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MBBS in Egypt

Why MBBS in Egypt?

MBBS in Egypt – Softamo provides direct admission to top MCI Medical University in Egypt for Indian Students. Over thousands of students opt to study MBBS Abroad in Egypt for low cost, quality education, expertise teaching, and modern healthcare facilities. Cairo Medical University is the Top Medical University Rank in the world. The MBBS in Egypt admission is open for 2020 and you can apply for it to study in your dream college. Our experts are experienced and skilled in providing apt solutions to medical aspirants looking for MBBS abroad admission, Study VISA in Egypt, Forex Assistance, Post-landing assistance, USMLE and MCI coaching, etc.

Why Study MBBS Abroad in Egypt?

  • The MBBS degree from Egypt Medical Universities is accepted across the globe.
  • Affordable fee structure
  • The medical universities of Egypt are ranked amongst the top 500 universities in the world.
  • In more than 21 countries, clinical rotation is available like India, the UK, the USA, Canada, Germany, etc.
  • Good career in Saudi Arabia after completing the MBBS course.
  • A work permit allows the student to maintain study and work balance for balancing life.
  • Smooth Egypt Study VISA application and processing.
  • Safe environment for Indian students.

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Eligibility to Study MBBS in Egypt 2024

  • NEET score is required for MBBS in Egypt for Indian students.
  • Min 60% in 12th exam boards from a recognized board.
  • You should’ve studied subjects – Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and English.
  • Age acceptable for admission of the applicant is between 17-25 years as of December of the same year of applying.
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores might be required by some universities.

MBBS in Egypt Fees Structure 2024

  • For 5 year course in MBBS in Egypt fees is Rs. 21,00,000 to 28,00,000 (30,000 USD to 40,000 USD) Per Year.
  • The Hostel/Mess can cost up to Rs. 42,000 to 56,000 (600 USD to 800 USD) Per Year
University NameEstablished YearTuition FeeHostel FeesPopulationCountry RankWorld RankLocation
Ain Shams University, Egypt19506000 USD600 USD7,734,61462835Cairo
Alexandria University, Egypt19428000 USD650 USD3,811,51652364Alexandria
Cairo University, Egypt19086000 USD750 USD2,443,2031925Giza
Helwan University, Egypt19756000 USD700 USD7,734,614164965Cairo
Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt20066000 USD750 USD143,970286341Kafr el-Sheikh
Mansoura University, Egypt19726000 USD600 USD420,19541561Mansoura
Menoufia University, Egypt19766000 USD600 USD56,872306894Shebin El-Kom
Suez University, Egypt2012NANA488,1254810395Suez
Tanta University, Egypt19726000 USD700 USD90,591154733Tanta
Zagazig University, Egypt1974NANA285,097134419Zagazig

List of Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Egypt

  • Copy of 10th and 12th mark sheet
  • Colored Passport size Photo
  • Valid Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Migration Certificate
  • Identity Proof (like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence etc of student & father)
  • Medical Certificate with HIV Test Reports

Best WHO and MCI Approved Medical Universities in Egypt

  • Ain Shams University, Egypt
  • Alexandria University, Egypt
  • Cairo University, Egypt
  • Helwan University, Egypt
  • Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt
  • Mansoura University, Egypt
  • Menoufia University, Egypt
  • Suez University, Egypt
  • Tanta University, Egypt
  • Zagazig University, Egypt

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS In Egypt

  • Although there are tons of perks of pursuing an MBBS in Egypt, there are some disadvantages too. Here are the most prominent demerits of joining an MBBS program in Egypt –
  • Most public universities in Egypt are overcrowded as medicine is considered to be one of the most prestigious fields in the country.
  • Private universities are way too expensive than other countries. Therefore, the MBBS aspirants get better choices in other countries like Russia, Ukraine, and more.
  • The academic level in the country is decent. However, if the aspirants want to explore deeper into the medical fields, choosing other countries can be a wise move.
  • Safety is one of the stressful factors for the international students within the country’s border.

Duration Of MBBS Program In Egypt

The total duration of the MBBS program in the top medical universities of Egypt is 5 years. During this time, the students are trained efficiently by the top faculties of the country. The aspirants get both theoretical as well as practical knowledge during their course. Moreover, they get the golden opportunity to polish their learnings, working under highly qualified doctors and medical staff during internships.

