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Petrozavodsk State University

About University

Petrozavodsk State University was founded in the year 1940. It is a classical university that is offering a variety of introductory programs at all the levels of training i.e from an introductory course to the postgraduate studies. The university is a well-known leading University in the world of medical education for the international and foreign students and has a unique research centre in the medium of indigenous languages of the north. It has like over 1100 lecturers, professors and research staff members, also including 10 members of the State Russian Academy of Sciences, 730 Doctors, and Science Candidates with the Ph.Ds.

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Petrozavodsk State University has one of the largest libraries in Karelia and it contains more than 1.5 million of books in there. The university has continually been getting international students since the year 1980. More than 500 international and foreign students take part in various educational programs at the university every year. Along with the medical education, the university executes research in several fields of science, including many international programs. It is the largest Northern educational institute and the top university in the system of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of European Northern Russia.

Petrozavodsk State University is the biggest multi-disciplinary traditional college in the European North of Russia. Petrozavodsk State University which is also in short known as “Petrsu” was set up in 1940 as the Karelian-Finnish University and was renamed in the year 1956. In between of its 70-year-long history narratives, the school was successful in arranging excess of 60000 considerably qualified specialists.

Among its alumni, there are academicians, pastors and world-mainstream aces in the public arena and science, heads of adventures and workers of various augmentations of industry of the Northwest and Northern mild regions of Russia. The Petrozavodsk University paper is published in 1956 which educates perusers on public, logic, worldwide and student life of the college or university and expresses issue and insightful articles and reports.

The Summer University of Petrozavodsk State University, Russia is offering particularly Russian language level courses and projects and welcomes interested students to visit Karelia which is the novel area of the North-West Russia. The international relations of the college are also evolving very rapidly. PetrSU joined the logical exploration projects with the other colleges like the colleges of Finland, Poland, the United States, Sweden, Great Britain and Canada. PetrSU takes an active part in international projects like the projects of the Baltic area and Barents Euro-Arctic locale, Tempus, Nordic Council of Ministers, Fulbright, Erasmus Mundus, and so forth Every year the college organises around 10 international meetings.

Some History of the Petrozavodsk State University:-

Foundation of the Petrozavodsk state university, Russia:-

On April 24th of the year 1940, the legislature of the Communist Party KFSSR was held, where the governor of Karelo-Finnish SSR G.N. Kupriyanov revealed his report. It argued that it’s needed to pay special awareness to the development of higher education in that particular area in order to enhance the economic and cultural life and science of the country or their nation. On June 2nd of the year 1940 a declaration of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Council of People’s Commissars of the Karelo-Finnish SSR was that of “About opening of the Karelian-Finnish State University” was published widely. The administration of the USSR supported and we’re very much in favour of this decision, and the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR acquired a resolution no. 1209 about the opening of the Karelian-Finnish State University which was based on the Karelian State Pedagogical Institute on June 10th of the year 1940. The university then was called KFGU in short form which previously consisted of 4 faculties that were historical and philological, biological, physical and mathematical, geographical and hydrogeological. The goal of the university was to prepare a big number of specialists and experts or professionals for the national economy and the growth of their scientific research field.

Building of the University came out to be a very tricky procedure. A lot of hard and impossible, difficult problems were there which had to be deciphered and solved that we’re usually connected with the simultaneous building of the classrooms, housing or living spaces for teachers and international and foreign students, investment on the necessary equipment and appliances while buying them, integration of scientific university libraries and archives, the improvement of work plans and all the teaching aids and assistances. Yet however, all these problems were seen to have been solved by them and in the season of autumn in the year 1940, around 17 departments, which were counted to 62 teachers or professors that included 5 PHD professors and 32 associate professors and lecturers began to work in the university. On September 2nd of the year 1940, more than 700 students for all courses began their studying at a new and young university and 417 out of those students were only freshmen. On September 7th of the year 1940, a very grand inauguration of the university took place.

