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Finland is situated in the remote part of the North of Europe and is between its neighbours’ countries Sweden and Russia. The main language of Finland is Finnish, Swedish is also an official language there that is because of a Swedish minority which is a result of being 600 years as part of the Swedish Empire. Helsinki that is the capital of the country is till now the largest city in Finland. Some of the other big towns comprise cities like Espoo, Tampere and Turku. The country is also ranked as one of the top 5 countries in the world and is provided with the highest standards of living and also equality. The Finnish welfare state is also admirable because of its upkeep of all its resident’s we’ll health and being.

When the topic comes to the top and good quality education, Finland is one of the very first countries that comes to anyone’s mind. Finland is a Nordic country with a population of around 5.54 million in the year 2020, the country has accomplished not only kept up with progress in educational aspects, but also it has excelled at forming a global standard.

Finland is a member of the European Union and has in it a total of 35 higher education organizations, this country is a very good option for any student from anywhere around the globe. Finland has an egalitarian civilization where knowledge and lifelong learning are highly prized, the country there offers a very enormous social setting to facilitate one’s knowledge and personal growth.

For an international student i.e a student from abroad, being in Finland is improved by the comfort that is offered by their high-level infrastructure and the modern technologies, the security and feeling of safety living in one of the protected and secured countries in the world, including the satisfaction that is offered by the nature with the four various seasons which all have their unique flavours.

Finland is known as one of the most environmentally-conscious countries present on the planet, and as an outcome, nearly everyone is contributing in ways to be eco-friendly. Nature is a crucial part of their Finnish way of life for a very modest reason i.e it can be found everywhere around us.

In the country Finland, fussing city life can be seen meeting the quiet nature events within just a walking distance. The towns and cities include activities for all the different seasons, and also provide tons of opportunities for scrutiny or relaxation.

The higher education organizations are very much formed internationally-minded and there are more than 400 English language speaking degree programmes that are available across the nation. There are largely state-funded institutions that offer high-quality education and schooling and are available for all. The campuses balance the natural settings with the modern high technical facilities for all the students to relish.

Therefore being a student in a country like Finland has many benefits. From the very high technical laboratories to the very well-stocked libraries, university and college campuses are furnished with all the facilities that any knowledge thirsty student would need. A perfect degree from one of the world-class quality Finnish higher education organizations will be anyone’s natural first step to paving their way to a tremendous career in their chosen field, whether be it academia or more practical sectors.


Finland is very well known for its brutal winters and very quick summers. And because of its nearness to the polar circle, it seldom actually gets dark in the season of summer, and on the other hand, the sky does not certainly light up during the time of winter. Like other Nordic countries, Finland generally enjoys the summertime solstice when the hours of the sun reach their final maximum in the middle of June.

Statistics on the Higher Education in the country of Finland

After the alignment of the European educational systems as a part of the Bologna reform, many universities or colleges of Finland and universities of applied sciences have boosted the number of English medium language Bachelor and Master programs and courses. Finland is known to have around 40 organizations of higher education, which are generally categorized into either universities or colleges (classical research and education institutions) or polytechnics which are also known as the universities or colleges of applied sciences (which are with a more practice-oriented approach to education). There are barely over 300,000 students at polytechnics and universities or colleges in the country Finland, about 20,000 of which are students from abroad i.e the International students.

For students who come from the EU or EEA, most academic degree programs and courses are free of charge or any fees. Tuition fees may apply for candidates from other countries and nations, and they also differ from school to school.

How to apply for a Bachelor course or Master program in the country Finland

First of all one must decide, for which programs or courses and at which universities or colleges they want to apply for and to. One will find the requirements for the entry either in the course descriptions here on our website on the university or college websites. The Finnish polytechnics or the University of applied science will then handle all applications for the Bachelor’s programs and all the many applications for the Master programs through their central application system. For the degree programs that are not handled via the particular website, one will need to apply directly to the university of applied science or the university according to their admissions process.

