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Is Neet Necessary For Mbbs Abroad 2021?

Is Neet Necessary For Mbbs Abroad 2021?

Is it compulsory to have a NEET qualification, if I want to study MBBS from abroad? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by medical aspirants who are planning to pursue their MBBS degree from abroad. This article will answer all the questions regarding NEET’s necessity for studying MBBS from abroad.

First, you should know what NEET is and why students are worried about this. NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. It is one common entrance test for all medical candidates in India.

If a student wants to take admission in MBBS program in the Indian Medical Colleges, then NEET is the gateway for him/her. Through this entrance test seats are allotted to qualified candidates in different Government and private medical colleges of India.

For the students who have not qualified NEET or due to some reason not able to secure their seat in Indian Medical Colleges and it is not possible for them to afford B or C category seat in India and are planning to pursue their MBBS degree from abroad, these students need to qualify NEET as it acts as an Eligibility Test for them.

Why is NEET required for studying MBBS from abroad?

According to a public notice issued by the Medical Council of India after 8th March 2018, the NEET qualification has become mandatory for anyone seeking admission in any Foreign Medical Universities for both Indian students as well as Overseas Citizen of India. For detailed knowledge of this change in terms of the clause, a candidate can visit the official website of MCI.

What a Candidate can do if he/she fails the NEET exam?

Don’t worry if you are not able to make it through the NEET exam. There are still opportunities open for you. Yes, it is mandatory as told above by the MCI to pass the NEET exam to get admission in MBBS abroad. Generally, when a student does not qualify for NEET for the said academic year, he/she has to wait for one whole year to reattempt the NEET exam again and qualify for MBBS abroad. But what one can do is instead of wasting a year for NEET, the candidate can take direct admission to MBBS courses offered by many foreign countries that follow the Pre-Medicine program from the US medical pattern.

The pre-medicine program is a fundamental course for MD in Doctor of Medicine, and this course is equivalent to India’s MBBS degree course. And if you see the MCI clause, it is stated that NEET is necessary for taking admission in MBBS or MD courses but not for pre-medicine programs. This program is usually for 1-2 years of academics depending on the college or university.

Is NEET Compulsory for studying MBBS abroad?

NEET is a must to qualify as the candidate gets a registration no. from MCI, which is required for his admission abroad in MBBS course in Medical Universities. However, if a student does not want to practice medicine in the future in India or does not want to pursue an MBBS course from another country then NEET is not necessary for him/her to study abroad. MCI’s condition for NEET is for those pupils who want to pursue MBBS from abroad and want to practice medicine in India afterward.

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