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MBBS Consultant in Kolkata

MBBS education is considered to be one of the highly prestigious and important education in the world as it creates future doctors and medical experts who can bring significant changes in the medical sphere that can shape history. Every year, students compete with one another in their NEET-UG examination to obtain qualifying scores that can get them admission to the top MBBS institutions across the globe.

Since the seats at MBBS colleges are limited, competition is at an all-time high, and the admission process is complicated, many students fail to join a medical university even after fetching great marks. This is the reason why a student must connect with a reputed MBBS consultant in Kolkata and speed up their admission process. The complications related to admission are solved by an expert team of MBBS counselors available at our end, and they ensure that you can pursue your course without any hassle.

Our Range of Services

We are the top MBBS Consultant in Kolkata, providing a varied range of services for students just like you who are looking for an overseas MBBS education. Our admission counselors are connected with medical colleges across the world and can help you secure a seat in countries like the USA, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Italy, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bulgaria, Philippines, Armenia, Belarus, Mauritius, and many more. Our counseling sessions will also help you in choosing an MBBS program from the various countries abroad and selecting a university that suits your area of interest.

Many students find it difficult to pursue MBBS education because of a tight budget or unsolved confusion related to whether or not they should take up an education loan to study. We have expertise in education loan assistance for students who are facing such confusion or need to take help from financial institutions to pursue their MBBS studies. Our professional team of MBBS counselors guides you with the documentation process and assist you at the time of loan requirement so that you can pursue your course without any hassle.

Reaching several MBBS colleges located overseas requires a student to carry a valid Visa but applying for it can also be a complicated task. Students will be happy to note that we also provide guidance on visa documentation. Apart from all of these services, we also provide students with MCI coaching services, USMLE services, forex assistance, post landing services, and much more.

Benefits of Choosing Us as Your Counselors

  • We provide admission services at reputed international colleges located across the globe that cater to your area of interest.
  • Our personalized counseling service assists students with the right fit for the specialization they want to take up in a country of their choice that is recognized by prestigious institutions like WHO, UNESCO, MCI, etc.
  • We provide personal assistance with visa documentation, visa interview, segregating soft copy and hard copy documents that will be required at the university, providing local language classes of the chosen country, connecting you with a local guardian who will ensure a safe and secure stay at your choice of country and so much more.
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