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Prospekt Lenina, 40, Barnaul, Altayskiy kray, Russia, 656038


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Altai State University (ASU) being one of the most important centers of academic education and research, and socio-cultural complex in Siberia and the Far East serves to provide a distinguished learning environment for undergraduate and graduate students in many scholarly and professional fields meeting the needs of modern knowledge-based post-industrial society and contributing to the development of the region.

ASU strives to provide the continuous education of the highest level by promoting free thinking and exchange of ideas and to enable students to take the best advantage of their educational opportunities conducting research and contributing to economic
and cultural life of society including global issues.

ASU is aimed at improving faculty capacity and material and technical basis to link its research and teaching at the highest world level. It actively promotes international cooperation and strategic collaboration with neighboring countries of Asia (Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, etc.) in the field of science, education, and culture.

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