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Successful track record of 21+ years in IELTS, PTE or English Coaching!!!

Training schedule: Section Wise Training

Writing: 1 week

  1. Types of IELTS/PTE essays.
  2. Marking criteria.
  3. How to write an introduction to the essays.
  4. Idea generation for essays (SEE THE GQ Technique).
  5. How to develop the body paragraphs (REEREE technique): Reason-Effect-Example Method.
  6. Writing conclusion.
  7. Role of grammatical structures and collocations (vocabulary) in high scoring essays.
  8. Essay correction and feedback.
  9. Outline of each type of essay.
  10. Mistakes to avoid and the checklist for essays.

Writing Tasks

  1. Different types.
  2. Outline each type of question.
  3. Writing the introduction.
  4. Writing the overview.
  5. Developing the body paragraphs.
  6. Appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structure.
  7. Mistakes to avoid.
  8. Checklist.

Reading: 1 week

  1. Time management in IELTS/PTE reading.
  2. Types of questions.
  3. Question types where the answers are in sequence.
  4. Strategies for True, False, Not Given (specifically for IELTS) questions and practice.
  5. Headings to paragraphs (IELTS)/ Reorder paragraphs (PTE) – strategies and practice.
  6. MCQs – strategies and practice.
  7. Fill in the blanks (Grammatical concepts) and strategies.
  8. Match the column (IELTS) – strategies and variations.
  9. From which paragraph the information is taken (IELTS): strategies and practice.
  10. Short answer questions and remaining question types (IELTS): strategies and practice.

Listening: 3 sessions

  1. Strategies for the pen and paper and computer delivered tests.
  2. High Scoring strategies for all types of questions.
  3. High Scoring strategies and practice of MCQs and its variations.
  4. Tackling maps (IELTS).
  5. Difficulty solving.

Speaking: 2 weeks

  • Introduction to IELTS/PTE Speaking test.
  • The real-time practice of Section 1, 2, and 3 types of questions (IELTS).
  • The real-time practice of all 5 types of questions (PTE).


  • Training period: 1 month.
  • 6 sessions of 45 minutes each per week for 4 weeks (45 min/session X 6 days X 4 weeks = 1,080 min (24 hrs).
  • Writing correction support is provided.
  • Digital library access is provided.
  • Mock tests will be provided.
  • Support for improving English for weak students (at a nominal extra fee).

This is indicative and it can be customized according to the individual needs.

Cost of Training: 8,000 INR (Inclusive of GST).

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