Visa needs, requirements, and students residence for the students:-

Students who come from the EU or the EEA can easily study in the country Finland without any kind of further visa needs or requirements. But the students from other countries except the EU and EEA may need to obtain a specific kind of study visa. One must need to check with the Finnish authorities to know how to meet the form and legal needs and requirements. After one receives their official letter of acceptance from the particular University or college, he or she can begin their student residence permit application online at the official website. One needs to remember that one must personally call upon a Finnish embassy or consulate as part of this whole process. Then one must start their residence permit procedure as soon as it is possible while carefully obeying the immigration authorities’  instructions, rules and regulations so that one can receive their permit at the perfect time even before their studies have begun.

The job market for graduate students

Finland is a very welcoming and hospitable country for foreigners. Still, one of the big challenges for the international graduates is the Finnish language i.e the native language of the country Finland. It is also assessed to be one of the world’s most difficult languages. Even though nearly everyone in the country Finland has adequate knowledge of the English language, it is important to know at least a little bit of the Finnish language for their workplace. But the Finnish authorities are doing their best to lure and keep the talent in their own country Finland.

Work after graduation in the country Finland

Do you want to work in the country Finland itself after graduation? If one is from the country India, then one will be in a must need of a work permit to get a full-time, permanent job in the country Finland after finishing their studies.

So, first things first. In the country Finland, one can easily select a work permit like the Extended Permit to Look for Work or even to start a business of their own or can choose the Residence Permit on the purpose of the Employment to stay in that same country after the studies and also work a permanent and full-time. If anyone wants to work in the country Finland after finishing their studies, this permit will easily allow them to work there for a maximum of 1 year and one cannot even renew it. And residence Permit on the basis of Employment i.e if anyone wants to work in the country Finland after finishing their studies, this permit will allow them to work there until the job ends or at least 4 years maximum.


Finland is situated at the very northern edge of the continent of Europe. Helsinki Vantaa which is the capital of the country Finland is one of the most significant airport hubs in the Nordic region with a lot of international flights. Via the Finnair, there are very and especially useful connections to the East of Asia and the country of China in particular. The smaller airports in the rest of the country of Finland are sometimes serviced by some of the low-cost carriers such as Ryanair but are otherwise connected via the capital of the country Helsinki. Public transport is very well organized in the country Finland, and students also receive a very special discount that makes commuting affordable. It is also not very important to have one’s own car while living in some of the big Finnish cities.

Why Study in Finland?

Finland is a very heartwarming, welcoming human-scaled, hospitable d a very cosy country with cities and towns that are also designed for people and not just cars. They also have rush hours but it’s a rarity.

The higher education organizations are tiny enough to regulate effectively and functionally. Those institutions are all internationally orientated and trained with special regional features, and there, one can also decide between very distinct study environments that start ranging from the larger urban campuses to the campuses close to nature.

The higher education institutions are highly independent but are greatly funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Thus accordingly, the Ministry also closely governs the quality of teaching and education there. These efficiently managed institutions:

  • It reacts to the wants and desires of society, business and even the industry in their curricula and teaching.
  • It gives a wide range of high-quality courses and programmes in the language of English for the exchange and the degree students at each and every level of education.
  • It provides their students with the transferable abilities and mastery on which one can easily build their future in the academic fields and even in the job market.

Belief, faith and candour are some very crucial concepts in the country Finland, and getting networked at a very early stage is the Finnish way. Here, one can easily start getting connected with fellow international, students from abroad and the Finnish students, organisations, institutions and the working society already whilst studying for the first courses. And often these networks and friendships last for the rest of one’s life.

Over around 400 Study Programmes that are available in the medium of English language

Finnish institutions are known to provide several English language speaking degree programmes and courses. Ranging from very short programmes and courses as a part of an exchange programme or even full degrees, one can easily find a lot of study opportunities across all the fields of education.

The quality of their research and education

The national policy of the country Finland emphasizes greatness on each and every level of their schooling and education, and the Finnish institutions and organisations place a great value on the quality of research and its creation and intentions.  Most of the students in Finland seem to contemplate higher education degrees and programs as a crucial step for ascertaining a solid foundation for their careers in future. And because of their fundamental education and the national entrance exams, the Finnish students are now greatly inspired to study. Unlike in most of the countries here, the students are also known to have a real influence on the quality of the education. There is a law in place that allows them exceptional impact in developing their Organizations, institutions and they also study together with their teachers.

