle that they will miss after they go back to their native country. People, travel, everything in Armenia is good and you should try to change your style of living a bit when you are in this country for MBBS.

World-class facilities

All medical university campuses have great world-class facilities for the students. This is so that they get all the comfort and resources and they can properly focus on their education. MBBS is not an easy course and the students need to concentrate at all times when they are studying. The universities understand that students can have problems if things are not proper on the campus and the hostels. This is why the libraries, classrooms, labs and the rooms where the students stay, all are equipped with the greatest of devices. Wifi is enabled in all parts of the campus and that is done only because the colleges don’t want the students to suffer because of something as small as the internet connection.

High-Quality Education

There might be some problems with the infrastructure of some of the universities but education is great in all the top medical universities in Armenia. There are professors who have their own practices in the field of medical science, some of them are doctors as well. These people teach the subjects that are their specialization. Because of this, the students get knowledge in all details. Only an expert can look into the details and explain it to the people who have heard of anything like that before. Armenia is a country where medical colleges pay attention to the quality of education that is provided to their students.

Exposure To International Healthcare Structure

One more thing that happens with the students is that they get to connect with more people from different countries. They get to observe their healthcare structure, work in it as interns or serve as a doctor for a few years after graduation. Now, this all gives the medical student the medical exposure that they might get staying in their own country. Here, they might also get to learn some techniques that are not at all available in your country and then you can take it to your country and that is how you will help your country. You will already know the conditions of your own country and with dual exposure, you will be able to become a better doctor than the normal ones. The healthcare system of Armenia is different from many other countries. This is why you get to experience the medical equipment that might not even be available in your country. You can take these technologies, you can learn how to implement them during the degree and then use it when you go back to your own country.

No Language Barrier In Universities

The native language of Armenia is Armenian but it is not something that the students need to worry about. People do understand English. Talking especially about the medical universities, they all teach the students in English, the language of directions is also English. This is the reason why people should not worry about the language barrier. Just make sure that you have a good command of English. It will make your stay great and you may even make friends who are from different countries. Because, no matter which country a person belongs to, they all know English.

Excellent Hospitals for Internships

There are many hospitals that you can choose from to complete your 1-year internship. All these hospitals have advanced facilities and great doctors. Under expert guidance, the students get to learn about almost everything that is related to MBBS. The students are involved in most of the things that happen in the hospitals so that they are aware of how the devices are used, how the administration works, and much more. The internship is the time when the students have to give their all and learn every possible practical skill. This is the time that decides how they will be going forward in their journey of being doctors. The hospitals do whatever they can for the students, to teach them to make sure that they know about everything, but it is the students who have to work.

Safe and Friendly Environment

When in Armenia you don’t have to worry about safety. People and the administration in the country make sure that no student has to face any problem. The campuses are properly gated and have security at all places, no one can come and interfere or do anything that breaks the peace of the university. Also, the local students also help the students as well because they know that you are from another country. People from other countries are treated with utmost care. A good way to get in the good books of the locals is by learning their native language. They also know that you can’t be fluent in their language but learning a phrase or two that you can use to greet and make small talk, makes them feel good. You can show them that you are interested in being a part of their community and that is what is most important when you are in a different country.

Eligibility Criteria To Get Into A Medical University In Armenia:

First things first, you must be at least 17 years old in order to even fill the form. When you know that you are 17 years or above you can start looking at the other things that are mentioned below:

  • You should have qualified for the NEET exam and should have a decent score. This score decides that you get the best or the second-best college in the country. If you want the best then you would need to score well. NEET scorecard is required as a document with the application form.
  • The applicant must clear their 10+2 examination with a minimum of 50% marks and should have subjects like Physics, Biology and Chemistry. This is the criteria for the students from the general category but if you are from the reserved category then you only have to score 40%.
  • Also, the candidate should not be over the age of 25. This is the maximum age for the student who is applying for the MBBS program in Armenia.

We think that you must have got all the requirements cleared and now is the time to get ahead in the process and know what documents that you need to get admission in the MBBS course in one of the top universities in Armenia.