Tuuri Ivanovich Lehen was the person who was assigned as the first head of the university. Konstantin Dmitrievich Mitropolsky was the person who was elected as the vice-president of Academic Affairs and Research. The faculty deans who were appointed are listed below:-

  • M.G. Nikulin – History and Philology Department,
  • A.A. Raykerus – Physics and Mathematics Department,
  • E.D. Manevitch – Department of Biology,
  • M.A. Toikka – geological and hydrological Department.

On May 21st of the year 1941, the Scientific Council was authorized which has consisted of 25 members. The Council there use to solve the several numbers of issues that were related to the university life including student’s and teacher’s or professor’s issues in the University and they could also award the academic degrees and award the titles in the following specialities like the theoretical physics, human and animal physiology, genetics, plant physiology,  history of the USSR, folklore.

Russia is the biggest literate nation in the world. There are a thousands of students from around like 168 different countries who travel to Russia for medical education. Almost all the medical universities in Russia is offering high-quality, excellent education to the students and are also recognized by the Russian Federation, WHO, NMC, UNESCO, Ministry of Science, and Higher Education.

Russia is very well known for its influential academic schools in physics, medicine and natural sciences. It is also the most chosen destination by Indian students to study MBBS. Aspirants who are intending to study MBBS in Russia can easily get admission to Russia’s top medical college.

Highlights for the Petrozavodsk State University :

  • It was set up in the year 1940
  • It has prepared an abundance of 70 000 authorized trained professionals
  • It seems to offer more than 100 instructive projects
  • Unknown dialect testing is conducted in the University like TORFL, TOEFL, TOLES
  • The distant college in Russia that trains specialists in the space of Finno-Ugric dialects and culture (Karelian, Vepsian and Finnish)
  • The central global school of software engineers’ preparation is this University 
  • The Petrozavodsk State University is the world’s driving place for research purposes in the field of modification and formation of basic base and equipment for non-silicon miniature and nanoelectronics
  • Trade programs are organized with more than 20 unfamiliar different colleges
  • Member and coordinator of many international, all-Russian and provincial meetings and classes that happen each and every year 
  • 350+ international and foreign students comes from 40+ different nations
  • Community for official and legal interpretations are organized periodically 
  • 11 dorms are provided for the International and foreign students 
  • A very wide and broad scope of summer and winter schools are provided and transient projects are also available in the University.

More about the quality of Petrozavodsk State University:

The college or the university involves 8 buildings and all are through the city and all of them works as a botanic nursery, a few labs, a pool, and a distributing house. Its library holds a sum of around 1.4 million books. PetrSU is situated in Petrozavodsk, however, it very obviously has a branch in Apatity which is the city in the Murmansk district. Now in extra of 14800 students go to the classes in numerous undergrad (UG), graduate and post-graduate (UG) projects. They are there taught by more than 1,000 teachers and professors which includes 550 PhDs, 145 Doctors of Science and 26 individuals from the state institutes of science.

The college or the University is contained of 80 offices, 9 resources, 7 instructive organizations, and 8 research organizations.

The faculty and Institutions of Petrozavodsk State University contain of the following :

  • Division of forest and Agriculture i.e plant and soil sciences, sustainable farming and working with businesses to expand crop yields. 
  • Faculty of Mathematics i.e quantity, structure, space and change
  • Department of Physical Engineering i.e translating fundamental findings and research results from the natural sciences
  • Department of Mining and Geology i.e process of exploration and exploitation of ore or economic minerals from the earth.
  • Department of Philology i.e study of the history of language
  • Department of Ecology and Biology i.e study of ecosystems and how the different parts interact together to form one cohesive, functioning habitat.
  •  Department of Economics i.e scarcity
  •  Law faculty i.e legal studies
  • Department of History i.e study of past events.
  • Department of Politics i.e government, institutions and decision-making processes that govern the world we live in
  • Department of Social Studies i.e integrated study of multiple fields of social science and the humanities, 
  • Institute of Medicine i.e field of health and healing
  • Department of Forestry i.e studying and managing forests and plantations, and related natural resources
  •  Department of Industrial studies i.e study of firms, industries, and markets.
  • Department of Civil Engineering i.e the planning, construction and maintenance of human-made structures such as buildings, roads, bridges, canals and dams.
  • Teachers of Foreign Languages i.e teaches and encourages respect for other peoples
  • Institute of Pedagogy i.e teaching and learning methods. 
  • Department of Psychology i.e scientific study of how people behave, think and feel.
  • Institute of Physical Culture and Sports i.e games and physical activity 
  • Department of Tourism i.e travelling and staying outside

