Advantages & Disadvantages Of MBBS In Russia

Advantages & Disadvantages of MBBS in Russia

Advantages & Disadvantages of MBBS in Russia

Russia is a beautiful country. It offers vast BDS and MBBS courses in medical colleges. Many students get confused about whether to purse MBBS admission in Russia or not. Is it worth doing MBBS in Russia? Is MBBS easy in Russia? What to do after completing MBBS from Russia? Softamo’s leading MBBS consultants have years of experience in providing direct admission to medical students abroad. We will help you discuss the advantages & disadvantages of MBBS in Russia.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS Course in Russia

Climate Conditions of Russia:

Harsh Winters with temperature going below 0° for about 3-4 months. No worries, buildings have central heating and well air-conditioned.

Bilingual Course:

The language barrier as much of the course is taught in Russian by the teacher. Learning a new language can be difficult while studying the MBBS course abroad.

Local Language:

Limit experience abroad while interacting with people and patients.


Compared to other countries like Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, MBBS in Russia if 5.8 years.

European Curriculum:

Some students might face discouraged due to this.

VISA Approval:

Complex procedure and a long time for Russia MBBS study VISA from Embassy makes it difficult for Indian students.
Lack of Proper Experience: Students are not allowed to touch the patients during an internship which acts as a barrier for students to diagnose patients properly.

Cheating Agents:

A good number of consultants acting as official representatives to Russian medical universities. Multiple scams and frauds have happened in the past many years.

Benefits of Studying in Russia

No Capitation Fee or Donation:

Unlike India for MBBS admission in Russia, you need not give any capitation fee or donation.

Low MBBS in Russia Fees:

THE whole MBBS course can be done in Rs.4.5 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs per year.

No Entrance Exam:

There is no need to give any exam to take admission in Russian medical universities in 2020.

Free of Cost MCI Coaching:

Students are trained for MCI screening test free of cost.

Affordable Hostel Facility for International students:

International students are offered comfortable & well-equipped dormitories and campuses at affordable rates.

Global Recognition:

All the universities are recognized by MCI, USMLE, WHO, UNESCO, etc.

Class strength:

Each batch contains 12-15 students in a class. The teacher and student ratio is good.

International Exposure:

You will get good exposure to a new world – Ethnicity, background, crowd, patient flow, etc.

Obtain Dual Diploma:

Russia signed the Bologna Declaration which allows universities to offer a joint program with foreign universities. Thus, offering a dual diploma to its students.


You can receive free tuition as the Russian government offers thousands of scholarships to students and international students can apply for it.

Affordable Cost of Living:

The standard of living is good and it can cost $100 to $300 i.e., Rs.7k to Rs.21k.

Quality Infrastructure:

The education system is very good and you can get the best quality education from here.


If you compare the two Russia is a good country to take admission for MBBS study abroad. Compared to other countries, it offers a genuine and quality education to its study.

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