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Study in Bulgaria

Want to Study in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a country located in South-Eastern Europe and is one of the most picturesque locations in Europe. From Beaches to mountain ranges, Bulgaria has a lot to offer to the tourist and international students.

The Black Sea coastline is dotted with resorts and is the perfect place to chill out and relax. Bulgaria has also had some of the best religious artists of the world and this is evident in the many museums and churches. Seven different mountain ranges crisscross all over Bulgaria making it very popular among hikers, mountaineers, and adventure enthusiasts.

The history of Bulgaria is long and tumultuous and its effects can be seen in the impressive ancient ruins that are a testimony to the rise and fall of several civilizations. Architecture can be found in many places all over the country.

Bulgaria is a popular tourist destination, but it is also becoming a famous study abroad country because of its high-quality education and low living costs. Bulgarians are warm and friendly and Bulgarian universities are recognized all over the world. Study and research in Bulgaria can be pursued with ease. You can find many resources for study opportunities in Bulgaria.

Why Study in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a small country located in South-Eastern Europe. It is a member of the EU and is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are several reasons why you should consider Bulgaria as a study abroad destination:

  • The tuition fee is much more affordable as compared to other EU countries.
  • Bulgarian universities have worldwide recognition. They are accredited and provide varied courses so that students have a lot of choices.
  • As Bulgaria is an EU country, the credits for the courses taught at Bulgarian universities are transferable within Europe. This means that a student can pursue further studies after Bulgaria from any of the European Union countries.
  • The Bulgarian people are friendly and open and they welcome foreigners. You will find that you develop bonds in Bulgaria and love the people and the country.
  • The weather is moderate and there are many beautiful places for you to see in your free time. The Bulgarian economy is booming and you’ll never be bored with the many things that Bulgaria has to offer.
  • The cost of living in Bulgaria is much less than in other countries and education is more affordable.
  • The courses offered in Bulgaria are mostly in English.
  • The universities and colleges in Bulgaria offer an education that meets all global standards. A special focus is on the courses that are job oriented so as to make the students employable.

Bulgaria is the ideal place to study and pursue higher education. You can even study in Bulgaria without IELTS. You just have to apply to one of the Bulgarian universities to get a world-class education at a very affordable price. You will also get to experience the rich culture of Bulgaria and see one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Bulgaria should be one of your top choices as a study abroad country.

Admission Requirements in Bulgaria

The admission of foreign students is based on the premise of a completed secondary education equivalent of that offered in Bulgaria. In general – if you qualify for higher education in your home country, you are eligible for entry into Bulgarian universities and colleges. Unless you are applying for programs taught in English however, you will, as mentioned earlier need to study Bulgarian for a year before being granted to study the full program.

Anyone who is not a Bulgarian citizen is regarded as a foreign student and will fit in that quota and pay tuition fees accordingly. Foreign students must also be officially admitted by the Ministry of Education and Science.

As with similar systems around the world, entry into a master program requires a previously completed bachelor program in Bulgaria or abroad, just as a doctorate requires a completed master degree. Qualifications are evaluated and accredited through the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency at the Council of Ministers (

Bulgarian Tuition Fees and living costs Universities in Bulgaria are both private and public. Regardless of which, international students are charged tuition. For 2007/2008 tuition fees for public universities for 2,200 to 5,500 Euro depending on the course and level of study. Private universities set their own fees and are generally far more expensive.

Living expenses are, compared to most of Western Europe and North America, very cheap. Your biggest expenses will be rent along with gas and electricity. Remember that it does get cold in winter – so budget to pay for heating in the colder months. Food, if you avoid the tourist spots, is very cheap even if eating out.

Cost Of Living In Bulgaria

The cost of living in Bulgaria is quite affordable in comparison to other nations in the European Union. The prices of the food items are cheap and the prices differ from one town to another. The big cities are known to be costly. The cost of living in Bulgaria includes the cost of accommodation, transport, etc.

The price of renting an apartment depends on the location and size of the apartment. There is a broad range of public transportation modes in the capital and that includes trams, buses and subway. A single ticket costs at least .50 Euros.