Wonderful facilities for work and fun

Getting one’s education done at one of the higher education institutions in the country Finland comes with many benefits. Here are some of them mentioned: The Well stocked and equipped libraries always offer comfortable rooms and areas for efficient hours to study. In the country Finland, all the students studying there would have the right to use the institution’s big and well-stocked libraries without any hassle and just with a library card. As well as well equipped libraries, all the higher education organizations are known to give their students total free access to their wifi and internet. Also, municipal library assistance is totally open to each and everyone, and the primary services are generally free of any kind of charge. The Cafés and the common areas are the known busy social hubs where all the friends and amigos meet each other during their study breaks. Numerous student clubs and organisations also offer different kinds of activities, trips and outings for a lot of various areas of interest. Sports facilities are broadly accessible to everyone and also used by all the international and as well as local students alike.

Well-organised country

A strong infrastructure enables all of the public and as well as private assistance to function very smoothly and without any hassle. All the registered people who are living in the country Finland can easily depend on any of these services such as the transportation, police and rescue services, public and student healthcare system. Employment with any of these services is constantly accessible to each and everyone and even the opinions and viewpoints of the residents of the country are actually valued there. The banking services of the country Finland are among some of the best banking services in the world i.e it is provided with advanced, innovative and easy to use systems.

Living in Finland

Let us just take a near look at the life of a student who is studying in the country Finland, their tuition and tuition fees, and the living expenses in the country Finland:

Student unions: what are they?

In the country of Finland, every higher education organization contains a student union that usually looks after every student’s interests. When one student gets their Finnish student card, he or she automatically becomes a member of their local student union.

The University or college student unions are known to have a national umbrella organisation i.e the National Union of University Students in Finland also shortly known as SYL. Similarly, polytechnic i.e University of applied science students unions goes to the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences which is shortly known as SAMOK. Student union membership authorizes one to a combination of student discounts and also, the student unions perform a lot of various activities one can take part in.

Student’s clubs and associations

On top of all the student unions and organisations, which regulate on a national and institutional level, the student’s faculty or department possibly has its own student club. In expansion to that, there are usually various other separate clubs and student federations that centre around many sports, hobbies, or even many other interests. One will find any information or data about any of these on their institutions’ notice boards that are usually provided by the student services or can also get kit from their fellow students or friends.

Tuition fees in the country Finland

Tuition fees at the Finish universities and colleges differ on various factors like the type of institution or organisation the students is studying in, that particular student’s nationality, the level of education he or she is pursuing i.e either undergraduate or postgraduate, and so on. Public universities and colleges are known to have the following tuition fee structure:

  •  EUR per year for the students from EU or EEA and also for the Swiss students.
  • 5,000 to 18,000 EUR per year for non-EU or EEA students.
  • And 0 EUR per year for the Ph.D. programs for all the international students and students from abroad.

Private universities and colleges usually have increased tuition fees and also might not distinguish between EU or EEA and non-EU or EEA students.

The living of a student in the country Finland

The people of the country Finland are very friendly and welcoming people who can make for a reliable and trustworthy friendship. By living and studying in Finland, one will get to experience the very easy-going lifestyle that comes along with the high standards of living of the people living in Finland.

Cost of Living in Finland

The regular monthly living expenditures for a student living in the country Finland are approximately from 700 to 900 EUR. This may differ a bit, depending on their study location in the country Finland i.e for example, housing and other living costs can be higher in the Helsinki metropolitan area as it is the capital and even some other cities.

Housing- Student housing in the country Finland, for both the exchange and the degree students, is commonly formed by the solidified student housing foundations. Numerous towns and municipalities are also known to have dormitories that are maintained by the municipal community or even by the educational institution.

Regulations & Advice

The essential things- Once the student has received a study placement in the country Finland, whether for the exchange studies or to complete a degree program or for even a research period of time, there are various practical things that one need to start adapting beforehand i.e before of one’s arrival. The first and foremost step is to please make sure that one has a practical plan that concerns the financing of the study period in the country Finland. This is a very important thing to remember not only because of the financial needs in connection with the student residence permit but alsl for their own financial security. The non-EU or EEA citizens should also have a practical plan on how they will cover their annual tuition fees. Also, one must keep in mind that he or she will need to cover his or her everyday living expenses alone and independently.

one must remember to stock enough of their time to attain all the necessary formalities such as obtaining a passport, getting their residence permit and insurance.

