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China, the world’s most populated country, is also one of the countries with some great MBBS colleges. China is well-developed and has many great hospitals and medical institutions where people from around the world study. They have great scientists and doctors who make sure that their curriculum always stays ahead of the time and they teach the students not just about the problems that humans are facing in contemporary times but also about the problems that they might face in the future. China is a country that is often seen as the country where everything is of not so good quality but when it comes to medical science, there are only a few countries that stand on par with their quality. China along with Russia is the most searched country when it comes to MBBS. Many students from different countries are studying in China and the reason for that is the quality of education and excellent infrastructure. There are no compromises with the quality that is provided to the students. The universities make sure that they provide all types of resources to their students. From education to recreation, they can get everything on their campus. Most universities have everything and students don’t have to head out of the university unless they want something really special. Hostels are comfortable and the students are provided with furniture, cooking space, and much more so they have no problem living there. Indian students face issues with food mostly and that is also taken into consideration. These colleges have everything and the students just need to worry about studying and nothing else. In this article, you will get to know everything from the eligibility criteria to the documents required for some of the best MBBS universities in China. It is important to know about the country where you want to study and hence we have managed to find the factors that can help you to decide why China is the country where you should go for your medical journey. Let’s first know about the country and what it has to offer.

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About China

What do you know about China? World’s most populated country, the country that makes amazing gadgets, or the country that has some great medical colleges. If you are a medical student then most probably you would be most interested in medical colleges. Here in this section, we will tell you other things about the country that you should know before you are admitted to one of the colleges there.

China is different from India in many aspects and you need to know something before you go there. The country does not have a tipping system like India or other countries and hence you should not feel obliged to pay some tip every time you go out to eat. Consuming tap water is also not suggested, even the locals don’t drink from the tap because it contains metal particles in it. This water might not be good for your health and that is why is advised that you drink only purified water.

Going from India, the UK, or the USA, you may already have practiced the habit of fastening the seat belts but people in China don’t do that too often and to keep yourself safe, you need to continue your good habits here as well.

The food is also not the same, the way of preparation, spices, all such things might seem different for people who are from foreign countries. There are many things different but that is the beauty of studying in some other countries. With all these things people need to know everything that they need to do to get a visa and admission to universities. However, it is not that tough and China has not imposed any travel restrictions on people from most countries.

If you are among the people who aspire to be great doctors, China can be the country where you go and to know more reasons, keep reading.

Why is China a great choice of destination to study MBBS for international students?

Why go anywhere without knowing the things that you will get there. This should be your philosophy before deciding any place where you go, either for work or for education. It is important to check the country based on different factors and then decide if it is the right destination or not. When it comes to China people have many misconceptions regarding the quality of the study and the language barrier. We have covered all your concerns in this article and hopefully, they will clear your doubts. Please read all the points carefully in order to understand everything properly.

Renowned Universities

China is already known for so many things and MBBS universities are one of them. They have many great medical universities that are known around the world and are preferred by students in some big countries including India. It’s not just about the MBBS aspirants, even the greatest of the doctors and medical scientists know the quality of education that is provided here and the quality of research that is done. This is the reason why so many students from these colleges get placed in great hospitals and are allowed to practice anywhere in the world after they clear the necessary examinations. Some of the top universities that are known to be the biggest medical organizations are mentioned in the latter part of the article.

Reasonable Fees Structure

The fee structure followed by the medical universities of China is considered very reasonable when we look at the fee structure of universities in other countries. With so many facilities that they provide, the fees that they ask for seems valid. This is the reason why most people want to get into a university that provides them with an experience that is both great education-wise and comfort-wise. They provide the students with the best equipment and all the facilities that are needed during their course. The buildings also have all types of facilities and are maintained at all times. Students can also make sure that they are getting the value for the money that they paid in fees when they are admitted is one of the top MBBS colleges in China.

Manageable Living Cost

The cost of living in China is manageable for people from most countries. When compared to countries like the US and the UK, the cost of living in China seems very less. Students can manage most of their costs under 1000 USD per month. This is when the student lives outside the college until they have been admitted. They have all sorts of options from student hall to renting a place to living with a Chinese family. This depends upon the financial conditions of the student. Students from India can live a great lifestyle while they are studying MBBS in China. The fees of the university as mentioned in the last point are quite reasonable and the living costs are also not too high. With this combination, China can be one of the best choices for Indian students.

