MBBS, a degree that can be said to be the most popular and most aspired degree in the medical sector. All the students who want to study medicine dream of doing the MBBS course as it is the one that makes them complete doctors. After that, they can choose what specialization they want to do. This course takes 5 years, somewhere 5.5 and somewhere 6 years. There are many people who want to pursue this course but unfortunately, it is not possible for them to get admission in their own countries. The reasons for the same are many. If we take India as an example, the reasons can be very tough competition, the fee that private colleges charge and many more. But, that does not mean that the students who could not clear the cutoff for the top colleges or could not afford the fee of top private colleges can’t pursue it. These students can head to one of the best-developed destinations in the world, the USA. Yes, the USA has some great medical colleges where students from India and around the world can pursue the course that they want with all their hearts. These colleges have the best in the world faculties and they provide all types of facilities as well. It can be said that in terms of facilities, there can’t be a better place where medical students can travel. Russia and China also are in the competition but the USA still holds a special place in the heart of everyone around the world. The hype that comes with the name of this country is something that most people are attracted to. Let’s find out if the hype about MBBS universities in the USA is real or not. But, before that let’s know about the country. We know that you know a lot of things about the USA but still, there are some things that are related to staying there that you should know before you are ready to move. MBBS takes time and you should know most things about the country where you will be spending at least 5 years of your life.

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About the USA

The USA is one country but 50 different states and no two states are the same. There is a big regional difference in all the states of America. This is the reason why all of them have their own style, and their people also are different from one another. Dialects and accents that these states follow are also different. It is suggested to not mix up things of one state into other if you are living there and are migrating between the states. You need to understand these differences and behave accordingly.

Another thing that you need to know is that the national anthem is a big deal as it is in India. They are really serious about it and if you are staying in their country, you should also respect their feelings and patriotism. This is something that should be present in every human and should not be written but still, we are telling so that you know. You won’t actually get in trouble if you are not standing up while their national anthem is playing but it will make them feel that you are not really respecting their culture.

Because you will be studying medicine you need to know that the healthcare system in America is not the same as in India or other countries. You need to pay 2% medical tax if you have decided to move there. Healthcare is important but in the USA you need to pay for that. But, in return for that 2%, you get a health insurance plan and that covers most of your medical expenses. It is in a way win-win deal for both the USA government and the citizens. This is why no one in the country questions that why should they pay a 2% amount as healthcare tax when it should be free. If it was free they would not get that medical insurance and buying one from a private company can cost a lot more.

 If you are also planning to work in the USA after you complete your MBBS you need to know that work is worship in this country. If you are going to this country from India, Australia or any such country where you get many public holidays and general leaves, the USA will get on to your nerves. America is one of the few countries where the law doesn’t suggest the companies provide their employee’s leaves. The national holiday average in the USA is just 21 days.

You also need to know that you have to drive on the right side of the road. This can take time for the students who are from the countries where they drive on the left side. You might not be used to this but you need to keep this in mind and adapt to this as soon as possible to be able to drive in these countries.

These are just a few things that we have mentioned and there are many such things. If you decide that you really want to move to the USA and study MBBS there, make sure you read about the things you should know before moving there.

Why is the USA a great choice of destination to study MBBS for international students?

The USA is a superpower but that does not mean that you have to trust everything that they provide. It is always better to know about things yourself and then trust them. We have listed out some factors about why you should be studying in one of the medical institutions in America, you can choose yourself after reading these points. From the quality of the education to the safety, a student is concerned about everything. When you are moving to a new country, it is important to know about different aspects of it. This is the reason why we have mentioned these points before mentioning the top colleges where you can take admission.

Affordable Fees Structure

One of the core reasons to choose the country is the cost component. The fee structure in most reputed medical colleges of Uzbekistan is much lower than in most foreign countries. The countries feature an ample amount of quality medical institutes that impart the best education to the learners. Studying in the universities of Uzbekistan eases out the financial pressure from your shoulders. It drives out the massive charges of donation and hidden fees that turn out to be a hurdle for students. The accommodation and food costs in Uzbekistan are also affordable, making the country the supreme choice for MBBS aspirants. Moreover, most universities in Uzbekistan present exclusive scholarship and loan options for the needy and talented students.

Renowned Universities

The USA is one of the best countries to get any type of education. They have the world’s best colleges like MIT and Berkley. There are some great medical colleges as well and they are known around the world. The universities have everything that a student can ask for and the quality and the results that they provide make them known around the world. The USA is already known for so many things and their medical colleges just add up to the list of great things there. The colleges are preferred by many medical aspirants around the world.

