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MBBS in Hungary

As one of the oldest places in European countries, Hungary is adored and respected for its numerous heritage sites and places and Lake Heviz and it also has the second-largest thermal lake in the world. ‘Stipendium Hungaricum’ which kind of sounds like a spell from the ‘Harry Potter’ series is actually one of the Hungarian Scholarship provided to the international and foreign students looking at all the opportunities to study in a place like Hungary. The Hungarian universities have made huge advancements and developments in the field of medicine and it is even the home country of the renowned and new Hungarian biochemist and it is also the inventor of Albert Szent-Györgyi, vitamin C and various other notable and Nobel laureates. Provided with the very good quality education and its standards, Hungary is very well known for its low cost of living, accommodation and very reasonable educational fees. Therefore, if you are thinking about applying for the MBBS course in Hungary then look no further because Hungary is that one destination for you. Given below here are all the key and important details about what and how doing the MBBS course in Hungary will be like and why you or anyone should choose only Hungary for studying for medicine.

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About doing the MBBS course in Hungary

In the country Hungary, an MBBS is a 6 year of bachelors degree in medicine and is more than often referred to as M.D in short form, a degree which is the undergraduate program in the field of Medicine. Expanding for over more than 12 semesters, this course only focuses on laying and providing the foundation or base for the fundamental knowledge of medical science, which is followed by the theoretical study, learning and training in the university’s clinical departments and as well as teaching the hospitals. But moreover, a very diverse and vast research prospects that are available and accessible to the students who can work in laboratories under the careful and complete guidance of the faculty of the university.

Why go and Pursue the course of MBBS in a country like Hungary?

Well, already being a culturally vast and diverse European country, Hungary is very rapidly coming out as an educational hotspot for those who are really striving for the higher studies. Below given are some of the important reasons as to why going and pursuing the course of MBBS in a country like Hungary is a very great idea:

Economically Affordable Tuition Fees

Hungary is considered among those European countries where the tuition fees are very low and very affordable. Even with all the top Hungarian medical colleges and universities, the tuition fee ranges only from 10,00,000 INR to 12,00,000 INR and also it depends on the college or the university.

Pursuing the MBBS course in a country like Hungary has the Fees structure as follows

As it is compared to the rest of the European medical colleges and universities for doing the MBBS course in a country like Hungary is much more cost-free, affordable and economically easy at many factors. And besides learning, daily expenditure and the living cost or the cost of accommodation is also budget-friendly with which any student from an average family can easily grab the opportunity of pursuing his or her medical studies in Hungary.

The tuition fees may seem to vary from colleges or universities to other colleges and universities which depends upon the provided courses and all the facilities provided by the institution and for the accurate fees amount you can visit the official website of the chosen university anytime or otherwise right down there we have provided a clean and fair picture about the numerous undergraduate (UG) programs and their fees structures. Whereas in some of the institutions you can have to pay fees even before your enrollment.

Doing the course of Medicine and Dental programs can range around from rupees 3000 to rupees 4000 per semester.

For additional information, courses like Business administration programs can range near about rupees 1200 per semester and the course of Engineering program can range from rupees 1500 to rupees 2500 or more per semester.

The very easy and simple admission process and Education Visa Procurement

The admission procedure of the MBBS course in the country Hungary is very simple and straightforward so it turns out to be ultimately a very hassle-free and less time-consuming procedure. Hungarian colleges and universities follow the standard of the Bologna Process which means that for any kind of Masters course you must have to hold your bachelor’s degree. Admission of the international and foreign students depends on the merit and academic performance of the candidate.

While one aspirant is applying to the medical colleges or universities to study the MBBS course in the country of Hungary, there are certain basic rules and requirements that needed to be fulfilled by them and they are listed below:

  • One needs to pass an entrance exam like NEET which includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in a variety of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Medical English.
  • One needs to get through an interview that will eventually be conducted by the preferred college or university.
  • When it comes to the education visas, one will need a D-5 student visa that can be easily applied for at a Hungarian embassy which usually takes around 60 working days for the process to be complete. And then one gets their own Hungarian visa which will allow them to travel there for the further studies.

