North Ossetian State Medical Academy (NOSMA)

About University

North Ossetia Medical Academy (NOSMA) is a low-value medical institute that was established in 1939. It has its very own contemporary-day clinics for well-known medication and dentistry. NOSMA is identified via accreditation from WHO, MCI and different medical global councils.

There are proper research laboratories inside the Academy and Institute of biomedical studies and medical centre. Hundreds of International experts were groomed in this medical institute for the last 10 years for overseas nations together with Syria, India, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Greece, Baltic States, and so on. These students from North Ossetia State Medical Academy are placed within the metropolis of Vladikavkaz one of the maximum lovely cities in the Large Caucasian Mountains.

The nature of North Ossetia is picturesque and original. Here, the students will see mind-blowing mountains, wholly covered with snow and glaciers, raw alpine meadows and impetuous rivers. The weather of North – Ossetia is temporally continental. Vladikavkaz is a big and densely populated metropolis with a population having people from various nations. Various cultures stay in harmony in this beautiful city. There are many opportunities for game and cultural relaxation with handy delivery communication.

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Vision And Mission Of The University:


The university is starting at making medical professionals who are nothing just like the ancient doctors that we tend to see these days. we tend to are looking at the doctors who are well versed with technology and may pioneer the sector and make a revolution in modern healthcare. On the side of medical and human biology, the scholars conjointly get to find out about the trendy machinery that may make things easier and a lot more efficient. The students also opt-in if they have an interest in the engineering of those machines. This can be stated as one thing that the university is targeting. once some years, the university is starting at providing medical researchers, or doctors or scientists who will offer the globe one thing that they need. This can be something that may improve the medical structure of heaps of states around the world.

Also, at the side of all this, the university is looking at making professionals who are ethically trained. From the word go, these doctors, scientists, and researchers would be able to get into any profession and face any challenges that come back their way. Haps of universities don’t target the holistic development of their students which is where most students even once knowing it all, fail. The university needs to merge the gap between sensible students and brilliant practical skills.

If the temperament of the scholars is improved whereas providing them with the correct education, it’ll profit not simply the scholar but the whole world. This is something that they believe in, this is what they’re attempting to do. Here is where their vision is to fully reform the student into somebody who is tech-ready, professional and has in-depth knowledge concerning one specific sector of medical science that they’re interested in. the scholars of the university conjointly believe this vision and thrive to induce the simplest for themselves.


The mission is to nourish all students with the best quality education. regardless of wherever they are available from and what their family background has been, the university takes up the students on the bottom of merit. notwithstanding the method to get admission isn’t as harsh as other institutes around the world, we tend to still offer preference to the students who have worked exhausting on their teachers and have the correct intent that is required to pursue the MBBS or the other medical course that they’re applying for. The university came into existence in 1939 but ne’er all told these years has there been a time once the mission has been anything, on the other hand, providing the simplest quality at the foremost cheap fees. once quite seventy years, the university still goes robust with the mission, recouping and providing even more.

Hostel and Food Facilities at North Ossetian State Medical Academy:

NOSMA invites neighbourhood students and provides them with thirteen residential hostels that have appointed rooms with comfortable beds and other amenities to a great everyday environment. There’s a distinct hostel for boys and girls at University Campus. The hostel field of the NOSMA University will be a five-minute stroll from the Academy building. NOSMA has MBBS and different medical students and all of them are provided access to those rooms or student pads which can be on the point around the school grounds. These places are typically wonderful and agreeable once contrasted with the general public authority lodgings. There’s likewise an Indian food facility workplace in the lodging. The region of the hostel is totally coated beneath CCTV for guaranteeing the well-being of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Why select NOSMA for MBBS Studies:

Systematically 3000+ college students are registered for North Ossetian State Medical Academy. NOSMA has undergraduate and postgraduate clinical courses in more than fifteen specialities. They also have a clinical and dental centre clinic if clinical undergraduate students are interested to learn and execute for his or her clinical professions.

Presently NOSMA has thirty-nine offices with 470 specialists and teachers, a Central analysis Laboratory, non-public facilities, mental and instructive administrations, a complicated library with associate understanding room, and habitats for viable preparation and testing. NOSMA keeps up with sound extramural relations with list clinical faculties and consequently, the under graduate students of medication in Russia will partake in multidisciplinary understudy trade programs for improved openness. until currently 14300 clinical understudies are finished their MBBS from NOSMA.