Research Activities that are conducted in Petrozavodsk State University are listed below :

Petrozavodsk State University is a crucial examination place for designing, humanities and characteristic science and more than 100 participation treaties are closed with different colleges and establishments. Nowadays they are working together with the research focuses and global federations from 30  different nations of Central and Northern Europe, Asia and the CIS. The University executes in extras of 300 logical, informative and legally binding efforts supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Russian Humanitarian Fund, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, just like by the other Russian and different aids, investments and federations. The pieces of training of our own IT-park diplomats strengthen the actual modification of high progress in the Nordic nations and the Russian Federation in the field of ICT and microelectronics.

Why you can choose Petrozavodsk State University other than some different colleges or universities?

  • Petrozavodsk is the biggest city of the Republic of Karelia and also it is the capital city of the Republic of Karelia, and still, it is very quiet and has a genuine Russian allure.
  • One just need only a single night to get to Moscow or St. Petersburg by a desirable night train.
  • While you live with a Russian family, you will become familiar with what Russian neighborliness says or means.
  • You will ponder how Russia is in a well-disposed environment and warm up to Russian students.
  • It is a classical university in the Northwest of Russia.
  •  There are about 288 famous educational programs.
  • The Petrozavodsk state university has over thousands of students including all the international and foreign students.
  • They provide an affordable fee system for all the international and foreign students.
  • More than 100 international and regional creative projects have been launched at the Petrozavodsk state university.
  • The Petrozavodsk state university has the biggest library of books that contains more than 1.5 million books in 18 different languages.
  • It has 84 Laboratories, Planning Divisions and Development.
  •  The Petrozavodsk state university has founded 27 innovative centres, 28 small businesses centres, and 2 Technopark.
  • The university found to conduct a lot of sports, games and leisure activities.
  • The university has received 7 national awards for the state support of Russian universities.
  • Medical universities abroad provide good quality education at a very affordable price. So, If you are planning to study MBBS in Russia, consult ITCS, which is the leading overseas education advisers.

Airport Pickup process:

The  Petrozavodsk state university generally gets all of their students at the air terminals of Russia and then they will make courses of action of transportation for the journey from the air terminal to the University. It is suiting to book all the trips direct on the grounds so that the beginning of the scholastic year is a healthy opportunity to go to Russia.

It is critical for each student to illuminate the University about his or her flight subtleties and details since supposing that our representative won’t be there at the air terminal to get that particular student, then that particular student will be expelled back to his or her own country from where he came.

Aspirants who got their Russian visa should need to advise the University about their entrance or entry subtleties and details, with the purpose that the agent could get the students at the air terminal without any hustle. The students are requested to k

Kindly send the sweep duplicate of the booked ticket to the University through emails or another way of contact if any.

Hostels, dormitories and Accommodation in the Petrozavodsk State University:

Aspirants studying at Petrozavodsk State Medical University has a few comfort options to look over like those including rented out level, inn rooms, or any available room in a receiving family in Russia. The International or foreign students for most of the part pick a student’s residence. The college has 11 dorm buildings inside the city and is actively open through the open vehicle. The quarters are found to have web access, study lobbies, exercise centres, lounges, kitchen alongside free clothes washer and oven offices. All the dorms are all around kept up, safe and ensured for all the international and foreign students.