After one arrives in the country Finland, one can ask for assistance in all the practical issues from their hosting Finnish institution and organisations or even the student union. If anyone has any questions or have any kind of doubt about some of the practical matter that is concerning their life in the country Finland as a student, then they are requested to not hesitate to ask for any kind of help from the International Office of their hosting Finnish university and college, their student union, or even from their fellow students and friends.

After one’s graduation, one can apply for an extension of his or her residence permit to look for work or start a business there in Finland itself.

Verify your English language skills and abilities

Because one will study for an international degree in the language of English, one will have to present a language certificate of them. Some prominent options for international students are the IELTS, TOEFL or C1 Advanced language certificates. One will have to join and meet a least of language score set by the university or the college, and his or her test scores shouldn’t be older than 1-2 years ago. If he or she doesn’t meet the lowest language requirements, he or she will have to improve his or her skills and scores by taking an English preparation and practice course.

Application deadlines for the county Finland

The deadlines for applying for a Master’s degree in the country Finland are usually during the summertime i.e June to July, or in the wintertime i.e January to February. One must keep in mind that some of the universities and colleges don’t have any application deadlines, which means one can apply whenever one is fully prepared and ready.

To avoid delays, uncertainties, or missed deadlines, one can send their required and needed documents with plenty of time in advance in their hands.

What are subjects that one can study in the country Finland?

  • Computer Science & IT: 91 Masters
  • Applied Sciences & Professions: 13 Masters
  • Arts, Design & Architecture: 54 Masters
  • Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences: 41 Masters
  • Agriculture & Forestry: 9 Masters
  • Business & Management: 101 Masters
  • Education & Training: 17 Masters
  • Engineering & Technology: 123 Masters
  • Journalism & Media: 14 Masters
  • Hospitality, Leisure & Sports: 7 Masters
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics: 61 Masters
  • Humanities: 16 Masters
  • Law: 6 Masters
  • Social Sciences: 56 Masters
  • Medicine & Health: 37 Masters

Universities and colleges that are available in the country Finland:-

Aalto University

  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Students: 18,900
  • Founded: 2010

Aalto University is a multidisciplinary society where science and art are known to meet the streams of technology and business. The university is assigned to identify and solve some of the grand societal challenges and also build a creative future. Aalto University has a total of six schools with around 20,000 students and around approximately 4,500 employees, also over 400 of whom are only professors. There is a very wide variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees that are awarded to the Aalto University, and they are also known to offer the doctoral programmes in all the fields of the study.

Rankings- Aalto University belongs to one of the top 150 universities and colleges in the world and also the top 100 universities in the whole of Europe.

Arcada University of Applied Sciences

  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Students: 2,700 i.e 10 international
  • Founded: 1996
  • Listed study programs: 5
  • Academic staff: 130

Arcada University of Applied Sciences is a polytechnic university. It is an international university of applied sciences with more than 2700 students and around 190 staff members. A very good of 10 per cent of their students are of foreign origin i.e from abroad, and they are known to represent more than 40 nationalities.

The university is known to offer a practical and creative system of higher education that gives the skills that are crucial to working life. As a student at Arcada one will attain the theoretical wisdom that can easily be applied in their working life, and also practical training that is known to comprise a significant part of the degree programme. With the frequent changing of the labour market in the mind, the University encourages its students to cross the subject barriers and adopt a multi-disciplinary technique for their studies. The University also support an ongoing improvement of knowledge and wisdom through research and also growth and want to give both the students and the staff the required opportunity to be involved in creative and thrilling projects.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

  • Location:         Helsinki, Finland
  • Students:         10,500
  • Founded:         2007
  • Listed study programmes:      13

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences is a polytechnical university. Through their education, research and growth, Haaga-Helia educate the professionals for the business and services. The University is known to offer their students a versatile option of studies, high-quality education in the Finnish and English language, very great opportunities for their specialisation in their particular field and also provide wide business networks even during their studies.