Admission Process For MBBS In Egypt

The admission procedure for the MBBS program in the top medical universities of Egypt is as follows –

  • The aspirant must apply to the desired university through its online portal.
  • They must fill up the application form and submit scanned copies of all required documents.
  • Once the data is approved, the university sends an official invitation letter within 48 hours.
  • Once the applicant receives the letter he/she must clear the registration fees as per the instructions.
  • Next, they can apply for their visa. Generally, international candidates get their visas within two weeks of application.
  • Then, the aspirants can book their flight tickets as per the dates provided by the university.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is IELTS mandatory for MBBS in Egypt?

Yes, if a student wants to grab a seat in the top medical institutions of Egypt he/she must clear the IELTS examination with good marks. The primary medium of instruction in the universities is English. Therefore, examining the English proficiency of the applicants is important for the institutions.

Is an MBBS degree from Egypt accepted in India?

The MBBS degree holders passing out from the top universities of Egypt get worldwide exposure. Most public and private universities of Egypt are recognized and approved by the top medical bodies like WHO, UNESCO, FAIMER, NMC, and more. Therefore, the degree holders can return to Indian and appear for the MCI screening test to start practicing as a doctor in their native country.

What is the age criteria for studying MBBS in Egypt?

Most universities of Egypt have set the standard age criteria for studying MBBS in Egypt. The minimum age of the aspirant must be 17 years. While the maximum age must not exceed 25 years.

Is an internship mandatory to study MBBS in Egypt?

The complete MBBS program in the top universities of Egypt includes one year of internship which is mandatory for all students. During this time the students get the opportunity to train themselves under expert medical professionals and the top doctors of the country. They gain experience and develop other important skills, dealing with patients.

What are the total expenses of studying MBBS in Egypt?

The total expense of studying MBBS in Egypt differs from student to student. The university fees typically include the tuition fees and accommodation charges of the students. Apart from these all extra charges go to their personal expenses, which varies as per the needs of the students.

How tons does it cost to have a look at MBBS in Egypt?

Approximately 27 lakhs. The fee of observation for MBBS in Egypt is particularly low cost. The schooling cost for most clinical universities in Egypt is approximately 27 lakhs for the entire route.

How few years is MBBS in Egypt?

Basically, the routing period of MBBS is seven years in Egypt. It consists of five years of schoolroom studies and years of practical education. So in general, it is entire seven-year-long schooling.

Is Egypt excellent for MBBS?

The MBBS universities in Egypt are placed because of the pleasant 500 universities on earth. In an extra 21 nations, MBBS pivot is out there in India, the UK, the united states, Canada, Germany, and so on. After the crowning glory of MBBS in Egypt, pupils can get increase their profession in Saudi Arabia.

Is reading in Egypt really worth it?

There are many motives to have a look at in Egypt, There are many reasons to study in Egypt, consisting of nicely-reputable universities, low living prices, and the danger of immersing yourself within the united states’ unique fusion of African, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cultures.

What is the no 1 college in Egypt?

Cairo UniversityRanking #1 college in Egypt, Cairo University is one of the oldest academic institutions in Egypt. It turned into founded in 1908 and is positioned in Giza.

Why became Egypt so superior?

Overview. Egyptian civilization developed alongside the Nile River in big element because the river’s annual flooding ensured reliable, wealthy soil for developing plants. Repeated struggles for political management in Egypt showed the importance of the area’s agricultural production and economic resources.

Can I have a look at in Egypt totally free?

Public better schooling is unfastened for all Egyptian college students. Foreign college students however pay full prices of up to £1,500 in step within 12 months. Private universities charge some distance higher training, decided through every individual school.

How a good deal does it cost to take a look at a remedy in Egypt?

The price of having a look at MBBS in Egypt is enormously less costly. The schooling fee for most clinical universities in Egypt is about about 27 lakhs for the entire path.

How long is MBBS in Egypt?

After finishing MBBS Degree, the students can get direct admission in PG diploma packages in Germany. MBBS in Egypt is of 5 years.

How long does it take to become a medical doctor in Egypt?