World-class facilities

China, as we all know is one of the most developed countries in the world. They have the best of the technologies and they are constantly improving. They are implementing all these things in their education system as well. The universities are equipped with everything that people in countries like the UK and the US have. Moreover, they get something that is available nowhere in the countries. The research labs in China also stay ahead of the world and they find a cure for many diseases.

They have the finest libraries, labs, and more. Their professors also use the latest techniques to teach the students so that they get the concepts easily. Even the practicals are performed in the most advanced ways. All facilities are world-class and are provided in all the top MBBS colleges in China.

High-Quality Education

The quality of education that is provided by the medical institutions in China is high. The professors in these colleges are highly qualified and experienced. Universities in China follow the latest curriculum and also have some of their specialties that make the students learn more than most students studying in other countries. They also make sure that the students are not distracted and hence they have created an environment that helps them to study as much as they want. People come from different countries and spend a decent amount of money to get the education that they are promised. This is something that China understands and provides to the students. Most students who graduate from any of the top universities of China are in the top tier of doctors as they understand most of the cases and situations. The internship is also provided in a way that the students get the experience of both mild and chronic types of problems. They can also do the internship in their own country if they wish to. This will increase their experience only.


If China had to be the best in something then this can be it. The infrastructure of the medical universities in China is next to the best. All types of things are available, basic and advanced, everything that students need and what can make their lives better. This is something that is not available in this fee in any other university in the world. The reason for this is that their organizations are self-sufficient and they are not running with the amount of money that they take from the students as fees. Universities tend to show students something in their prospectus and are different when visited physically. But, that is not the case with Chinese universities. Most students who have graduated from medical universities in China have said great things about the infrastructure. They had an experience like nowhere and that says a lot about their dedication and quality of their infrastructure.

International recognition

If you are a student studying in a top Chinese medical university, you can be sure that you will not have to prove that you are from a good university whenever you go out of China. All the universities are accredited by WHO and other medical organizations that are respected all around the globe. These universities have cleared all the tests and have been running successfully for the past many years. Recognition around the globe helps you to work with any reputed pharma company or hospital around the world. Most big organizations don’t accept medical students who are from shady universities. They want just the best of the students who have studied at a university that follows international standards. Everything that is taught in universities is accepted in most parts of the world.

No Language Barrier In Universities

Though the main language of communication in China is Mandarin the universities do provide education in English so that students from all parts of the world feel comfortable. It is not just about the course but the professionals in the university also communicate in English so that all processes stay smooth. Along with these, a country ambassador is appointed to handle students from a certain country and make them comfortable with the environment of the country. There are chances that people might take time to sink into the culture and understand everything different in China but with the help of other students and the ambassadors, they will enjoy the process.

Excellent Hospitals for Internships

There are many great hospitals where students can do their internships and learn the practicality of the MBBS course. Students are trained under the best of the doctors who also are MBBS graduates and have great skills. They are allowed to handle basic tasks that they are taught during their education time. Also, they accompany the doctors to the operations and other chronic cases. They are not allowed to handle them but observe and learn. Doctors teach them how they need to understand the problems of patients and how they can find the right approach to treat them. Most universities have a hospital of their own and that is something that helps the students a lot. Other than that students can also choose to do internships in their respective countries or any other country of their choice. This is allowed so that they get experience in handling patients from different regions. Different countries have different problems and the doctors there have different approaches.

Safe and Friendly Environment

Students who come from different countries are very much concerned about their security and safety in other countries. Looking at the records, there are no issues that students from other countries face in China. The universities and the local administrations take care of the students and provide them with proper security. The campuses are well guarded and no one is allowed to get into the premises or the hostels without proper identification and permission from the authorized personnel. Also, fellow students who are native to China are supportive and make sure that the students who are from other countries feel safe and at home. Any student from outside the country is like a guest and they treat them in the same way. Also, even if a student is living outside the country, they can learn new things about the Chinese culture and language but they will not be forced to follow anything. However, they might have to follow the general rules that apply to everyone in the country.

Eligibility Criteria To Get Into A Medical University In China:

If you are from India the basic eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • If you are from the general category then you should have PCB in your 10+2. You need to clear your exam with at least 50%.
  • If you are from the reserved category then you should have PCB in your 10+2 but you need to score only 40% marks to be eligible.
  • NEET is compulsory for candidates. They need to qualify for the exam and have the report card with them to prove that.
  • The candidate should be of minimum 17 years when applying for admission to the university

These are the eligibility criteria that all students have to pass to gain admission to any of the top medical universities in China.