Reasonable Fees Structure

The fee that the MBBS colleges in the USA charge are quite reasonable. They might seem a bit more according to some other countries but that seems fine when we look at the quality of education and the facilities that are provided. America is one of the most developed countries and its education system can be said as one of the best in the world. This is one of the reasons why a lot of students every year travel to this country to study. They also provide scholarships to students who have exceptional academic records. If you are one of those students who scored geat in your final and competitive

Great Lifestyle

If you are one of the people who want to improve your standards of living and life in the best way, America is the country. No matter in which state you are living, you will get something special that you can’t think of in your own country. There are many people who you will meet who will make you understand different things in life. The way people live in America can be termed as real fun. They are the people who work hard and party harder. They care about things but at the same time they understand the value of living in the moments and that is something that is really important. You can get to learn a lot of things while studying and improve your lifestyle when you complete your education. Most people who come to this country for studying stay back and take up a work visa. This is something that happens people love their lifestyle here. They can be free, without the restrictions of anyone. Only a few countries around the world have offered such a lifestyle to both locals and people who come from other countries.

World-class facilities

The facilities provided in these colleges are the best in the world. Because America is the most developed country in the world, their universities have high-tech equipment. American universities have almost everything that a medical student can ask for. They have the best professors, they have the best campus, they have great hostels and food as well. There is no shortage of anything. These universities

High-Quality Education

One specific reason why most people want to come to America for higher education is the quality that the universities provide. There are some great professors and they are providing high-quality education to all the students who study in American medical universities. There are many people who get into these universities just because they want to get the best education, they know that the curriculum followed, the style of education, everything is best. This is something that puts American medical universities above the medical universities of other countries.


The universities have every basic thing that is needed. The state of art infrastructure allows students to study in the best way. The campuses and the buildings are equipped with all things that can let the students comfortably study. They get air-conditioned and well-managed classrooms, libraries, computer labs, resource rooms and more.

International recognition

When you study at a medical university situated in America, you get international recognition. These colleges are well known over the world and that is why the students who pass out from these universities can work anywhere, They can also join any big organization and they will give them the opportunity as they are from a well-reputed medical institute.

No Language Barrier In Universities

When in the USA, you don’t need to worry about the language barrier. They all speak in English and you are expected to know that language at least. It is one language that every student who wants to move abroad should know. A person who knows English can communicate just like everyone else in that country. Though they have a different accent you still can communicate. Most people learn the accent within a few months and also the slang. The slangs are pretty much different from what people read on the internet but everyone gets hold of them within few months as well.

Excellent Hospitals for Internships

The USA has some of the greatest hospitals in the world and the students get the opportunity to do internships in them. The best of the doctors are appointed in these hospitals and the students get to work under them. They learn how to understand the problems of the patients when they are working under them. Students get to have a different experience when they are serving patients in America. The situations in America are different from other countries in the world. When you are in America you can learn about some advanced treatment methodologies. You can get to learn things that you can practice back in your countries even if the situations are not exactly the same.

Safe and Friendly Environment

America is safe for the people who come to study from other countries. Though, the image of the country in the past few years has changed a bit. Still, if you are a student, you are safe in the USA. The universities and the administration of the country both provide proper security to the students. If something happens to the students it creates big damage to the nations image and America can’t afford that. People, there are also friendly, they are supportive towards the students. They will allow them to mix up and will also teach them a thing or two about their culture. If you are moving there, just keep your heart open and accept everything that comes your way. America is a country where people want to live, and what can be better than living there while you study and learn culture with medicine. This is one opportunity that no one can refuse. You can stay safe and enjoy your stay while you study in the USA.

Eligibility Criteria To Get Into A Medical University In USA:

Students who aspire to get admission to top medical universities of the US must fit in the following criteria:

  • He/She must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks in class 12th or equivalent from any recognized state board. They also must have physics, chemistry and biology as compulsory subjects.
  • If somehow the percentage of the student is found to be less than 50%, they have to appear in an Entrance Test.
  • If the student lacks physics, chemistry or biology as their compulsory subject, it is required for them to go through a pre-medical year and then take admission in MBBS.
  • As proof of English proficiency, a good score in IELTS or TOEFL is needed.
  • The students have to sit and clear the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) exam to get to the medical colleges that are available for admission.

These are the basic eligibility criteria that a student has to clear in order to get admission into one of the medical universities in America. It is important to prepare properly for the IELTS or TOEFL to get admission to the top universities. The score of these exams makes the basis for your admission into different universities. Clearance of 12th standard and the test if the student is below 50% is just to get ahead of the bottom line. If you want to get the college that you want, you must score well in TOEFL or IELTS.