The courses are taught in the English language

There is another very good reason for one to go and study their MBBS course in the country Hungary and that is that one will be knowing and learning about all the general medicine in the medium of English language.

The low accommodation costs that are provided

The accommodation costs, the living cost or the cost of the hostels are quite cheap and affordable in the country Hungary as compared to all the other European countries providing the same kind of course. The cost here in Hungary is low as amounting to rupees 40,000 to rupees 50,000 INR per month or for a single month as either way preferred by the student. This is the amount that costs the accommodation in the popular cities like Budapest or even in any kind of those smaller Hungarian cities. This low cost of living in Hungary is an appealing feature for many of the students that would like to go there.

The recognized Degree by the European Union

Hungary already being a European country, and the medical degrees of Hungarian colleges and Universities are affiliated by the  EU i.e European Union and are very preferably regarded as a higher authority by the World Health Organization i.e WHO. But moreover, a recognized medical degree by the EU itself will help the students to be placed anywhere in the whole of Europe for any kind of higher studies after completing the Undergraduate MBBS course or can help even to practice medicine.

Eligibility criteria to pursue the course of MBBS in a country like Hungary

To take admission in the Faculty of the General Medicine at any University in the country of Hungary, one has to fulfil the essential eligibility criteria and then only you will be eligible to apply for the undergraduate program in Hungary. Therefore, some of the most important eligibility criteria for applying for an undergraduate program in medicine are given below

  • To get admission to medical colleges or universities in Hungary the applicant should must be of a minimum age of 17 years or more.
  • To get admission to medical colleges or universities in Hungary the applicant must need to have passed their 12th standard with minimum marks of 50% of the total percentage of marks and also from a recognised board.
  • He or she has to pass his or her 12th standard with biology, chemistry, physics and English as their main subjects.
  • To get admission to medical college or universities in Hungary the applicant, one must need to sit for an Entrance exam that constitutes of multiple-choice questions from Chemistry, Biology medical English and English and needs to pass the exam with flying colours.
  • The colleges and universities in the country Hungary have their own entrance exams for the medicine programs that the applicant must need to qualify with good marks for their successful admission. Their entrance exam is a 2 and a half hour written exam that includes MCQ type questions in Medical English, English, Biology and Chemistry.

And then, for the oral aspect of this test of the college or university, the college or the university teacher or professor takes an interview of the applicants that is based on all the medical topics.

The Undergraduate admission requirements for any medical school in Hungary are

Aspirants are required to pass an entry examination that consists of a two and a half hour written exam with multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in the subjects biology, chemistry, English, and medical English. For the oral portion of that test, a university professor or teacher will interview the student about the medical topics.

How to Apply for the course of MBBS in a country like Hungary

The application process for the course of MBBS admissions in the country Hungary is fully and completely through online platforms and the aspirants must need to visit the official website of the preferred college or university to create their application. Here are the essential documents that are required for the medical courses in Hungary:

  • He is expected to have an updated Resume.
  • The candidate must have a cover letter
  • The English proficiency test proof of the aspirant
  • The Academic Transcripts is absolutely necessary
  • A recent and original copy of the passport size photograph of the candidate.
  • A medical health certificate of the candidate is necessary to show that the candidate is both physically and mentally fit for the admission.
  • The aspirant’s migration Certificate
  • The Eligibility Certificate proving that the aspirant is totally eligible for taking admission in that particular college or university for the particular course.
  • The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) that will eventually be given to the candidate by the intended college or university.
  • The Financial Statement of the candidate’s parents or the candidate himself is he is earning in some ways
  • The CV of the candidate and it must in the language of English
  • The Secondary School Leaving Certificate i.e the school leaving certificate given from their previous school
  • The medicine program is taught in the medium of English in Hungary.
  • The medicine course begins usually in the month of September every year so the aspirant must need to make sure to check the admission availability beforehand.

With its world-class infrastructure, digital learning innovative technologies, advanced teaching techniques, some global reorganization and its world exposure,  Hungary remains one whole popular among all the medical pursuant who really wants to opt for medicine from the best leading college or universities. Hungary should be an ideal and perfect place to fulfil one’s dream of getting a medical degree from abroad and can all the detailed knowledge of Medicine.

