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MBBS in the Philippines - Top 11 Reasons Why Medical Students Love to Study?

MBBS in the Philippines – Top 11 Reasons Why Medical Students Love to Study?


The Philippines, a country where people never thought medical education would become so good that people from different countries would come. This notion has changed into reality now and there are many students who have this country in the top 3 when they think about going to medical university. The reasons are mentioned in the next part of the article and you can read them carefully to understand why it is getting so popular among medical aspirants around the world. Let’s jump right into it and know about the reasons.

Top 11 Reasons Why Students From Different Countries Prefer To Study In The Philippines:

Tuition Fees:

Whenever you are looking for a medical college that has all the facilities and still asks for a fee that can suit your budget, try the Philippines. We are sure that you will find more than 5 and you would like at least 3 of them. This is because they have carefully designed their fee structure to suit the budgets of international students.

MBBS Duration:

You just have to study for 6 years and in this duration, you have 1 year of mandatory internship that is just practice before you actually start your medical practice. This is a big advantage because you complete your graduation in a time that is considered to be standing around the world. Anything less or more might be a problem because there might be something extra or something less.

Hostel Fees:

The fee that you have to give to the universities in the name of the hostels is way less than what you’d have paid if you stayed outside. Also, they provide you with things that would be really expensive if you had to buy them yourself. 

No Entrance Test Required:

You just need to clear the basic eligibility criteria and you are good to go ahead in the admission process. 

World Rank Universities:

The universities are not just great in their own nation but around the world.

Globally Recognized Degree:

The MBBS degree awarded by the medical universities of the Philippines is recognized around the globe.

Amazing Infrastructure:

You will see that they have an amazing infrastructure and have provided students with everything inside the campus and the hostels.

Medium of Education:

You don’t have to worry about the medium of education because for all international students the courses are in English.

Highly Qualified Faculty:

The faculty at MBBS colleges are highly qualified and experienced. They take care of students and guide them with theoretical and practical experiences. 

Availability of Indian Community:

For a decade, students from India have been going to the Philippines to pursue their degree in MBBS.  Therefore, there are chances to find lots of fellow Indian students there. 

Indian food available: 

College mess provides Indian food in most of the MBBS colleges in the Philippines. Apart from that, there are plenty of Indian restaurants available around the campus so that students can taste their home food once in a while. 


For these reasons we don’t think you can deny to at least have a look at the medical colleges in the Philippines. After that, it is upon your own conscience to decide where you want to go in 2021 to start your medical education.

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