The cost of living in Bulgaria compared to the UK is relatively cheaper and most feasible for the students. In case one is a full-time student, one can get a discount for public transport. Contact us to know more about the cost of living in Bulgaria.

Tuition Fees Bulgaria

The tuition fee in Bulgaria differs depending on the university, language of study and also undergraduate or graduate studies. Here the fees is most affordable among the other European nations. The best means to have benefits of the Bulgarian scholarship is to learn Bulgarian and then pass the admission examination with the Bulgarian students. The tuition fee for Bulgarian language programs is affordable than the programs in English.

Approximate Tuition Fees (MEDICAL STUDIES):

  • General Medicine
    • Course Duration – 6 years
    • Tuition Fees – 5000 to 8000€/year
  • Dentistry
    • Course Duration – 6 years
    • Tuition Fees – 7000 to 8000€/year
  • Pharmacy
    • Course Duration – 5 years
    • Tuition Fees – 7000 to 8000€/year
  • Healthcare Management
    • Course Duration – 3 years
    • Tuition Fees – 4000€/year
  • Technical studies
    • Course Duration – 4 years
    • Bachelor programs Fees – 2900 to 3000€/year
    • Industrial Automation and Robotics’ Control
    • Advanced Industrial Technologies (AIT)
    • Electronic Engineering (English)
    • Telecommunication engineering
    • Information Technologies in Transport
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Aeronautical Engineering
    • Automotive Engineering
    • Naval Architecture and Marine Technology
    • Automation, Information and Control Technologies
    • Civil engineer
    • Architecture
    • One-year English preparatory course: 2500€
  • Technical studies
    • Course Duration – 2 years
    • Master programs Fees – 3000 to 3500€/year
    • Mechatronic Systems
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Business Computing
    • E-Management
  • Socio-economic studies
    • Course Duration – 2 years
    • Bachelor Programs Fees – 3000 to 3900€/year
    • International Hospitality Management
    • International Business Management
    • Business Information Systems
    • Business and Management studies
    • International Tourism Management
    • Hospitality and Culinary Arts
    • Software Systems and Technologies
  • Socio-economic studies
    • Course Duration – 2 years
    • Master Programs Fees – 3000 to 3900€/year
    • Bank accounts for tuition and registration fees
    • Bank account for accommodation fee
    • Student loan
    • Financing your studies

Work And Study In Bulgaria

There are several opportunities to work and study in Bulgaria. There are numerous international companies that have ongoing projects in the nation and also many local groups that welcome foreign volunteers.

There are so many opportunities to work in Bulgaria for students in organic farms. There are several openings for job on farms all over the country. Many of the foreigners who work and study in Bulgaria are hired by multinational companies for jobs prior to arriving in the country.

The pay is quite good if you get a temporary job in Bulgaria. Teaching English is one means to make some additional cash. You may contact us to know about the job prospects of working in Bulgaria.

Education System In Bulgaria

The education system in Bulgaria is actively supported by the state. The education system in Bulgaria is within the European tradition. There are many higher educational institutions in Bulgaria that provide degrees to the graduate and undergraduate level of the students.

The academic year for most of the Bulgarian universities starts in October 1 and have fall and spring semesters. The academic week can cover up to thirty weeks. The classes are once a week for seventy-five minutes or for two forty-five-minute period in a fifteen-minute break that falls in between.

The structure of the education system in Bulgaria is awesome and provides many opportunities for hardworking students. Higher education in Bulgaria attracts many international students because of its awesome quality and affordable tuition fees and living costs.

The higher education in Bulgaria is also known as post-secondary education or tertiary education. The students who want to get Diploma of secondary education can apply for admission to higher education in Bulgaria.

The international students may opt for Bulgaria because of its high quality of education and with less expensive cost of living and studies. The higher education system in Bulgaria is based on Bachelor’s, Masters and doctor system and has three kinds of institutions, colleges, special high schools and universities. You may contact us to find more about the education system in Bulgaria.

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