An excellent incentive for the money you pay – as a result you will get wonderful coaching at an affordable expense.

MCI, WHO Recognized – NOSMA is supported by MCI/WHO.

The medical degrees offered by this institute are world-wide known and the students can practice anywhere when they graduate. This is something that they might not find in other countries, and the speciality of NOSMA is that the professors and administration will always be there behind the students to help them get anywhere they want. If the student wants to do something related to medical research, they will be provided aid and support and everything else possible from the university’s end. Also, they get professional assistance.

University Infrastructure:

No one will deny that NOSMA has one of the most beautiful university campus around the region. Firstly, the city around is anyway full of nature that amazes, and then amidst that the university, that does not feel extra at any point. Everything that is done, it is done with a purpose. Every building, every pathway, none of it has been created just to show how vast the area the university can cover. This is a reason that people might find when they look at the size of the campus and compare it with other universities in Russia. NOSMA might not have the largest campus, but it surely has a beautiful and convenient one. 

The university boasts of a campus that has all the amenities that a student would possibly expect in a very foremost university. Why do numerous students withdraw of their own country and study in Russia? the rationale is that the universities here, the ones like NOSMA give them with nice facilities that too within the fee is incredibly a lot of reasonable. a number of the countries have method higher fees while not providing their students something well worth the fee. this is often the rationale why their students move out and acquire all they need in universities like NOSMA.

NOSMA may be a university wherever you get plenty of courses that vary from MBBS to even higher studies and domain courses like BDS and more. the standard of the program and therefore the attention provided to the scholars is that the same no matter the course that the scholar chooses to pursue.

The field is well fitted with all the equipment, labs, libraries, practical rooms and more. The libraries have all the books which may be required by the scholars to find out anything that may interest them. If anything isn’t found in the library or lab it will be provided to the students as available upon request. The libraries have all sorts of books starting from academics, novels, and assistance books. The management of the university is empathetic and knows that humans need more than just education to stay sane and that the students ought to get something which will relax their minds and help them to focus better. Medical may be an area od education that can take a toll on the students which is why reading books and different facilities that aren’t directly relating to their lecturs need to be there. This is often one thing which will facilitate in their holistic development and that is what’s required from a student who goes to become a doctor once the course ends. The globe isn’t trying to find an individual who is aware of all regarding life science however nothing about humans and their method of behaving. These are equally important.

The university field also has mere places for sports and other forms of cultural and artistic activities. you’ll select the clubs from those that are available. stepping into a club will assist you meet individuals from completely different backgrounds and different courses which are a few things which will help you open up your mind and help you assume during a} method that will take you to a very different stage. Sports is one among the items that keeps medical students fit, if you would like to worry regarding the people you treat, you bought to remain fit. A doctor who cannot work any given time, simply because they’re not fit, will ne’er be helpful to mankind.

All the categories on the field are well equipped with the most recent technical devices and supply a soundproof atmosphere to the students. plenty of universities don’t perceive the very fact that the noise transfer between the lecture rooms makes up for an excellent reason for distraction that

After all, the students in the campus are going to stay for a long time and all the facilities they get will directly affect their development. Professors also focus on the part that the mental state of the students will suffer if they are not getting things that can keep them calm. It is not about giving them facilities that are worthless, parties and events that are not helping are not something that the university advertises. They advertise or promote activities that can add value to the life of any individual students. Some students have extra talents in them and when they cannot find an outlet for that, they will suffer. That is where, cultural programms and sports are more promoted here in the university along with all the educational seminars and workshops.

Buzz within the Campus:

The campus of the university is always buzzing. With workshops, seminars, art events and daily classes, there is never a moment when the university is silent. That does not means that it is chaotic, there is a sort of energy that keeps all the students on their toes, and that helps as they are not feeling low even when they reach their dorm rooms. They are excited about something that they did the same day or something that is going to happen in the coming days. In the university, the students also have a say about what happens and what not. If some students are interested in organizing some sort of event or seminar that can help them or other groups in any way, they can talk about the same with the professors and administration. If we haven’t mentioned, the administration is very patient and understanding and students from other countries won’t find it hard to communicate as everyone in the university understands english properly.

From the restaurant to writing paper stores, you’ve got a great deal within the field. The university administration understands that it’s out of the question for all the scholars to travel outside the campus to buy the regular stuff that they have throughout their category hours and food are some things that students can need once they are progressing to get on the campus for the foremost a part of their days. The campus is usually droning with teams of scholars doing totally different forms of things, from finding out to doing creative things to enjoying sports, everything keeps happening round the university campus.