Documents required for the admission into the Petrozavodsk State University are mentioned below:-

  • First, the student must need to have an international passport.
  •  He or she needs a notarized Russian translation of the passport he or she is going to use to travel to Russia.
  •  He or she needs to have the original copy of the document that confirms his or her previous education and schooling with all the academic transcripts.
  • And then for the Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs he or she needs a School Leaving Certificate from his or her previous education institution from where he or she completed his or her 12th standard.
  • After that for the Master’s programs he or she must need a Bachelor’s or a Specialist’s Diploma for any further step in education.
  • He or she needs to submit six of the copy of the black-and-white matte official photos of himself or herself which will be sized 3×4 cm.
  • And lastly and most importantly what he or she must need is the vaccination history certificate. He or she is required to get the following vaccinations: diphtheria (not older than 10 years), measles, hepatitis B (HB) and for the current situation a covid 19 vaccination certificate too.

International Alliance in Petrozavodsk State University are:

Petrozavodsk State Medical University has about 87 dynamic friendly accords with 27 other nations that include countries like Finland, Norway, Canada, Sweden, France,  Portugal, United Kingdom, Korea, Germany, United States of America, Belgium, nations of the Baltic locale, and so on. Consistently and perpetually, the college or the university holds around 30 global and international investments with the monetary help of various worldwide assets, projects, and federations. Besides, the college has and continually or periodically conducts different unfamiliar trade programs with around 20 unfamiliar other colleges or Universities.

Eligibility criteria for any international or foreign student studying at Petrozavodsk State University are given below :

  • Aspirants must be at least 17 years of his or her age by December 31 of the respective admission year.
  • He or she needs to be a 12th standard pass out student in the science stream with a combination of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics as their subjects.
  • He or she must be the 12th Pass out of the accredited Board of India.
  • The Students from General Category must need to have scored at least 50% in class 12th with subjects physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.
  • And the students from the reserved category like the SC / ST candidates must need to have secured a minimum of 45% in class 12th with the subjects physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.
  • He or she must have to be a NEET qualified student.
  • The total duration of the study of their course is 6 years where the student will be given 5 years of classroom teaching and learning for clinical study and 1 year to enhance their practical skills by working in a real hospital.

The Institutes of Petrozavodsk state university, Russia:-

  • The Regional institute of management, economy and law PetrSU
  • The Northern Fisheries Research Institute i.e. SevNIIRH
  • The Institute of the Karelian scientific research association on the timber industry complex
  • The Research Institute of the historical and theoretical problems in the folk architecture
  • Institute of Environmental Management in the Northern Europe
  • Institute of High-Tech Biomedical Technologies
  • Institute of ICT and Nano-Technologies of Petrozavodsk state university, Russia
  • Institute of Northern European Studies
  • Institute of Continuing Education of Petrozavodsk state university, Russia

Centers of the Petrozavodsk state university, Russia:-

  • The Regional Center for New Information Technologies
  • The Petrozavodsk state university Center for Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency
  • The Petrozavodsk state university Interfaculty Ecology and Legal Center
  • Budget Monitoring Center (BMC) of Petrozavodsk state university
  • The Regional Coordinating Center of the Program of “Step to the Future” in the Russian language 
  • The Regional Center of the Ministry of Education on Labour Protection and accident Prevention
  • The Center for rural education development in the European North
  • Petrozavodsk state university, Russia

international and global units:-

  • The Institute of International Programs
  • The Linguistic Center of PetrSU
  • The EU Centre in the Barents area of Russia
  • The International Summer University
  • The International programming training camps
  • The Petrozavodsk state university -Metso Automation Systems Center
  • The Nokia – Petrozavodsk state university Centre of Mobile and -Wireless Technologies
  • The Petrozavodsk state university – Ponsse Centre
  • The Centers of international language testing
  • TORFL i.e. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language
  • TOEFL i.e. Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • TOLES i.e. Test of Legal English Skills

Sports facilities that are provided in the Petrozavodsk state university are mentioned below:-

There are 20 sports sections that are supported by Petrozavodsk state university that includes skiing, basketball, judo, track and field, volleyball, football, futsal, orienteering, chess, kettlebell lifting,  checkers, Go, sambo, Wushu, aerobics, and tourism. Training exercises and competitions are also conducted in Petrozavodsk state university and it is held in three different and modern gyms, a stadium, a swimming pool, and on three unique skiing tracks. Petrozavodsk state university has had a lot of success in training the athletes as for over 15 years more than 65 masters of sports have been trained and more than 50 medals of the World and European Championships have been won worldwide by the trained athletes.