Documents That Are Required To Get Admission To A Medical University In China:

If you think that you are eligible to be admitted to a top MBBS university in China, you need to arrange the documents that you need to submit with the application form. It is also important to get the documents verified by the embassy of your country so that it becomes legitimate for the authorities in China as well. Let’s have a look at the documents that you should keep ready if you are planning to get admission to China’s top medical universities:

  • 10th mark sheet and certificate
  • 12th mark sheet and certificate
  • The birth certificate that is printed in English
  • 10 Passport size photographs
  • Invitation letter from the medical university where you want to take admission
  • All the authorized artifacts that are approved by the Ministry of External Affairs
  • Legalization of all the official documents from the embassy of the country
  • Fees for Visa
  • Bank slip of 1st-year tuition fee as provided by the university
  • Test report (HIV Negative)

Keep all the documents ready it will be needed to get the visa as well. You have to make sure that you do everything only once you have the official admission letter from the university where you have applied for admission. Without the admission letter, the embassy will not approve your Visa and your efforts will just go in vain.


Application Process for Top MBBS Universities In China:

The application process for joining Top MBBS universities goes in a step-by-step process. It has been mentioned below:

  • Step1: The candidate is exposed to several experienced representatives. They discuss what courses are going to be suitable and whether studying MBBS is a wise choice.
  • Step2: After career choice, the student needs to identify the Entrance tests for example SAT, GMAT, GRE etc which suits the course as well as requirements of the country.
  • Step3: There are senior counsellors available who guide the students about shortlisting depending on applications and test scores.
  • Step4: Candidates must prepare necessary documents such as Essays, Resume, SOP and LORs and so on.
  • Step5: Students must research different courses that the universities teach in order to know about the degree and the education they are going to be pursuing.
  • Step6: Finalizing the application into a top MBBS college in China will require a lot of formalities from the student as well as their sponsors. These include the loan documentation, visa application, form filling as well as interview preparation.
  • Step7: The last step includes last-minute tasks such as flight booking, foreign exchange, insurance and more.

How long does it take to complete MBBS in China?

To complete MBBS and practice medicine, one has to study for 5 years with 1 year of internship. Generally, this is the duration of MBBS in every medical college all over the world. For studying MBBS, students have to go through a variety of subjects each semester and after studying theoretically, they are supposed to practice under senior doctors.

Syllabus Of The MBBS Course in China

The syllabus of the MBBS Course in China is as follows:

  • The first year starts with general studies about the human body. In the first semester, students learn subjects such as medicinal chemistry, cell biology, and the heritage and history of China with subjects like Chinese introduction as well as Chinese culture. The second semester consists of subjects such as Histology, Human Anatomy, Chinese art, and physical education.
  • The second year of MBBS begins with subjects that include Embryology, Medical Genetics, Human Anatomy, and Chinese History. The next semester in the same year has subjects like Parasitology, Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, and the Chinese language.
  • Candidates learn about microbiology, hygienic statistics, medical Chinese, and physiology in the first semester of the third year. The next semester includes immunology, hygienic, pathophysiology as well as the continuation of physiology
  • The fourth year begins with Epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, pharmacology, and psychiatry. Next semester includes subjects like Neurology, Forensic Pathology, TCM, Radio-Diagnosis, Dentistry as well as communicable diseases.
  • The syllabus of the fifth year consists of medicine, gynecology, ENT, surgery, Dermatology, and Ophthalmology in the first semester. In the next semester, students learn about medicine, obstetrics, surgery, and pediatrics.

The subjects and courses are pretty similar in every university in China and students go through the above-mentioned curriculum to perceive their degree in medicine.

Hostels And Accommodation Facilities In Medical Universities In China:

The cost of food and accommodation in medical universities in China is quite affordable and interesting. Chinese cuisine is well-known all over the world for its mouth-watering cuisine which is a blend of cultural and local foods. Therefore, international students tend to fit in the college campus quite quickly.

The means inside medical universities are not very costly and are easily affordable by students living on the college or university campus. The goods do not cost more than 4 to 8 USD.

Foreign students have a variety of options to try. In terms of accommodation too, China is the least expensive when it is compared to most of the European countries.