Studying MBBS in Hungary Course Duration

Getting an admission for the MBBS course in the best Medical college or university has never been more competitive than nowadays. This however dramatically leads the aspirants to apply in the abroad and Foreign Medical Colleges and Universities which offers the best medical education in the medium of English language. So, therefore, if becoming a doctor has always been your biggest dream then a six year MBBS course from any Hungarian Medical university would be the best for you.

Medical colleges and Universities of Hungary are filled with High European Standard education and the medical programs which are provided with all the higher quality education. This is a 6 years  (including internship) course of Bachelor of Medicine and the Bachelor of Surgery course is divided into 12 Semesters which will directly focus on laying the foundation of the Basic Fundamentals of the field of Medical Science, theoretical knowledge and practical training and learning as well is included in there. The MBBS  course in the country Hungary is offered in English medium to the international and foreign students.

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The course of Curriculum for their students

As we have earlier already mentioned that the entire six years of the course is divided into twelve Semesters, so right below we have provided you with a list of all the subjects that will be taught in all the twelve different semesters and the entire syllabus is divided into three categories namely; pre-medical, paramedical and clinical training.

In year 1 and year 2, the subjects that will be taught by the college or university are:-

  • Anatomy and histology, Anatomy, Biochemistry

In year 3 and year 4, the subjects that will be taught by the college or university are:-

  • Histology, Physiology, Microbiology, Path Physiology

In year 5 and year 6, the subjects that will be taught by the college or university are:-

  • Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, Internal Medicine

In the year 4 to year 6, the subjects that will be taught by the college or university are:-

  • Neurology, Physiology, Oncology, pediatrics

And lastly, in the year 7 to year 12, the subjects that will be taught by the college or university are:-

  • Gynecology, Surgery, Psychology, ENT, cardiology, and some other subjects.

Additionally, one year of mandatory internship is conducted by the college or the university in their selected and affiliated hospitals to get the hand-on real life experience and for gaining some practical knowledge through all the observations about how to handle any emergency situations and cases, how to diagnose and how to provide effective cure to which kind of patients and many more.

Some of the top universities in Hungary for pursuing medical courses are listed below:

Semmelweis University

This university is not represented by the “Medical Doctor” And Studying medicine in Semmelweis is like – Semmelweis University is situated in Budapest which is Hungary country’s capital. Thus university is founded in the year 1769, the Faculty of Medicine of this university is the oldest of all the medical schools in the country Hungary and is the largest faculty of the whole University. The faculty became an independent medical school in the year 1951. The Faculties of the Dentistry and Pharmacy were established in the year 1955.

Semmelweis University was also the first Hungarian University that offered an English medium international program. Today there are over 4,000 students who are studying medicine at the Semmelweis University. More than 3,000 students study in the Faculty of Medicine, more than 630 in the Faculty of Dentistry, and more than 649 students in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The University is named after the man named Ignác Semmelweis who was the person who discovered the cause for the puerperal fever.

The International program that is offered by the Semmelweis University is-

  • General Medicine which is a 6 year course of the program with a degree as MUDr. i.e “Medicinae Universae Doctor” (M.D.)- Doctor of General Medicine
  • Dentistry is a 5 year course of the program with a degree as an MDDr. i.e “Medicinae Dentalis Doctor” – Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Pharmacology is a 5 year course of the program with a degree as a PharmD. i.e Doctor of Pharmacy

The Admission requirements for Semmelweis University are-

Candidate’s complete secondary school education i.e the candidate should be with a high-school diploma and Entrance Exams qualification that includes Written & Oral exams in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry & English

Tuition fees that are required in the Semmelweis University are

  • General Medicine that is ranging from 18200 USD per year
  • Dentistry that is ranging from 18200 USD per year

Note:- Prices may be updated from time to time, so it is suggested to check on the official website of the university as well.

