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MBBS in Bosnia for Indian Students

MBBS is constantly one of the most prominent course degrees that are chosen by most of the students present around the whole world. For this reason, various nations have come up with the idea of a qualitative and comprehensive MBBS education system. Now today, there are numerous nations that are very famous for an MBBS degree and also tempting thousands of students from all around the world to join in with them. Bosnia is one such nation that has offered its students the right kind and amount facilities, correct education, the right amount of exposure, and many career changes in the field of medicine. Bosnia and Herzegovina is always casually and commonly known as Bosnia. The quality of the MBBS education there in Bosnia and Herzegovina constantly captivates the students’ attention from various parts of the planet Earth. If anyone is thinking about going and studying their course of MBBS in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, here are some of the things that he or she should know about the degree in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The duration of the MBBS course

MBBS is a six-year-long course program that includes a total of 360 ECTS credits. The ECTS i.e. European Credit Transfer System promotes easy mobility across the whole nation and acknowledges qualifications. One semester is approximately equal to around 60 ECTS credits out of the 360 ECTS credits involved. Having completed one’s MBBS course program in the provided six years, he or she will become a doctor. The first five years of the six-year-long course are usually devoted to theoretical learning, and the last year concentrates on practical internships for the students.

The medium of instruction of the course is provided below

One of the largest obstacles on the road to achieving a degree for any international student is often the language. In a foreign territory, most of the students there feel alien to the language and the medium of instruction. One will be very glad to know that the students who are opting for a medical degree in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be dealt with very carefully with an English medium language curriculum. This makes it effortlessly understandable for all foreign and international students with the modern and top-notch European education.

The intake process is given below

The round for admission normally begins in January. If anyone wants to study in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he or she must be revised with the latest announcements that are made by colleges and universities on their official websites.

The Eligibility Criteria for getting admission to any college in the University of Bosnia and Herzegovina are given below

If a student is willing to go and study in Bosnia and Herzegovina and attain an international degree, he or she must fulfill some of the few eligibility criteria required by the college and university. Even though the eligibility criteria are based on the particular college or university, some of the major eligibility criteria included and mentioned here

  • The students need to complete their higher secondary examination with the compulsory subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and also as their major subjects.
  • A minimum score for the IELTS entrance exam and TOEFL entrance examinations by the student is mandatory.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 by the student is also required for admission.
  • For the SC/ST/OBC category students, the students must score at least a minimum mark of 40% in their PCB subjects in their board examination.
  • The students must be at least 17 years of age at the time of providing an application for an MBBS program in any college or university in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • The students also must qualify for the entrance exam that is held by some of the colleges and universities.

The documents that are required by the university or college from their students

During the period of getting admission, the students are expected to show the following mentioned documents

  • Certificate of the secondary and the higher secondary examination of the student.
  • All the academic documents of the student are required.
  • The entrance exam clearance certificate of the student.
  • The invitation letter of the student was provided by the college or university.
  • A valid passport of the student.
  • Student visa of the particular student.
  • The medical certificate of the student proves that he or she is physically fit for admission.
  • IELTS or TOEFL entrance examination certificates.
  • The migration certificate of the student proving that he or she is migrating from his or her own country to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The proof of fee payment is done by the student to the college or university.
  • The particular student’s resume.
  • Some passport-size photographs of the particular student.

The admission Procedure of the colleges and universities

If one wishes to successfully apply to his or her chosen college or university, he or she must follow the process that is given below –

  • First, the student needs to choose his or her desired course and college or university.
  • Then, he or she needs to fill in the application form at the official website of the college or university he or she has chosen.
  • After that, he or she needs to upload all the necessary and required documents that are requested by the chosen college or university.
  • Then, a short entrance exam is performed.
  • Next, the college or university checks all of it and reviews whether the particular candidate has fulfilled all the requirements of the particular college or not. If the student has fulfilled the requirements, the college or the university sends that student an invitation letter.
  • Note:- The documents need to be submitted to the Federal Ministry of Education and Science for that particular student’s registration as an international student in that chosen college or university.
  • And then, the college or university gives the student all the required documents to the embassy for her visa application process. Then the visa permission may take nearly a week.