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Benefits of studying MBBS in China:

  • In terms of eligibility criteria, China doesn’t expect too much. Therefore, it becomes easy for the students to get an MBBS degree there.
  • If a candidate is getting his/her degree in medicine from China, their degree will be accepted all over the world. Though some countries take tests to enable the candidates to practice medicine, the MBBS degree stays valid throughout the procedure.
  • No national-level entrance test is required for pursuing an MBBS education in China. It varies from college to college but generally, a student can take an admission directly or with the scores of the entrance test of their home country (in case of foreign students).
  • Employment opportunities are huge in China. This applies in the field of medical science also. Students directly get a job in various hospitals just after they complete their MBBS degree. The pay scales and working conditions are also wonderful for doctors or medicine practitioners.
  • Most of the Chinese MBBS colleges and medical universities provide scholarships to deserving students. This makes it easier for candidates to pursue MBBS even if they are not financially sound.
  • The universities provide separate hostel facilities, spacious libraries, advanced laboratories, and classrooms for MBBS students. There is also a scope for learning Chinese art and culture that brings harmony and understanding between the local and foreign students.
  • The universities provide state-of-the-art facilities to students. This helps in enabling a healthy study environment and students learn with more interest. The scholarship facilities help them to be encouraged and score well throughout the course. Instead of charging heavy fees, the medical colleges waive off some amount and motivate students to follow their dreams.
  • Some of the top universities also provide fully sponsored scholarships to deserving students. This gives a feeling of economic safety.

Top Medical Universities In China

There are many universities in China where you can take admission but finding the one that suits you can be tough. To make it easy we have listed the top 5 universities for you. Have a look at them and find out which one of these can be the best choice for you. All these universities have great facilities and have records that speak for themselves.

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC):

SUMC is situated in Shantou, a peaceful city that stays on the coast of Guangdong province. Most of the universities in China take 6 years, the course is 5 years and 1-year students have to give an Internship. The MBBS program in China is not complete without the 1 year of internship and hence the total duration of the course is 6 years. The degree is awarded only after 6 years. The batches are started in September.  Students who want admission need to apply till Mid July, after that they close the application and the users have to wait for another year. The tuition fee for the MBBS program is 6,186 USD per year. If some of the students have performed well in their 10+2 exams they are also awarded scholarships. The university is divided into 2 campuses one is for the classes where the students learn the theory and the other is the part where they learn about practicals. This keeps both parts distinct and allows the university to keep students of various years separate.

Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZUSM):

This university is situated in one of the most popular tourist locations in China, Hangzhou. The school of medicine provides the students with the MBBS program. This is a university that is recognized all over the world and has given the nation and the world some great doctors. Students have to take 6 years to earn a degree from this university as well. The distribution is as follows:

  • 1 Year for pre-med
  • 2 Year for pre-clinic
  • 3 Years for clinic
  • 1 Year for internship ( as supervised by the Doctors)

Students have to pay 6,619 USD per year as the tuition fee. The students who are extremely talented and who have performed well in their 10+2 exams can get the scholarship offered by the Chinese government.

Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University (SHMC):

This college is a part of Fudan University. Fudan University is one of the oldest and most popular universities in China and they have maintained their reputation. Just like the first two colleges, students have to give 6 years to complete their education at this university as well. The students who want to do internships in China need to pass the HSK 5 examination before their internship year. The college will find a good hospital for you and get you the position of medical intern. HSK 5 is the examination that is taken to train students to communicate with patients effectively. The students are trained and then only they take the examination. They have their hospitals as well:

  • Huadong Hospital
  • Eye and ENT Hospital
  • Shanghai Cancer Centre
  • Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre

Students have to pay 11,598 USD as tuition fees. The students can also get a scholarship based on their past academic performance. There are some special requirements like the student should have a degree in English before they seek admission to this university.

Capital Medical University (CCMU):

Capital Medical University is situated in the heart of China, Beijing. This is one of the universities in the world where the students get the most advanced equipment and the best of the faculties from different countries. This university is affiliated with 14 hospitals and all those are open for the students for internships. CCMU is also popular for the research work that they have done towards developing Chinese and other medicines. Students studying here also get an opportunity to do internships in 20 different countries because of their student exchange program.

The fee that the students have to pay per year is 7,732 USD. This fee is worth all the things that they provide to the students. With a high-tech campus and great labs, the students get the best in medical education.

Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU):

The last college on the list but not the last medical college in China, Jinzhou Medical University is one of the best colleges to pursue MBBS, students have to invest 6 years in this college as well to get their degree. They can do their internship in the affiliated hospital of Liaoning Medical University. The classes are started in September and the students have to apply before August. They want the applicant to be physically and mentally fit at the time of admission. The fee that they take is 5,412 USD per year and that is not too much looking at what they provide. Also, the students who are great with their academics can get scholarships as well.