Szeged University

The University of Szeged is a huge studying institute in Hungary. It is located in Hungary’s 1/3-largest town, Szeged, in Csongrád county which is within the southern first-rate. Szeged is the third-largest city in the country Hungary and is situated in the southern part of the country which is very well known for its numerous paprika factories. The college is one of the countries Hungary’s most vital universities and is also some of the most distinguished better education establishments are provided here in relevant Europe. In according to the academic rating of the other worldwide universities with the aid of Shanghai Jiao Tong College (the year 2003, 2004, 2005), it became to be ranked as 203rd–300ths inside the entire list and in a tie, 80th–123rd in the clinical ranking of the European universities, and primary in the Hungarian country wise ranking process. In 2013 it came to be ranked 401-500 inside the global and ranked 124th–168th within the scientific ranking of ECU universities, and is 2nd in the national ranking process. In the year 2014, the QS international college ratings took the college of Szeged ranked as 501-550 amongst all the other universities globally. Its highest-ranked subject area was the present-day languages with a hundred and one which is 150 globally. The university’s operating budget for the year 2014 turned into us 220 million dollars.

Cathedral Rectangular is one of the biggest public spaces present in Hungary with a total region area of 12,000 m² that is kind of similar to that of Venice’s saint mark’s square. In the year 1920, all of the buildings in the vicinity had been torn down, giving way to the modern-day square, which was built to keep up with the designs of the architect BÉL.A. RERRICH. The square is built in a U-shape by the means of archwayed homes made from the dark brown bricks. The buildings are also shared by many like with the aid of Szeged college, the seat of the bishop, the university of catholic theology and a consisting of a University dormitory too. The reliefs with the redecorating the walls were made via bél. a. Ohmann. After the midday chimes, a musical clock that was the famous work of Ferenc sure who was a master watchmaker, brings models of famous university figures to existence. The 86 statues of the distinguished Szeged college figures line the partitions of the archways. The college of Szeged is found to have more than 21,000 college students, doing a total of 134 majors. The site, as the university is located in Szeged Hungary, it gives 52 complete-time diploma programs for bachelor’s, grasps and doctoral level.

This university is represented by “Medical Doctor” in Israel, Sweden, Norway, Spain and the USA. Szeged University’s legacy started in the 16th century when the Prince of Transylvania established the academic institution. The medical faculty was founded in 1775. Szeged University is now considered to be one of the top medical schools in Hungary. The medical & dental faculty here became an independent institution in the year 1951 & the pharmacology faculty became an independent institution in the year 1957. This Medical School is named after Laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi who was one of the founders of the faculty of science of this university and also a Noble Prize winner himself for isolating Vitamin C by extracting it from paprika. The English language program was founded in the year 1985 and now it is more than 1,000 students from around the whole world who are studying at the university.

This university is also represented by the Medical Doctor Academy.

The International programs that this university offers are:-

  • General Medicine, which is a 6 year course of the program with a degree as MUDr. – “Medicinae Universae Doctor” (M.D.) – Doctor of General Medicine
  • Dentistry which is a 5 year course of the program with a degree as DMD – “Medicinae Dentalis Doctor” – Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • And Pharmacology, which is 5 year course of the program with a degree as a D.Pharm -Doctor of Pharmacy

The Admission requirements of the university are:

The candidate has to complete his or her secondary school education i.e he or she must have his or her high-school diploma)

The candidate must sit for the entrance exams that consist of Written & Oral exams in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry or Physics which is to be chosen in case of the exam is taken in Szeged. An English Language Skills including essay writing is also requested to be submitted by the student.

The Tuition fees of the university

  • The Application and Examination fee is around 400 US Dollars
  • General Medicine Tuition fee of all the total 12 semesters are-
  • 1st semester: 9020 US Dollars,
  • 2nd semester: 7800 US Dollars,
  • 3rd – 11th semester: 8300 US Dollars and
  • 12th semester: on pro rata basis

The Dental Medicine Tuition fee for the total of 10 semesters are-

  • 1st semester: starting from 8900 US dollars 2nd semester: 8100 US Dollars
  • 3rd semester: starting from 8800 US Dollars
  • 4th semester: 8200 US Dollars
  • 5th semester: starting from 8800 US Dollars
  • 6th semester: 8200 US Dollars
  • 7th semester: starting from 8700 US Dollars
  • 8th semester: 8300 US Dollars
  • 9th semester: 8700 US Dollars
  • 10th semester: 8300 US Dollars

Note: Prices may differ from time to time, so it is very much requested to check on the official university website as well.

