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About the UK

With over 25,000 Indian students studying in the country, the UK, despite its dwindling number of international students, presents a fulfilling education experience for Indian students seeking high-quality education at some of the World’s most renowned universities. One of the major factors that draw students to the country is its wide range of scholarships which provide partial to full study waiver to the students. In fact, the British Government, as well as many university and private trusts, provide a plethora of scholarships for Indian students studying in the UK.

Verbal ReasoningDecision MakingAbstract ReasoningQuantitative ReasoningSituation Judgement
11 Passages29 Questions11 Set of Question9 set of QuestionCommon Test
4 Questions/PassagesTime- 32 mins5 Question/Set4 Question/ SetTime: 27 mins
Each passage is Roughly half passSkill RequireTime: 14 MinInformation Show In20 Scenarios
Time: 22 mins1-Evaluating ArgumentsAverage: 642Table, Graph3-5 Questions
Average: 584 score2- Statistical ReasoningBar/Ae chart
3- Deductive ReasoningDiagram
Text Passage
Time: 25 min
Average Score: 705


  • You can Sit the UKAT between 3rd July to 3rd October.
  • Its 2 hours Computerize test.
  • After you complete UKAT University do Interview
  • MMI- Multiple Mini Interview
  • They have 6-8 stations and each station 6 min time.
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