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What is MCI Test? Why is it important for MBBS Abroad?

What is MCI Test? Why is it important for MBBS Abroad?

What is MCI Test? Why is it important for MBBS Abroad?

MCI Test or MCI Screening Test is also known as FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination). This is an examination that is conducted for students who have studied MBBS or anything related to medical science outside India. The examination is conducted by the National Board of Examination and is done to certify that the doctors who have studied outside India are eligible to practice in the country without any objection. This exam tests their medical knowledge and assesses if they are aware of the situations in India. The medical infrastructure of every country is not the same and hence the doctors from outside India need to prove that their basic knowledge is strong and they also understand the situations that they will be dealing with. On this basis, they are provided permission that they can practice in any hospital or open a hospital or clinic themselves.

MCI Test Is Important For Students Who Have Gone Abroad For MBBS:

The FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination), that is also known as the MCI screening test is important for all the students who have come from abroad with an MBBS degree. There are many students who don’t know about it for a few years and then all of a sudden when they realise this, they are left-back. It is not because they are not told about it at the time of admission, it is because they don’t pay attention to it. We are writing this article for this specific purpose that people pay attention to this very important examination that will decide if you will just be called a doctor or also practice as one in India. Indian healthcare system allows doctors from around the world to practice but on one condition. They have to pass this examination. The Nation Board of Examination prepares the structure and the syllabus of the examination in a way that it helps them to understand exactly how much the student who has just graduated know about the basics and how aware they are about the healthcare conditions of the country. There are some differences in the healthcare structures, that is why it is important that before a doctor starts practising in that country they understand the things, diseases and the types of treatment that are common. MCI holds all the power in India to check if a doctor is eligible to practice or if they need to prove something more.

Why is this exam important?

This examination holds important because:

It is mandatory for every MBBS graduate who has studied outside India.
It keeps a check on the common sense, application of concepts, ability to check and manage time.
A student has to undergo one full year of internship but that can happen only after they have cleared this MCI examination.
There is no limit to the number of times one can appear for this exam. Therefore if a student cannot clear the exam on the first attempt they have endless attempts until they clear or give up on the examination.
The eligibility criteria for the test is that the candidate should have scored at least 50% in their previous degree.
If we look at the statistics it would get clear that the examination is not easy. Only 19% of students have been able to clear the exam on yearly basis.


The MCI screening examination is important for the students who have completed their MBBS from Aboard or are planning for the same. It is not easy, the examination is one of the toughest examinations to clear but the results open up all the gates of becoming a medical professional in India.

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