The Pharmacy Tuition fee of the total 10 semesters

  • 1st semester: 6270 EUR,
  • 2nd semester: 4150 EUR
  • 3rd-6th semester: 5000 EUR
  • 7th-8th semester: 5150 EUR
  • 9th-10th semester: 4850 EUR

Pécs University

This university is not represented by a “Medical Doctor”.

Pècs university was established in the year 1367 by the great King Louie. Pécs University is the oldest university in the country of Hungary. Now, the university is one of the largest institutions in Hungary, with a huge variety of research and teaching activities and technology, also recognized in and outside of the country Hungary.

The medical faculty in that is available in Pécs University was founded a 100 years ago, and trains a lot of students in the fields of general medicine, dentistry and pharmacology.

The international English language program that is done was started in the year 1985, and now more than 250 students attend the program each year making it a huge success and one of the most popular medical schools in Hungary.

The city of Pécs which is situated in the south of Hungary is the fifth largest city in the country. Pécs is a multicultural city as Hungarians, Croatians and Swabians live together in harmony and contribute to the traditional, economical and cultural life.

In the year 2010, the city of Péc was selected as the European Capital of Culture, sharing the title with cities like Essen and Istanbul. After receiving the title, a major process of renovation and development began in the city, which helped itself in having all those beautiful public areas and cultural and recreational centres.

International programs that are offered by the Pécs University are-

  • General Medicine, which is a 6 year course of the program with a degree as MUDr. – “Medicinae Universae Doctor” (M.D.) – Doctor of General Medicine
  • Dentistry, which is a 5 year course of the program with a degree as MDDr. – “Medicinae Dentalis Doctor” – Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Pharmacology, which is a 5 year course of the program with a degree as a PharmD. -Doctor of Pharmacy

Admission requirements for the Pécs University are-

  • The candidate should have complete secondary school education i.e he or she must have a high-school diploma
  • The candidate has to do through the Entrance Exams which will consist of Written & Oral exams in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physiology & Physics.

Debrecen University

The University of Debrecen is a college which is located in Debrecen, Hungary. It has the reputation of the oldest and constantly working institution of higher education in the country Hungary and was established in the year 1538. The university has a properly set up software for the language of English for the international and foreign students, especially within the field of clinical studies, which was first set up for the training in English in the year 1986. There are around 4000 worldwide students currently reading at this university. It was until the year 2014 technical academy awards (Oscars) were presented to 5 of the former students of this university. This medical school has 22 departments of fundamental sciences and 25 scientific departments that focus on other various fields like Surgical operation, Clinical chemistry, Internal medicine, Psychiatry, Orthopaedics, ophthalmology, Radiology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cardiology and Pulmonology, to-rhino-laryngology, stomatology, dermatology and urology. The medical school provides its service because the city health centre for Debrecen consequently hire students of upper phrases which may additionally Gain their clinical schooling right here. Schooling at Debrecen medical college is recognised by many authorities like the sector health employer, the scientific board of California, the overall remedy council (United Kingdom), the nation training department (the big apple, USA), scientific councils of Israel, Iran, Ireland and Norway. In most of the European countries and additionally, in the country India the degree of the University of Debrecen, the medical school is considered a standard for the registration functions, but a qualifying examination is found to be necessary.

Debrecen is the second-largest city in the country Hungary after Budapest. It is the local centre of the northern exceptional plain locations and the seat of the country hajdú-Bihar. It became the biggest Hungarian metropolis within the 18th century and it is known as one of the most important cultural centres of the country by the Hungarians. Soon after Debrecen became the capital town of Hungary additionally during the revolution in the year 1848-1849 and through the give up of the Sector War II in the year 1944-1945.