Documents That Are Required To Get Student Visa To Study In The USA:

Once you think you are well prepared, give your exam and are sure about clearing all the eligibility criteria you need to start collecting all the documents. These are required with the admission form that you will submit to the university where you will be allowed on the basis of test scores. This set of documents will not help you with just the admission process but will also get you the student visa. It is important because no one can stay in America if they don’t have a visa. Students need a student visa and for that, they have to submit some documents along with the invitation letter from the university where they are getting admission. The students get the F-class students visa to pursue MBBS in the USA. America is the superpower and hence there are different rules that a person has to follow when they are applying for a visa. Let’s have a look at the documents that are needed for the visa application:

  • A passport
  • Fee receipt of the visa application
  • VFS Letter of appointment for an interview
  • A printout of the DS 160 form that is properly filled by the student themselves with the barcode
  • Universities in the USA provide the students with an l-120 form when they take an interview, the students need to carry it along when they are in the visa process
  • Some copies of the passport size photograph

These are the documents that you should have once your interview for the college is done to get the F-class visa to study MBBS in America. America is one of the countries that have a strict policy for migration. They do proper checks on people who come to their country either for work or to study, this is because of how they have dealt with different things in their past. Still, they are really supportive towards the students and they know that these people are going to shape the future of the world.

Documents required for applying 100

Application Process for Top MBBS Universities In USA:

Medical colleges and universities in the USA have stated some specific steps that a candidate needs to undergo to get admission to MBBS. These have been mentioned below:

  • Firstly you have to fill out the form. After filling the form with genuine details, the student needs to send their application to universities for review. They can send their application to as many universities as possible to increase their response rate.
  • The second very important step is to do the research. As the acceptance rate of international students in the USA is very low, they must do a thorough reading and prepare accordingly.
  • To get admission to one of the top universities or for a matter of fact, to any medical university in the USA, the student has to clear the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). This test is conducted to understand your reasoning knowledge, science and writing skills. This is a test that is taken over a computer and lasts up to 4 to 5 hours. A student can give this test as many times as they want but the only limitation is that they are allowed only once in three years. MCAT is also a tough exam to crack but students who study dedicatedly and are consistent in their efforts stand a great chance at clearing it.
  • Once a student scores good marks in the MCAT they can start filling forms of different medical universities situated in the United States of America.
  • Students are suggested to apply from AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service to most of the colleges and universities.
  • It is important that students get a letter of recommendation that they attach with their application. Some students can also get scholarships or financial aid. The only issue is that only a few private universities in the USA accept international students for MBBS. Having known that it is great if you research properly about the type of university that you are looking for.

The admission process to get admission in the MBBS course in the USA is slightly different from other countries for international students. This is something that also defines how serious they are about the quality of students that they take in every year. They are not like other countries that take a lot of students every year, they take some but they take the best. The MCAT test already does the job of scrutinizing the best of the students from the heap of many medical aspirants.

What Is The Duration Of MBBS Course In The USA?

When you are doing MBBS from a medical college in the USA, you have to study for 4 years and then complete a full-time internship that lasts for a year. The duration of study can vary with the university you are in and can be anywhere between 4-5 years. This is the minimum time that a student has to give to earn their MBBS degree. If some students get involved in other activities and have got some breaks in their course, they might take more but no student can get across this course in less than 5.5 years.

Syllabus Of The MBBS Course In The USA:

Most universities in the USA follow the curriculum approved by the USMLE. You need to know that any college that follows the syllabus proposed by USMLE is better than the ones that don’t. The reason behind this is that this organization makes sure that the students study what is really important. It has a proper balance of advanced medicine and traditional medical studies. There are some universities that follow something else but the top one, all of them follow USMLE.

  • Taking about the basic science course that is USMLE step 1 the students study subjects like Skin and related tissues, cardiovascular system, renal/urinary system, reproductive system, etc.
  • In Step 2 the students get to study a combination of clinical knowledge (CK) and clinical skills (CS). Here, the students get hands-on experience on the rotation. Here the subjects that students study are Gynaecological disorders, nutritional, digestive and abdominal disorders, congenital abnormalities and more. They also study mental disorders in this step.
  • The final step that is step 3 of USMLE is where the students have to choose a specialization. This is also known as the residency program. Here the major part of the curriculum is a clinical rotation through which the medical student gets to interact with the patients and get hands-on experience. This is the part where they actually understand the problems without a test paper in the real world. Interacting with real patients makes them understand what is the problem that people are facing these days and how they can use the things that they study to solve them.

This is the three-step curriculum that is followed in most of the medical universities in the USA and the world. USMLE is the international standard and hence the students who have studied from the universities where this curriculum is followed always make better doctors.