The university itself additionally keeps on organizing different events around necessary dates. They care concerning the international students which is wherever they organize cultural events where students will gift performances and present their traditions and cultures. This can be where all students get to observe and feel the diversity and nevertheless they fancy everything in harmony. The tagline of various brands is that the reality of NOSMA. With sports, art, and medical science, the university is a collects individuals of different nationalities, religions and races along below one roof.

Courses And Syllabus:

If you are confused about what you should be studying, then you need to put in some research, talk to some one around you or reach out to the people at NOSMA. These people will definelty give you a right advice as per the discussion they have with you about what you have been doing, what are your scores and what are your interest areas. It is more about what you are interested in than what is easy and possible for you. In medical nothing can be termed as easy, even the courses that people rank the lowest is hardest to go through for most and even the toughest are smooth for the one’s who are interested. This is where you as a student need to take serious discussion regarding the same. It is always good to check the feasibility if you can go through it or not, but if you are one of the people who likes challenges and have enough academic scores, go for it.

A student can make a choice from a great deal of courses that are accessible right from MBBS to MD to BDS and lots of more. The one that we tend to are specializing in here with the curriculum is that the MD course. The course takes up to six years to complete and will need the scholars to complete one year of obligatory interning wherever they learn some sensible skills while operating with the doctors aiding them in real scenarios. This can be where the syllabus is balanced in theory likewise as practical learning for the students. If you’re one among those people that got to learn about the curriculum for the MD course then keep reading on and if you wish information concerning the other course, then you’ll favor to proceed to the official web site and browse it there.

MD Course Syllabus:

1st Year

  • History (history of Russia, general history)
  • Foreign language (Russian)
  • The Latin language
  • Psychology and pedagogy
  • Physics, mathematics
  • Health Informatics
  • Biology’
  • Anatomy
  • The Russian language as foreign

2nd Year

  • Medical history
  • Biochemistry
  • Anatomy
  • Histology, Embryology, Cytology
  • Normal physiology Physiological mechanisms of the nervous regulation of functions.
  • Life Safety
  • Digital technologies in medicine
  • The Russian language as foreign
  • Physical monitoring of the patient

3rd Year

  • Microbiology, virology, immunology
  • Pharmacology
  • Pathologic Anatomy, Clinical Pathologic Anatomy
  • Pathologic Physiology, Clinical Pathologic Physiology
  • Hygiene
  • Propedeutics of internal diseases
  • General Surgery, radiodiagnostics
  • The Russian language as foreign

4th Year

  • Topographic Anatomy & Operative surgery
  • Pathologic Anatomy, Clinical Pathologic Anatomy
  • Public health and health care
  • Medical rehabilitation
  • Neurology & Neurosurgery
  • Urology
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Therapy
  • Occupational diseases

5th Year

  • Psychiatry
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Therapy
  • Endocrinology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Outpatient Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Clinical Path physiology

6th Year

  • Epidemiology
  • Clinical pharmacology
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Hospital therapy
  • Phthisiology
  • Outpatient therapy
  • Hospital surgery
  • Traumatology, orthopaedics
  • Functional diagnostics

The course will take you through all the parts of medical science that are relevant in the current era. There will be parts where you will read about the history where you learn the traditional methods. This is because no matter how advanced the world becomes, there are some methods that will never be replacanbnle. Students sometimes are not aware how important everything in the curriculum is. Medical institutes don’t decide their syllabus like other streams. Here without quoting we can say that other streams might include some subjects just so they can complete the credit scores a student needs to cover during their graduation journey.

But, in medical you will understand that every subject holds value. In the MD course syllabus that you have seen just above this, you would notice that there is pattern, even though some subjects might not relate to any other subject, they will still be important and the same way there are put in the series. The subjects that are taught in 6th year are not there because you need to learn the subjects of first 5, there are some but, it is because for them, your mental maturity needs to be of a different level. The mind has to develop in a certain way to assert the complexities involved in the traumatology and orthopaedics and other subjects.