STUDY MEDICAL DEGREE 2021. The MBBS in Egypt Duration is 7 Years together with 2 Years of realistic internship in hospitals in case you want to practice as a doctor in Egypt. The MBBS in Egypt period can be 6 years (five + 1 Year Internship) in case you need to practice as a medical doctor in India.

What is an Egyptian physician referred to as?

The historical Egyptian word for the physician is “swnw”.

Can Egyptian docs work in the USA?

If you are an overseas medical doctor interested in training medication inside the US, then you will need to put together yourself to pass America Medical Licensing Exams, get licensed via the Educational Commission for Foreign-Trained Medical Graduates, join a residency program, and then take a third licensing take a look at

How lengthy is MD in Egypt?

Doctors in Egypt will complete their primary clinical-training course work in 5 years after which gets years of scientific education, making it a complete seven years. Students can practice for residency and pick their uniqueness following their intern 12 months, which would be the 7th 12 months of taking a look at.

Is clinical PG from Egypt valid in India?

Recently it has been announced by the Board of Governors – Medical Council of India, that postgraduates from any u. S . Across the globe may be allowed to exercise remedy in India and may be employed with the aid of Medical Colleges, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes on the idea of the consequences of DNB (Diplomate of National Board) Exams.

Top MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Egypt 2024

Mansoura University

Mansoura University

Mansoura University is one of Egypt's most prestigious and well-respected higher education institutions. Established in 1972, the university has a long history of academic excellence, innovation, and leadership. It is located in the city of Mansoura, in the Nile Delta region of Egypt. The campus of Mansoura University is spread…

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Menoufia University

Menoufia University Faculty of Medicine

Menoufia University Faculty of Medicine is one of the leading medical schools in Egypt, with a long and successful history. The college was founded in 1976, and since then, it has grown quickly and gained widespread recognition. Today, Menoufia University is home to four faculties, around 9,500 students, and 214…

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Suez University

Suez University

Suez University is a prestigious public medical college located in Egypt. It was established in 2006 as part of Suez Canal University, but in 2012, it became an independent university. The university is recognized by the Higher Supreme Council of Universities and is affiliated with renowned organizations such as WHO,…

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Tanta University Faculty of Medicine

Tanta University Faculty of Medicine, Egypt

Tanta University Faculty of Medicine is a prominent public medical college located in Tanta, Gharbia, Egypt. It was founded in 1962 and has since been recognized as one of the top medical colleges in Egypt. The college is currently under the management of President Mahmoud Zaki, while the dynamic academic…

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Zagazig University Faculty of Medicine

Zagazig University Faculty of Medicine

Zagazig University Faculty of Medicine is an integral part of Zagazig University, which is a prominent state university in Egypt. The university was established in 1974 and has since become a leading institution in terms of research, teaching, and professional education. It is located in the city of Zagazig and…

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Ain Shams University

Ain Shams University

Ain Shams University, established in 1950, is a public university located in Cairo, Egypt. It was the third institution of higher education to be established in Egypt and was built on the site of the Zaafarana Palace, which was named after the surrounding area known for its saffron plants. The…

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Alexandria University

Alexandria University

Alexandria University is one of the most well-respected and prestigious universities in Egypt. It was founded in 1938 as Farouk University, but it was later renamed Alexandria University. It is the second-largest university in Egypt, with a wide range of faculties and institutes. The university's Faculty of Medicine is one…

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Cairo University

Cairo University

Cairo University is the main higher education institution in Egypt, located in the Giza district across the Nile from Cairo. Founded in 1908, the university has a rich history and is considered the "mother of universities" in Egypt due to its longstanding reputation as one of the oldest universities in…

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Helwan University Faculty of Medicine

Helwan University Faculty of Medicine

Helwan University is a public academic institution located in Cairo, Egypt. This university was founded on July 26, 1975, and has since become a prominent member of the Egyptian supreme council of universities. The establishment of Helwan University can be traced back to the time of Mohammad Ali of Egypt,…

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Kafrelsheikh University Faculty of Medicine

Kafrelsheikh University Faculty of Medicine

Kafrelsheikh University is an Egyptian educational institution established in 2006, located in the heart of the Nile Delta in Kafr Elsheikh. The university comprises various faculties including Engineering, Medicine, Physiotherapy and Nursing, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Science, Education, Agriculture, Arts, Specific Education, Commerce, and Physical Education. It is a government-funded university,…

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