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MBBS in Mauritius

Overview of MBBS in Mauritius

Mauritius is a stunning destination that all travelholics will love. Still, many are not aware that it is also one of the top places in the world providing world-class medical education facilities. Studying MBBS from a reputed university in Mauritius and spending five years exploring life in this dream destination is a dream of many Indian students. It is increasingly preferred by Indians because of the similarity in culture and quality of education. Mauritius is one of the few countries to be approved by the Medical Council of India for its MBBS programs, so if a student wants to pursue their career in India after studying abroad, they will surely be welcome.

MBBS in Mauritius (At a glance):

Degree: MBBS
Course Duration: 5 years
Criteria for Eligibility: Minimum 60% aggregate in 10+2 with PCB and NEET-UG Qualified
Total Fee Amount (5 years): 48 Lakhs (approx.)
Hostel Charges: No separate charges: part of total fee structure
Entrance Test: NEET
Recognition: Approved by WHO & MCI
Medium of Study: English

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MBBS Course Duration

The course duration for MBBS in Mauritius is for a period of five years as recognized by the Medical Council of India. After the end of the MBBS program in Mauritius, the students willing to pursue their careers in India have to come back and take the license exam. After the exam is complete, the next step is to take a screening test. Once that is cleared, the student has to work as an MBBS intern for one year. Only after completion of all these steps, the individual will receive a permanent doctor’s license to practice in India.

The top universities recognized by the MCI for MBBS in Mauritius are:

  • Anna Medical College
  • SSR Medical College

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

Indian students need to follow simple guidelines and pass certain eligibility criteria to be able to pursue their MBBS career in Mauritius.

Qualifying Age

  • 17 years (minimum)

Exam for Entrance

  • The entrance exam is not needed in India

Requirement for NEET

  • NEET-UG qualification is a must for students opting to study abroad. The validity period is up to 3 years from taking such exams.

Class 12/ Senior Secondary Marks

  • Minimum 60% aggregate

Compulsory Subjects for Class 12

  • English, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry

Mauritius Entrance Exam

  • The entrance exam is not required, and students are selected on the basis of their subject scores.

Most colleges have their own selection procedure that differs from other colleges with varying fee structure and admission procedure.

Admission Process

Anna Medical College

  • The admission team begins the process of admission by scrutinizing the information given by student applicants. They confirm the eligibility, financial status, and overall qualifications in this step.
  • Shortlisted students are allowed to sit for a personal interview round at a specified location, and for international candidates, the college helps in the application of visa.
  • The PI is conducted in English, and the environment is kept informal for the benefit of the students. All the students who clear this round have their applications sent to the Dean of the college for approval.
  • The suggestions of the admission team are considered by the Dean, and several students are shortlisted.
  • These students should present medical proof confirming their fitness, and only then they are accepted by the college.
  • After completing documentation and fee payment, the final enrollment process is done. Students can enroll for any of the two batches, one in April and one in September.

SSR Medical College

  • Students are first required to fill an application form that can be obtained from registered offices in Mauritius and New Delhi.
  • Candidates are then selected on a merit basis and the financial background of the student.
  • Then a personal interview takes place with the Dean of the institute.
  • Shortlisted candidates need to fulfill fee requirements to the “Indian Ocean Medical Institute Trust.”
Admission Process of MBBS in Mauritius

Benefits of studying MBBS in Mauritius

  • The 5-year MBBS course that colleges situated in Mauritius offer are recognized by the MCI-Medical Council of India.
  • The syllabus of MBBS in Mauritius is in par with the guidance given by the MCI.
  • There are small batches of students for each class that provides a better learning experience for the students. Even teachers can put more focus on a concentrated group rather than a huge crowd.
  • The atmosphere is student-friendly, and there are lesser chances of students falling sick. Mauritius offers a pleasant climate that is free of pollution and ideal to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • The culture, language, and food habits in the country are pretty similar to that of India. Hence, students coming to the country will not feel homesick.
  • The education fee is comparatively lower than in India with uncompromised quality.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Mauritius

  • There are only a couple of colleges that provide quality MBBS education in Mauritius and are approved by the MCI.
  • The program fee is quite high, and some students may not be able to afford it.
  • A limited number of seats are available for studying MBBS in these colleges.
  • The population of Mauritius is relatively very less and can account for up to 12.7 Lakhs, approximately depicting a low patient count.
  • The country is not very cold as the weather conditions are similar to that of India, so the students who want to escape India’s hot and humid climate may not be impressed.
  • Only 80% of students are given hostel facilities in SSR Medical College, and the rest have to arrange their accommodation.
  • The distance between Anna Medical College and its hostel is quite huge; hence, students have to incur extra cost on transportation.