The student has a tourist club named “Sampo” which is one of the leading top tourist clubs among all the Russian universities and has a very rich history.

The social support that is in the Petrozavodsk state university are mentioned here:-

  • Student’s vacation to the sports and health camp named “Shotozero” and training and health centre called “Urozero”
  • More than 500 students spend their holidays on the Black Sea coast every year on an annual basis.
  • Karelian health resorts are available 
  • More than 700 students have the opportunity to enhance their health at the health and recreation resort of Petrozavodsk state university
  • Students in this university acquire financial support through scholarships and such programs organized by the Petrozavodsk state university itself.
  • Students studying in the university are provided with all the medical insurance and the medical facilities.

Petrozavodsk state university activities:-

Students of Petrozavodsk state university fully take part in many different kinds of activities that include more than 30 creative teams like:-

  • Academic Choir of PetrSU
  • Folk music ensemble named “Toive”
  • Theatre studio named “TIS”
  • Vocal studio named “Golden Voices”
  • Arts and crafts clubs
  • KVN (Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-witted)
  • Dance studios like “Timez”, “De’lavie”, “Indira”, “Armageddon”,  “Womanizer”
  • Donor Movement of Petrozavodsk state university
  • A American football team called “Khischniki” that means “Predators”.

The admission procedure for Petrozavdosk state University is explained below :

At the absolute first stage, a student must examine every one of the fundamental records needed for commitment.

Directly visit the authority site of the University and predict the affirmation structure-

  • Fill the form and submit it.
  • Wait tight for 3-4 working days.
  • After checking, an offer letter will be made and shipped to the provided email address.
  • After a time of the offer letter is received, pay the fees for the first semester 
  • In the awareness of paying the expenditures, confirmation is corroborated.
  • After the affirmation, apply for the Russian visa and then you are all prepared to fly for MBBS in Russia.

Documents that are required during the admission process are listed below:

  • Passport with at least 18 months of validity.
  • 10th standard Class Mark sheet.
  • 12th standard Mark sheet.
  • Passport size photographs of the aspirant.
  • Offer letter from the university.
  • The 1st-year tuition fee receipt.
  • Authorization of documents from the Foreign Ministry of New Delhi, India.
  • Legalization of documents by the Russian Embassy.

Student’s life at the Petrozavodsk State University:

Petrozavodsk State Medical University is significant for its creative social programs and exercises. Students can actively take an interest and join the extremely famous and popular student theatres, ensembles, ethnic and contemporary moving meetings and gatherings and various artworks exercises. The Academic Male Choir meeting of the college is between the extraordinary male students compared to other males that ensembles on the planet. Besides, the society music gathering and the drama club of the University are very mainstream, popular and active participated among the students.

Degree accreditation from the Petrozavodsk State University:

It is accredited by numerous medical institutions, like the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and also by the big organization like World Health Organization i.e. WHO,  National Medical Commission i.e. NMC and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization i.e. UNESCO.

Some notable mentions and ranking of the Petrozavodsk State University are men below:-

  • National independent university ranking – 20-40th place among the best universities of Russia
  • Nomination “International

Cooperation” (2010 – 2015) – 1st-4th place

  • GreenMetric World University Ranking 2014/2015 – 2nd place among universities of Russia
  • «2015 University Web Ranking» – 28th place among 387 universities of Russia
  • “Interfax” agency – 39th place among 832 universities of Russia
  • Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) University Rankings: BRICS, 2015 – 39-54th place among the best universities of Russia
  • 2015 Rating agency “Expert RA” – 52nd place among universities of Russia


All the information about the Petrozavodsk State University are given by us in this article explaining each and every concept and procedure about the university. Every aspirant if goes through the entire article once, hopefully, won’t have any confusion and can easily take admissions to go pursue MBBS in Russia.

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