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Ulitsa Sovetskaya, 4, Tver, Tverskaya oblast’, Russia, 170100


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Russia boasts a literacy rate of a hundred per cent, proving an excellent educational system. Over 8.1 million students prefer it. A great emphasis is pressed upon science and technology in education. Russia is the principal magnet for foreign investment and business presence. It is rich in traditional culture and literature. The climate in Russia is temperate continental, with four major seasons.

About the University

Tver City is eight hundred old and holds a crucial religious and, cultural, academic foundation. The city is situated in the northwestern portion of Russia.

 Many medical aspirants out there yearn to learn medicine from a university abroad. Tver State Medical University is an institution established in the year 1936. It is a higher-education institution located in the medium city of Tver, whose population range is 250,000-499,999 inhabitants. It is officially recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. It is a coeducational Russian higher education institution. The University has a commendable world ranking among 5000 universities. It offers a range of courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as Bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorate degrees in several spheres of study at affordable fee structures that are aided by different types of scholarships. Educational loans also aid the fee. 

This University aims to provide high-end education. The quality of Russian education is beyond question. The Fee structure at this University is affordable, and the policies are student-oriented. The University is abbreviated as Tver SMU and has a good ranking. In 1902, the University started blooming with different courses, such as dental and pharmaceutical. There are several types of post-graduation specializations. Students from more than fifty countries all over the world come to study at this University every year. This University strives to create reformations in the field of education. It has proved to be the benchmark for several universities. 

The principal aim of Tver State Medical University is to take education in Russia to the next level. The Russian government is responsible for the spiritual, social and economic developments of a country. It is one of the best universities in Russia for international aid and education provided to international students. This University is a WHO-recognized medical establishment with exposure to medical education, scientific research, treatment and disease prevention. Several student-orientated scholarships allow students to bridge the gap of financial constraints and enable students to expand their horizons. The hostel facilities at Tver State Medical University are excellent. The fee is affordable, and the scholarships are only available for students with a financial burden. The admission process is a lot easier. It covers all the requisites, such as the admission fee and scholarship details. It is also inclusive of the hostel facilities.

Some of the significant International partners of this University are Saarland University in Germany; Medical Academy of Lubin in Poland, Mashav, Isreal and DAAD, Germany. The major fields in this University are cardiology, gastroenterology, radiology, surgery and public health, Ophthalmology etc.

This University has had some highly trained medical personnel and scientists from foreign countries since 1962. This exposure expands the plethora of opportunities in front of the students who have chosen this University. The Medical degree earned in this University is recognized by MCI, WHO, UK and USA. It is also recognized in some other countries. This University was featured in the Cambridge University Students Union- The guide to excellence. This is a prestigious international publication that gives an insight into the best practices across many organizations worldwide.

This University is among the top ten Medical Educational Establishments. This is according to the annual official rating of the Forty-eight Russian Medical educational establishment. It also has the most extensive array of medical, scientific and educational center. It is noted for extensive clinical and lab facilities. It also has an excellent teacher student ratio. The major USP of this University is that it was the first University in the country to start off with using English as a medium of instruction.

Eligibility criteria

It is a government university and the eligibility criteria in this University is 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The course duration is six years and one should have qualifying marks in NEET. One is not required to give IELTS or TOFEL.

 Tver State Medical University Rankings

This University ranks 238th in Russia and the world ranking is 5174th. The University stands tall with excellent in-state art and research facilities. 

Faculties Available

  1. The Faculty of General Medicine.
  2. The Faculty of Dental Medicine.
  3. The Faculty of Pediatrics.
  4. Faculty of Postgraduate Studies.
  5. Pharmaceutical Faculty.

Departments for pursuing postgraduate study for MS/MD/MCH

  1. Obstetrics.
  2. Cardiology.
  3. Infectious and tropical diseases.
  4. General surgery.
  5. Urology.
  6. Physiotherapy.
  7. Radiology.
  8. Pulmonology.

Departments available for the Postgraduate study MOS

  1. Operative dental surgery-ODS.
  2. Oral medicine.
  3. Oral Pathology.
  4. Pedodontics.
  5. Prosthodontics.

Faculty of General Medicine

The duration of studies in the University is six years. For the first 2.5 years of training, the students are mainly focused on the theoretical subjects in the departments of biology, medical, physics, human anatomy, physiology, pathology and microbiology, Latin and foreign languages, and social sciences. During the last 3.5 years, the students are offered extensive practical training in different fields of therapy, surgery, gynecology, public health and prevention. The best feature of this University is that it allows the students to expand their horizons and be skilled in the modern diagnostic and treatment approaches. 

Faculty of advanced nursing education

This faculty was founded in the year 2003. The prime goal of this faculty is to fill the urgent and constant demand from nursing service supervisors for the highly qualified middle-grade medical workers.

The degree of a nurse is the main entrance requirement for the faculty and the duration of the full-time course if for four years and for part-time it is five years. 

Faculty of Dental Medicine

It is the oldest faculty in Russia and the University is one of the leading and most prestigious places for dental education in Russia and Eastern Europe. The academic staff includes nine PhD holders and much attention is given to the practical training of manual skills.

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