MBBS Colleges in Mauritius

  • Anna Medical College
  • SSR Medical College

MBBS in Mauritius Syllabus (courses offered by the universities)

Three Semesters of Para Clinical Study Includes:

  • Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine, and Pharmacology

Two Semesters of Preclinical Study Includes:

  • Physiology and Anatomy Biochemistry

Five Semesters of Clinical Study Includes:

  • Community Medicine, General Medicine, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, General Surgery, and Paediatrics

Value of Mauritius MBBS Degree

MBBS Degree from Mauritius is highly valued due to the following recognitions:

  • Certified by Licentiate of the Medical College of Canada-LMCC
  • World Health Organization Approved
  • Recognized by Tertiary Education Commission Mauritius (TEC)
  • International Medical Education Directory (IMED) recognized
  • Medical Council of India Approved
  • Approved by Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
  • FAIMER Approved (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)

United States Medical Licensing Examination recognized

MBBS in Mauritius - Fees Structure

Anna Medical College

Fee StructureYearly (in Mauritian Rupee)Total (5 years)
Fee for TuitionRs.3,22,000Rs.16,10,000
Mess ChargesRs.60,000Rs.3,00,000
Hostel ChargesRs.84,000Rs.4,20,000
Transportation CostRs.48,000Rs.2,40,000


The total fee in Indian currency = Rs.25,70,000 x 1.835 = 47,16,627 INR

SSR Medical College

Fee StructureYearly Fee in USDTotal Fee (5 Years)
Tuition fee charges$8,000$40,000
One Time Registration Fee$6,000$6,000
Hostel Charges$1,200$6,000
One Time Hostel Registration Fee$2,000$2,000
Mess Charges$1,200$6,000
One Time Development Fee$6,000$6,000


The total fee in Indian currency = $66,000 x 74.06 = 48,87,960 INR

Hostel & Food

Adequate food and lodging facilities are available for students coming to Mauritius from abroad. Candidates can also avail accommodations outside the hostel that suit the pocket and ensure a safe stay for the course duration. Lodging facilities include a well-ventilated room, 24/7 availability of electricity and water, WiFi connectivity, option for meal system, and more. Mauritius is considered to be one of the safest places to stay for students, and food facilities are also easily accessible. The culture and eating habitats are similar to that of India, so students coming from the Indian subcontinent do not have problems in adjusting. Hence, it is the ideal destination for students opting to study MBBS abroad.


What is the maximum age limit for a student to enroll for MBBS?

The maximum age limit is 30 years exceeding which students cannot apply for MBBS in Mauritius.

Will the MBBS degree be valid in India?

Yes, the MBBS course is valid in India as it is approved by MCI. However, the student has to complete a one-year internship in India as well as obtain a practicing license to work in India.

Where do I need to register for an MBBS in Mauritius?

Students willing to study at Anna Medical College need to download, fill and submit the application form from the college website. For SSR Medical College, the registration process can be done through the registered offices in New Delhi and Mauritius.

What is the minimum percentage criteria for MBBS in Mauritius?

A student should hold an aggregate of at least 60% in their 10+2 to be eligible for MBBS in Mauritius. Even if students hold a 59% aggregate in their senior secondary exam, they will not be eligible for the course.

Is NEET qualification compulsory for an MBBS degree from Mauritius?

Yes, a student must have a NEET-UG qualification in order to pursue an MBBS from Mauritius. Without NEET, the student cannot apply for the MBBS program.

What is the approximate budget required for the course?

The approximate budget for the MBBS program in Mauritius is about 48 Lakhs. This is subject to change as per the college fee structure, and there can be added miscellaneous charges.

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