The university has approximately 10,500 students and almost around 700 employees base in their activities on highly advanced national and international expertise.

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

  • Location: Helsinki (Finland)
  • Students: 16,500 (5% international)
  • Founded:  2007
  • Listed study programs: 19
  • Academic staff: 1,200

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is a polytechnical university. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is  Finland’s one of the largest universities of applied sciences that educates the professionals of the future in the fields of health care, culture, business, social services, and also technology. In this community, people and the nation meets to create insight, expertise and well-being for both the world of work and life in general. One can count on Metropolia university as a loyal partner and a developer in the course of higher education. Through cooperation, the University discover new ideas and solutions to create a better future.

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences

  • Location: Lappeenranta (Finland)
  • Students: 3,000 (7% international)
  • Founded: 1969
  • Listed study programs: 4

The Saimaa University of the Applied Sciences is an institute of higher education in the Southeastern part of the country Finland in the cities of Lappeenranta and Imatra. The University is known to offer degrees in five different fields and 20 different degree programs and courses.

The university conducts its programs and courses entirely in the medium of English language of the Degree Programme in International Business, the Degree Programme in the course of Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology, and the Degree Programme in Restaurant, Hotel and also the course of Tourism Management.

The university has about approximately 3000 students, of which 200 of them are international degree students. The number of teachers, professors, and other personnel is around 260. The University also has two campuses, one is located in Lappeenranta and the other one is in Imatra. The campus of Lappeenranta is located right next to the Lappeenranta University of Technology.


How can I apply?

Online, at local authorities. One needs to create a case order ID, one can easily do it by applying online or can also apply for it at the Finnish Immigration Service. One just needs to pay the fee, submit his or her required and needed documents and fill in the application form. One can also easily do all this directly at the Finnish Immigration Office.

How long does it take to get the permit?

It usually takes 60 to 120 days.

After one has applied for the work permit, one will have to wait for around 60 to 120 days for a decision to come out. If he or she is already working when he or she had a valid residence permit for his or her studies and has applied for an extended permit before his or her previous residence permit expired, he or she can continue working or can even start working in a new job while he it she waits for a decision to come out.

The application requirements-

  • One can easily apply for the work permit if he or she has the following
  • Has studied and has completed a degree in the country Finland
  • Has a signed employment contract or a necessary job offer.

How can I apply?

At the local authorities. One will just need to fill in an application on paper with the Finnish Immigration Service.

How long does it take to get the permit?

30 to 120 days. After one has applied for his or her work permit, he it she will have to wait for around 30 to 120 days for a decision to come out. One must always check with Finnish Immigration about the exact time.

The application requirements and needs

  • One can apply for the work permit if one has:
  • A graduation degree from a university in the country Finland
  • A valid residence permit for the studies or scientific research.

When can I start applying?

One can start applying for a work permit even before his or her residence permit expires, as soon as he or she finds employment.

The duration of the work permit is 4 years.

One’s work permit will only be valid until the job ends or for 4 years maximum.

Work permit fees are 410 to 560 EUR.

One will have to pay starting from 410 to 560 EUR for his or her work permit. Tips- Electronic applications are way cheaper than taper-based ones.

Max. hours of work per week is 40 hours per week. One will be allowed to work 40 hours per week.

The minimum wage for a person per month is 1,189 EUR per month.

One is also guaranteed a minimum salary of 1,189 EUR per month while one is working in the country Finland.

When can I start applying?

One can easily start to apply for a work permit before their study permit expires.

The duration of the work permit is 1 year.

One’s work permit will be valid for a maximum of 1 year and one also cannot renew it.

The work permit fee is 260 EUR.

One will also have to pay 260 EUR for his or her work permit.

The max. hours of work per week have no limit.

One can work as many hours as he or she likes with this work permit.

The required and needed documents list are given below:-

  • One will need a few documents to apply for his or her work permit and they are-
  • Valid passport
  • Colour copies of passport
  • Passport photo
  • Proof that he or she has at least 560 EUR per month with him or her to cover his or her living costs.
  • One’s degree or qualification certificate.
  • A document that shows that he or she is legally staying in the country
  • An employment contract or a necessary job offer.
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