Studying the MBBS course in the country Hungary has its Advantages like

  • There is no need to pay a donation or capitation fee for getting admission to the college or university. It is all fair play with the aspirant’s qualifications.
  • The budget-friendly tuition fee structure for the MBBS course in Hungary for Indian students is very attractive.
  • The students will get the World-class education facilities at Hungarian medical colleges and universities.
  • There is no need for any extra the entrance exam to take admission except the one taken by the university.
  • Affordable and low cost of living in the country Hungary.


How lengthy does it take to get a Hungarian student visa?

It takes almost around 6 months or more to get a Hungarian student visa.

Is the college or university education unfastened in Hungary?

The maximum number of Hungarian colleges and universities are public establishments not private, and the college or university students traditionally observe without price. Therefore, the overall requirement for the university and what it asks for is the Matura. Medical health insurance for college or university students is loose until they quit their research.

How an awful lot does MBBS value in Hungary?

MBBS in Hungary costs about 70 to 80 lakhs in total in tuition charges. Scholarships also are available.

How many intakes does Hungary have?

There are distinctive intakes in Hungary for International Students. Fall and Spring Intake.

Can I study remedy in English in Hungary?

Hungary welcomes international students with four universities that provide medical, pharmacology, and dentistry packages taught in English: Semmelweis University, Debrecen University, Szeged University, and Pécs University.

What is MBBS in Hungary known as?

In Hungary, an MBBS is a 6-12 months bachelor’s degree in medicine and is regularly referred to as M.D. The degree that’s an undergraduate application in Medicine.

Which consumption is pleasant for Hungary?

There are typically principal intakes for having a look at programs whose language of training is Hungarian: 15 February: for studies starting inside the fall semester. 15 November: for research starting inside the spring semester.

When should I follow to Hungary university?

As preferred, there are two utility durations or rounds: For the autumn intake: practice earlier than June. For the spring intake: follow before November.

How much hole is regular for observation in Hungary?

How lots gap is common for examinations in Hungary? Hungary accepts five-6 years of a hole in studies for college students. All the scholars have to entire as a minimum of twelve years of having look at (a Higher Secondary Certificate). Students can follow for undergraduate, post-graduate as well as Ph.D. applications at the universities of Hungary.

Is studying medicine in Hungary worth it?

Hungarian universities provide a lot of those packages in the English language. Thus, college students do not need prior information about the nearby languages to pursue a scientific degree in Hungary. Hungary is one of the high-quality alternatives for reading remedies in Europe at a low-priced fee.

What is the number 1 university in Hungary?

Hungary’s highest-ranked college, the University of Szeged is currently placed 501-550 inside the QS World University Rankings and twenty-seventh in Emerging Europe and Central Asia.

Is Neet required for MBBS in Hungary?

Yes, every Indian student making plans to pursue MBBS in Hungary needs to clear the NEET exam. A pupil needs to get at least 60% marks in NEET to observe MBBS from overseas.

What are the necessities to observe Medicine in Hungary?

Eligibility criteria to look at Medicine in Hungary. Students in their ultimate yr of a high college education are allowed to apply supplied they can upload their college leaving certificates before the start of the semester. Must have know-how in biology, chemistry, physics, and English

Can I look at it in Hungary without IELTS?

Studying in Hungary is the right vicinity to get High-Quality Education Abroad, however, also has a gaggle of Fully Funded Scholarships for international college students. There is No IELTS wished

Can I take my spouse to Hungary on examining visa?

Hungary. Students may additionally deliver an on-the-spot circle of relatives individuals (partner; minor kids; parents who are dependents; siblings, if they’re unable to provide for themselves because of fitness motives) into Hungary during their studies at CEU or for the Graduation Ceremony.

How much cash do doctors make in Hungary?

According to Payscale, the common annual salary for docs in Hungary is US$ 79,000, and different experts together with nurses can make as much as US$ 35,000 in keeping with yr

What can I do after MBBS in Hungary?

Career Scope after MBBS/MD from Hungary for International Students: Clinical Practice and Post-Graduation. After finishing scientific studies in Hungary, students can choose a number of the following career alternatives consistent with their choice: Become a clinical practitioner. Pursue a doctoral

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