Application Process for Top MBBS Universities In Armenia:

We will explain this easy process in a few steps. This way you will be able to take notes and you’ll understand everything clearly. So, follow the below steps to apply for admission to one of the top medical universities in Armenia:

  • Step 1: Fill out the application form without making any mistakes in it. The chances of you getting admission will be near to nowhere if you fill in the wrong information in the application form. This is why you should always check with your documents whenever you are filling in something that should be specific.
  • Step 2: Now, once the application form is filled correctly the student has to send it to the university where they want to get admission. This is the step after which you can only move after the university sends you a letter of invitation. This letter of invitation is used by the officials to attest to your documents and notarize them in order to give you a visa for education.
  • Step 3: Once you have the invitation letter, gather up all the documents and apply for the visa. Send your documents and other things asked by the college (tuition fees). These things are important so that no one keeps the seats blocked. The students are only given confirmation about their admission once they send their first-year fees.
  • Step 4: When you get the confirmation of admission to the university you can continue with the visa application. This is also really important to complete because without this no student can move out of the country and get to the country where they have taken admission.
  • Step 5: After all the checks are over, and you pass all the interviews that are taken for the interviews you can process further and print all the documents that you get from the college and start planning to shift.
  • Step 6: Once all the things are done you can book the tickets to Armenia and figure out everything that you have to. Students have to stay in the college hostels for the first year and after that, they can decide for themselves. They can either continue to stay in the hostels or move out of the campus to stay with a local family or rent a flat there.

Now, these are the easy 6 steps that you can follow from filling the form to finally deciding where you want to stay. It is not too tough to take admission to a top medical college in Armenia and the cost to study and stay are both really less than any other country. This is one of the best yet cheap options for medical students who want to go abroad for MBBS.

Documents That Are Required To Get Admission And Get A Student Visa For MBBS In Armenia:

You might have said that you clear the eligibility criteria that is set by the university but they want proof. And that is the reason why they ask for documents that can support everything that you have written in the application form. You can check the list of the documents that you have to provide to the institution with the application form below:

  • A CV with the filled Application form. Yes, they ask for your CV because they want to know all that you have done other than your academics. This is important for them to know about your personality and your characteristics. This is something that is not practised in all the colleges in the world but medical universities in Armenia do ask for a CV.
  • Your 10th and 12th passing certificates. These should be also assisted by some authorized officials.
  • You also need to attach all the academic certificates and mark sheets that you have with you with the form. But all these documents should be attested.
  • They also want a certificate that contains your name, address, contact number, and a notarized birth certificate.
  • Your passport size photos (12) that you have clicked recently. Old photos of you won’t be accepted. It is better to get photos with the date of time on them. Also, the background of the images should be white.
  • You also need to give the processing fee along with the application only.
  • A bank receipt that shows that you have paid the fee(tuition fee) for the first year.
  • Passport’s 3 photocopies that are attested and notarized. These are to be submitted along with the original passport.
  • Also, last but not the least, a medical certificate that shows that the student is medically fit. They also need a medical certificate that shows that the person is not HIV positive.

These are the basic documents that you need and yes, the fees as well. When you have all these things, you can be assured that your admission to one of the top universities that you are applying for will be done.

What Is The Duration Of An MBBS Course In Armenia?

The duration of an MBBS Course in Armenia is 6 years. It includes 5 years of classroom and practical study with 1 year of internship. After 6 years, the degree offered is MD which is equivalent to an MBBS degree in India.

Syllabus Of The MBBS Course In Armenia:

The syllabus of the MBBS course in Armenia is highly advanced and goes along with the evolving medical technology. The universities offer quality education and are approved by NMC. The syllabus of MBBS in Armenia is as follows:

  • Semesters 1-2: This is the preclinical period of MBBS. Here, the subjects include Physiology, Anatomy and Biochemistry.
  • Semester 3-5: This period is known as the paraclinical period of MBBS in Armenia. It includes subjects such as Pathology, Pharmacology, Forensic medicine, Community medicine, Microbiology, OPDs and Clinical postings.
  • Semester 6-9: This is the clinical period of MBBS. This comprises subjects such as obstetrics and gynaecology, clinical posting, community medicine and allied subjects, Pediatrics and allied subjects, Dermatology and Psychiatry.