Why go and study MBBS from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fascinating destination to visit, but that is not all it has to offer to its visitors. The reasons why so many students agree to go and study in Bosnia and Herzegovina for their higher education are a lot. Going and studying for an MBBS course degree in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina has many advantages:

Bosnian and Herzegovina colleges or universities are known to offer a fully English medium language curriculum for international students to understand easily.

The MBBS degree program in Bosnia and Herzegovina is wholly covered under the ECTS and Bologna Process. This assures that the medical course is conducted by them hence keeping the quality of education unchanged.

Most of the medical colleges and universities that are present in Bosnia and Herzegovina are approved by WHO and many other medical councils.

One of the main reasons to go and study the course MBBS from Bosnia and Herzegovina is the affordability of the fee payment.

Bosnia and Herzegovina also has a fairly nice climate throughout the whole year, making it very easy for the students to go and study there.

The living cost in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is very cost-effective and thus, the students need not worry about maintaining a living there while attaining their degree.

The faculty at the colleges or universities there is also very highly qualified.

There is no system of donation or capitalization fees, they are not accepted by colleges or universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MBBS degree fees in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As cited above, studying the course MBBS in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not at all a costly event. The fee is reasonably cheap, especially for any Indian student. International and foreign students can study there for nearly 12,000 Euros per year, while the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can study there for only 7,200 Euros per year.

The fee system is fairly inexpensive compared to most European countries.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Bosnia and Herzegovina are given below

Bosnia and Herzegovina offers tremendous advantages for studying their MBBS course for international, foreign, and national students. Some of the most popular ones are

  • The curriculum is wholly covered in the Bologna Process.
  • The fee system is very affordable.
  • The colleges and universities offer great accommodation facilities for their foreign and as well as national students.
  • The lectures are executed in the medium English language for easy understanding for foreign students.
  • The colleges and universities do not perform tough competitive examinations.

Recognition of the Medical Colleges and Universities

The top medical universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are recognized by various medical councils like

  • WHO
  • NMC

and also other Medical Councils.

Disadvantages of going and studying the course of MBBS in Bosnia and Herzegovina are given below

  • Varied levels of study: The MBBS students in different countries would have different experiences. So as a result, it is crucial to understand the curriculum, acknowledge it, and apply for it. Medical practices would vary from one college or university to the next and also there would be different educational levels. Therefore, as a result, applicants always must need to conduct a thorough study before applying to the college or university where he or she feels most at ease.
  • High competition: There are only two universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina that are known to welcome International students who are seeking world-class medical education. That is why the competition for getting seats in these two universities is very high.
  • Cheating Agents: Students in the country of India are often supplied with false information by some cheating agents. This is why one must do his or her homework and must only contact consultancies directly with the colleges and universities.
  • Local Language: Travelling to a foreign country necessitates acclimation to the new atmosphere. Hence, as a part of their curriculum, the students are taught their local language in college and university.

The accommodation facilities that are provided by the colleges and universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are mentioned below

It is just as crucial to have a good place to live in foreign nations as it is to go to a good college or university. Many Bosnia and Herzegovina colleges and universities have their student dormitories and hostels, while other colleges and universities require their students to arrange their accommodations by themselves. For example, the University of East Sarajevo has a modern dormitory system that is dedicated to the

medical students at its Faculty of Medicine. For a worry-free appearance in the nation, the students should select a college or university with a hostel facility that has pre-allocated rooms where the students can get adjusted in easily without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for MBBS Study in Bosnia and Herzegovina are provided below

Are Bosnia and Herzegovina a good place to go and study?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is regarded as one of the most beautiful and internationally famous for its natural beauty. To add to that, it is also attaining rapid popularity in providing some top-tier medical education and other opportunities.

Are Bosnia and Herzegovina a very costly country to go and live in?

On the opposite, Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks 316th in the whole world for its affordability in their living standards and also affordable lifestyle.

How much can a student in Bosnia and Herzegovina be earning after studying there?

The average salary of the students in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 1230 BAM per month.

Are Bosnia and Herzegovina safe places to go and study and live there?

The answer is yes, Bosnia is assessed as a quiet and a very safe nation. The nation also ranks 72th on the Global Peace Index.

Is an MBBS degree from Bosnia and Herzegovina valid in India?

Yes, the degree that is obtained from Bosnia and Herzegovina is legal, valid and also recognized in the country of India. The students must, nonetheless, qualify for the NEET entrance examination.

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