Frequently Asked Questions on MBBS in China

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Studying MBBS In China?

The basic eligibility criteria for taking admission to a medical college for an MBBS degree is to score 50% in PCB for general category students) whereas 40% in PCB (for reserved category students). Additionally, taking the NEET entrance test or equivalent test is also mandatory for students. The country intakes students from all over the world in the month of September. Language tests are not mandatory but may increase the portfolio of the candidate.

What Is The General Living Cost In China?

The living cost is quite affordable in China. The food and living conditions are good in campus hostels as well as outside the college. Though it is difficult to find other cuisines in China, Chinese culture is so widespread that students will soon fit into it easily and adapt to the food of China.

Can I Practice Medicine Anywhere Else In The World After Completing MBBS In China?

Yes, one can practice medicine anywhere else in the world after completing MBBS in China. The candidate has to pass the entrance test of that particular country (if it is there) to practice medicine after MBBS.

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Compare Universities

University NameEligibilityNEET ScoreTuition Fee in RMBHostel Fees in RMBApproved SeatsCountry RankWorld RankLocation
China Three Gorges University60% to 70% in 10+2200+24,0004,800302662265Yichang
BEIHUA UNIVERSITY (North China University)65% in PCB170+27,00056001005253852Jilin
Ningxia Medical University70% in PCBQualified29,8005000606744932Yinchuan
Nantong University65% in PCB200+30,0004000602772332Nantong
Anhui Medical University70% in PCB200+30,0004000601921849Hefei
Qingado University70% in PCB200+30,00010,000601251293Qingdao
Guangzhou Medical University80% in PCB200+30,0006000605423940Guangzhou
Harbin Medical University70% in PCB200+30,000400060971005Harbin
Yangzhou University 65% in PCB200+30,00065006084866Yangzhou
Wenzhou Medical University70% in PCB200+30,00040006089922Wenzhou
Xinjiang Medical University50% in PCBQualified30,00045001006935099Urumqi
Shihezi Medical University60% in PCBQualified30,0005000604073088Shihezi
Chongqing Medical University75% in PCB200+30,00048001002252049Chongqing
Ningbo University75% in PCB200+30,0006000602652263Ningbo
Suzhou University75% in PCB200+31,0006000602612240Suzhou
Jinzhou Medical University ( LIAONING MEDICAL UNIVERSITY )75% in PCB200+32,0005000603302701Jinzhou
Southeast University70% in PCB200+32,80060006031440Nanjing
Jilin University65 % In PCBE170+33,000600010030439Changchun
North Sichuan Medical College75% + in PCB200+33,0006000604273195Chengdu
Xuzhou Medical College65% in PCB200+33,0004600602912426Xuzhou
Southwest Medical University (Luzhou Medical College)70% in PCB200+33,0006000608107236Luzhou
Nanjing Medical University70% in PCB200+34,00060001001081082Nanjing
Jiangsu University70% in PCB300+34,000480010050582Zhenjiang
Fujian Medical University70% in PCB200+35,0004000601991902Fuzhou
Zhengzhou University70 % In PCBE200+35,00050006057637Zhengzhou
Kunming Medical University70% in PCB200+35,0004000605223812Kunming
Guangxi Medical University75% in PCB200+35,00055001001811776Nanning
Hebei Medical University70% in PCB200+35,0005000603092573Shijiazhuang
Xiamen University70% in PCB200+38,0003800609204Xiamen
Sichuan University70% in PCB200+38,000600010055628Chengdu
Xi'an Jiaotong University75% in PCB250+40,000870010011222Xi'an
China Medical University80% in PCB200+40,00070001001681684Shenyang
Jinan University70% in PCB200+40,0004000 / 600010040541Guangzhou
Wuhan University70% in PCB200+40,00012,0001008181Wuhan
Southern Medical University70% in PCB200+40,00080001002021911Guangzhou
Dalian Medical University80% in PCB200+42,00011,0001005163751Dalian
Capital Medical University65% in PCBQualified42,00075001003412735Beijing
Zhejiang University70% in PCB200+42,80060001006121Hangzhou
Tongji University80% in PCB200+45,00012,0006014292Shanghai
Shandong University70% in PCB200+45,000800010079823Jinan
Tianjin Medical University70% in PCB200+47,00011,5001003892974Tianjin
Sun Yat-sen University80% in PCB200+48,00087006022389Guangzhou
Shantou University80% in PCB200+68,0008000601111124Shantou
Fudan University80% in PCB300+75,00010,000100240Shanghai
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