Some Strategic Policies:

NOSMA desires to encourage leadership and team work skills within the under and postgraduate courses students. These students who have completed MBBS or similar level courses and are intensifying for the additional advanced courses can turn into great guides to the scholars who have just taken admission into the university. The postgraduates can mentor the undergraduates. This can be a great opportunity to conjointly learn loads of sensible skills and can keep a strong connection with their specialization subjects. No student can be a master of all the subjects in curriculum, they have to concentrate on their core subject and facilitate the new students with their queries and if possible take lectures as well. This can facilitate the student, the university and therefore the new undergraduates.

Along side this, the board at NOSMA strategises to boost up their management team and the resources that they use. This can be in a one among the foremost vital elements of any organization and if that’s not running the way it’s intended, things wont work and behave as expected. University management incorporates a heap of things and has become the management that evolves with time and has expanded the campus and the courses they provide as well. The university will go dysfunctional in a few months if things didn’t work as they have. There are numerous departments, with them there are teachers, students, not simply from Russia however from round the world. These students need to be accommodated, they need to be provided food and whatnot. They want these things to improve as time goes by.

Each new year, the amount of scholars coming here from around the world is increasing. During the time of post Covid, the graph looks to travel even higher as a result of Russia has emerged together of the countries. These things have worked positive which is why currently the burden is on the management team of the university. At the instant the management employees of the university is doing an incredible job in providing the scholars and therefore the academics with no matter they need. There are new things that are being introduced. With digital education coming back into full force since Covid, all the instrumentality must be maintained and upgraded, this stuff also are being done regularly.

The university is additionally developing its supply capabilities and its human resources. this can be vital as a result of this is what’s going to facilitate them in swish functioning even once the demand increases. At the moment, there’s no want for Associate in Nursing extension of the organic structure of the tutorial building or the hostels. there’s enough and extra space for the scholars. though the demand is doubled within the coming back year, the students can don’t have any downside at all, however constant can’t be aforementioned regarding the supply and therefore the human resources that the university has. There are enough professors but the amount of different helpers is being increased. The strategy to boost on it half has been created and is obtaining dead in phases.

About The Reactor:

Oleg Valerievich Remizov, additionally a physician of clinical sciences and accomplice withinside the college is a person of his personal legacy. University’s big professors and other respected people such as the vice-rector comply with his imaginative and prescient and techniques with him that allows you to supply the scholars the satisfactory in phrases of schooling and centers. He is likewise honoured as a employee of better expert schooling withinside the Russian federation. He has been offered a letter of gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation. This guy additionally holds a degree from the Russian Federation and a medal for the disinterested contribution to the business enterprise of All-Russian Mutual Aid Action. Mr Oleg has additionally been offered a badge of honour for contribution to schooling. All those and plenty of extra achievements say for themselves why he holds the very best function withinside the college. All college students withinside the college can confirm the truth that this guy merits all of the badges and medals that he has. Everything which you have study until now’s extra or much less a method created and put in action with the guidance and plan provided by him. He is a visionary and has notion approximately how the college could make matters smooth for the scholars who’re located in Russia in addition to those who’re coming from outdoor the country. He is familiar with that nearby college students require the equal degree of centers and interest as overseas college students. As the Vice-Reactor of the college, he additionally performed an crucial element in coping with the sports withinside the college all through the covid segment and additionally fought in conjunction with the nation.

He is an asset now no longer simply to the college however to the Russian Federal Organization. This is the purpose why he’s going to remain the Reactor of the college for lots coming years until he can function.

About the Vice-Reactor:

AllaEvgenievnaGurina, the vice-reactor of NOSMA has been offered the Certificate of Merit of the prime of the Republic of North Ossetian-Atlanta. A strong woman who’s reputable due to her revel in and the paintings that she has accomplished inside and out of the college. She has received gratitude from the Ministry of Health of the Russian federation. Also, she were liked with the aid of using the Ministry of Education as properly for her paintings because the Vice-Reactor of the college of NOSMA. A lot of college students analyzing on the college can let you know approximately her effect and the way she has helped college students in each viable manner. Getting accolades from such a lot of ministries of the Nation is some thing that now no longer all of us can get. This is due to the fact she has accomplished paintings this is really well worth it. She is likewise an accomplice professor on the college and meaning that in case you are fortunate sufficient and if she teaches one of the topics on your curriculum, you’ll be capable of analyze immediately from the grasp of the subject. All different instructors also are encouraged with the aid of using the manner she is going the more mile simply to ensure that the scholars apprehend the whole thing withinside the satisfactory viable manner. That is what the college needs from someone who is sitting at such a position.

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