Benefits of studying MBBS in the USA:

There are numerous benefits of completing the degree of MBBS from the USA. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. The quality of medical education is par excellence. If a student aspires to become an expert in medical science, one should not hesitate to go to the USA for studying MBBS.
  2. MBBS colleges in the US have an amazing reputation in all parts of the world.
  3. Doctors who have completed their degree of medicine from the USA have great respect and massive demand all over the world.
  4. The medium of teaching in the United States is English only. This helps foreign candidates to understand better as most of them are familiar with the English language.
  5. Students who complete their MBBS in the US and then come back to India do not need to give any kind of extra test (NMC Screening Test). Their degree is completely valid in India.
  6. Some of the top medical universities of the United States provide scholarship facilities to international students. The scholarship plan totally depends on the merit of the student.
  7. There is an option of doing part-time jobs for MBBS students who want to make money along with studying.
  8. There are a few medical universities in the USA that also provide stipends to students since the beginning of their course.
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Top Medical Universities In USA:

No one wants to travel to another country and spend a lot of money to study in a normal college. That is why we have curated the list of the top 5 MBBS colleges in the USA. These are well known, reputed universities where a student will surely get the best of what they want. It is to be noted that to get into anyone of them, the level of effort it would take would be huge. The MCAT is not an easy test and to get into these universities a student has to score exceptionally good. Let’s have a look at some of the best MBBS universities in the USA:

Harvard Univerisity:

The name is the introduction to this great university. No matter what a student wants to study, this is Mecca for them. All students aspire to get into this university no matter if they think they will be able to get there or not. This is amongst a few of the colleges that take international students and gives great results. It is because of colleges like these that the USA refrains from taking admission in bulk and destroy the quality that they have been providing to the world. The USA has produces some of the best doctors and they are constant with this. A student has to devote 5 years of their education and then internship when they are studying MBBS from this university. The total fee that they charge from the students is 324,920 USD.

University Of California:

This is another great college that is situated in San Fransico. One of the most beautiful medical colleges in the country, the students have to devote 4 years to study followed by one year of internship. After that, they are awarded a prestigious degree. This college is also known around the world for its excellent results. They take a fee that is not as high as Havard. The total fee a student has to pay is 187,064 USD.

  1. Columbia University:

Columbia University has to be the cheapest yet a great option for international students. This Columbian medical institute takes only 73,768 USD in total from the students, which is way less than other top universities in the country. They also have a great record of providing great doctors to the world and conducting researches that have helped mankind in multiple ways. This is something that makes it the best and most affordable to the students. It has to be noted that the students have to work extra to get admission into any of the university that is listed between these top 5.

John Hopkins University:

Most of you would have heard this name, for those who haven’t, you need to know that it is one of the most popular and prestigious universities in the USA. They have multiple courses for medicine and other streams as well. John Hopkins university allows the students to complete the education part in 4 years and then move ahead with the internship and finally become a doctor. They follow the most advanced syllabus in the world and because of that their students also stand higher when compared to students of other universities in the world. The students have to pay 213,600 USD in total from the students.

Duke University:

Duke is another reputed university that is situated in Durham in North Carolina. This university has a beautiful campus and everything that medical students might need during their education. This is one of the most high-tech campuses in the states and has maintained its quality for a long time now. It might seem tough to get into this university but once a student reaches here, they may be sure that this will take them to new heights. The researches did here, the doctors who pass out, they help the world to be better. They serve mankind in the best way. Students have to pay 247,600 as of the tuition fee. They get the value for the fee that they pay to the university.


What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Studying MBBS In the USA?

The basic eligibility criteria to get admission is that the student should have passed the 12th standard with 50% aggregate marks and should have PCB as their main subject. Also, if they have not cleared this they can give an exam to be eligible. After that, they need to clear their TOEFL, IELTS, and MCAT. Only after that, a student can get admission to one of the medical colleges in the USA.

Can I Practice Medicine Anywhere Else In The World After Completing MBBS In USA?

Yes, a person who has completed their MBBS from the USA can practice anywhere else in the world. They are respected and treated very well because of the reputation of American universities. Everyone knows how great they are and how much they focus on the quality of education that they provide to their students. A doctor who has returned from the USA is valued by the organization they work for. Even if they start something of their own, the trust that comes with the name of the university is great.

What Are The Accommodation Facilities That Are Available In the USA?

Students can choose from two major options. They can either stay in the hostels or dormitories provided by the university where they are studying or stay outside the campus. Both have their own pros and cons. When the students stay inside the campus hotel they have to pay once and then they get everything that is mentioned. If they choose to stay outside they have to spend every month and that might sometimes go out of their budget. It is better that the students choose to stay inside the hostels initially.

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