Top Medical Universities In Armenia:

Why take admission to one of the basic universities in your country when you can get to one of the top universities in Armenia. Here you can get the best education, great infrastructure and exposure to a new healthcare system. Even though the country is not that developed, there still are some great hospitals and the students get internship opportunities in those hospitals. This is something that gives them a chance to learn something that is not available in their own country. With the experience of serving a new country, they can become better than a lot of other students who settle for less just because they don’t want to learn about the country. Also, you get to explore a new culture and interact with students from all over the world. These are just overall facts about these universities, you can know about them individually below:

Yerevan State Medical University:

This medical university was started back in the year 1920. YSMU is one of the top medical universities in the country and has been ranked as the best for a long time. Almost a century old, this university has still kept its hold strong in the country. There are many qualified and experienced professors who have practised themselves for a great time, some of them are still doing it. Your application can take around 45-60 days to complete. This is the time taken from submission of your application till the final call letter. You have to pay INR 4.62 Lakhs per year till 5 years of course and 1 year of internship. This is accredited by trusted organizations like NMC and WHO.

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University:

Established in the year 1996, in Yerevan, this university is also the centre for ANQA (Armenia’s National Centre for Education Quality Assurance). This is something that tells you about their quality. If they are becoming the centre for quality assurance of education in the country that means their quality is in the best form. Again, here also your application takes around 45-60 days to complete and then you just have to move to the hostel and start with your course. Approved by NMC and WHO this university takes 5.60 Lakhs per year. This college stands in a good position in the country and has great faculty that keeps providing great education to the students.

St. Tereza Medical University:

This higher medical university is also situated in Yerevan and it was established long ago in 1992. It is named after Saint Tereza by Larisa Hambartsurmyan. The university is known for its great structure of education. All the staff members and professors are doing their best and working tirelessly to provide the students with the best in education. They also ensure that the quality of the education is also great. They take 4000 USD per year and this is an amount that they give all value for. It takes a total of 6 years to complete this course with one year of internship.

Yerevan Haybusak University:

This medical university is the amount the most prestigious ones in the country. Started in 1990, this university has to date maintained the reputation of being one of the best medical universities in the country. This has been possible because they have some amazing professors who have been great in their professional life as well. Some of the professors are still part of some researches or are practising as doctors. All these things provide guidance to the students. You have to pay a sum of 3.50 Lakhs per year as tuition fees to the university during your course duration. The university is accredited by NMC and WHO.

The University Of Traditional Medicine:

Just as the name suggests, they focus more on the study of traditional medicine but that does not mean that you won’t learn modern MBBS. They have found a great balance between the traditional methods and advanced ones to treat people in the best way. They take just 2.10 lakhs from the students as tuition fee every year and that is the lowest in all the mentioned top medical colleges. The university has a country rank of 30 and that is because of the eligibility that they only take students over 85% aggregate in their 10+2. They are also accredited by NMC and WHO.  A student has to complete 5 years of classroom education and 1-year of an internship.

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What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Studying MBBS In Armenia?

The basic criteria are that you have to be a minimum of 17 years old and maximum of 25. Your aggregate scores in 10+2 should be 50% if you fall under the general category and 40% if you are in the reserved category. Also, you need to have Physics, Biology, and Chemistry as your subjects. One more important criterion is that you have to clear the NEET examination as you get to present the scorecard at the time of admission. This also becomes the basis for allotting seats when there are more applicants than the seats.

What Are The Accommodation Facilities That Are Available In Armenia?

The students can easily stay in the hostels for the entire duration of their course. They get everything in the hostel and they only have to pay once for all of it. From furniture to food to free electricity and water. The universities understand that it might be really tough for the students to survive on daily expenses and also manage their accommodation. This is why they decide to provide them with everything at the most reasonable fees. They also give them a separate kitchen space so that they can cook by themselves whenever they want.

If the students want to move out they can do it only after the completion of 1st year in college. This rule is made so that the students can understand the locals and the campus in the first year and make some friends with the home they can move out of. They can either stay with a local family on rent or rent out a whole apartment for themselves. This can also be done by sharing with some of the friends to manage the budget.

Can I Practice Medicine Anywhere Else In The World After Completing MBBS In Armenia?

Yes, you can practice medicine pretty much anywhere else in the world once you complete your degree and internship. Though you might need to pass some examinations that give you the permit to practice around the globe. And graduating from these top medical universities in Armenia you will face no trouble in passing these examinations.

If you want to practice in India, you might have to do an internship here as well before you finally start working as a full-time doctor. This is done only to make sure that the student or the graduate knows everything about the healthcare system they are going to serve. Some things are common in all healthcare systems but some things are totally opposite. Like some countries have advanced equipment and people get treated really easily with their help of them, but some don’t have those. There the doctors have to find other ways to treat the patients and give them what they need in order to make them fit again.

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