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Most Popular Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Students in 2021

Most Popular Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Students in 2021

Every student desires a fruitful career. To tailor the best possible career, Indian students need to receive a high-quality education. However, most Indian students fail to afford the high costs of education. Due to the financial burden, most of the students tend towards mediocre colleges. Here, studying abroad can be an excellent choice for Indian students. In today’s date, there are tons of foreign countries hosting quality education at reasonable charges. The Indian students can quickly secure their seats in top-notch universities to gain world-class knowledge in different fields.

With the improvisations in the education standards, the international universities have experienced a high flow of Indian students. This has significantly boosted the rate of Indian enrollments for a degree in foreign countries. All the foreign universities offer better infrastructure, have a research-centric approach, and provide quality education. Therefore, all these aspects blend to attract Indian students. The foreign colleges have turned out to be a hub of Indian students. Indian market greatly values the international education degree. Therefore, Indian students with these degrees can explore better career opportunities. All these factors sum up to ignite the fire within the students to explore their educational career abroad.

However, before making a decision, every student must analyze the countries they prefer for higher studies. The students must look at various parameters before picking up the ideal country and university that suits their financial grounds and other requirements. In this article, we presented a glimpse of the top destinations for Indian students to study abroad. These locations feature the world’s most premium universities, offering several courses such as Engineering, MBBS, and many more.

Why Study Abroad is A Good Option for the Indian Students?

Although India has many higher education centers, the quality of education is still under the shade. Moreover, the seats in Indian universities are limited. Therefore, most of the students lack the opportunity to get hands-on good education facilities. Studying abroad has tons of benefits for Indian students. It helps them to develop excellent language skills, which have a positive impact on their professional life. Owning good language skills provides an upper hand to the students to grab placements. The Indian students get world-class education under the guidance of highly qualified teachers. Studying abroad provides the students with opportunities to explore new cultures and perspectives. They discover a new world, traveling to new places. The Indian students gain efficient training imparted by International universities, instilling practical knowledge within them. The foreign universities host workshops and job-oriented programs to help them squeeze out their maximum potential.

Best Abroad Destinations for Indian Students to Study


Canada is one of the hottest countries in the world for quality education. It is a developed country that includes an excellent education system. There are tons of re-owned universities in Canada that impart world-class knowledge. The universities offer many courses in fields like MBBS, Engineering, etc.

Benefits of Studying in Canada for Indian Students

Here are countless advantages for the Indian candidates to study in Canada. Some of which are as follows –

  • Excellent Canadian Universities: All the universities in Canada presents top-notch education facilities, combined with disciplinary studies and other amenities. Canada is popular for its excellent education system worldwide.
  • Easy Availability of Canadian Visa: Canada features a transparent visa application process. With the convenient and easy accessibility of visas, the number of Indian students is gradually increasing.
  • Canada offers the most affordable education and living costs: Canada is famous for its low academic costs and accommodation charges. The country saves the Indian students from any financial burdens of high donations. The average tuition fee in Canada is around 400 CAD per year. Simultaneously, the living costs, including housing, and food ranges between 1000 to 2000 CAD per month.
  • Canada presents the perfect blends of technological advancement, climate, and culture: Canada is one of the top-rated countries that provide excellent life quality. It is one of the most peaceful and secure countries with negligible crime rates. With its advanced technology, it avails all the facilities required for an incredible academic experience. All the universities feature diversified cultures. Therefore, the Indian students get great exposure to new communities.

Top Universities in Canada for Indian Students


The USA is one of the most prominent destinations of education for Indian Students. The USA education system has successfully delivered academic excellence for decades. Various Indian students looking to study abroad choose the USA as the most suitable country to pursue their higher education. The bond between the USA and international students is quite unbreakable. Each year thousands of students enroll in different Universities in the USA to get a quality education.

Benefits of Pursuing Career in the USA for Indian Aspirants

There are manifold advantages for Indian students studying in American universities. Some of which are as follows –

  • Incredible opportunities: USA presents tons of growth opportunities for Indian students to flourish in several academic fields. With its top-notch education facilities, it frames the ideal future for the students. All the university campuses host multiple job fairs and educational events. The students can take advantage of the free career-centric programs and events to grab lucrative jobs in the future.
  • High acceptance rate: the USA opens its doors for Indian students to get a quality education. Every year, the country accepts more than 186,000 Indian students, who get the golden opportunity to study in the USA’s top colleges.
  • Excellent education system: USA ranks in the list of top destinations for education as its education mechanism is held in high regard. It presents the students with access to cutting-edge technology to help them explore more in different fields.
  • Financial Support: All the universities of the USA avails aid to financially backward students through loans, scholarships, or other programs. This saves them from high donations, lightening financial pressure on them.

Top Universities in the USA for Indian Students

  • Harvard University
  • Columbia University
  • Stanford University
  • Duke University
  • Yale University


Pursuing higher studies in the UK is still a dream for many Indian aspirants. However, some visualize that the UK offers fewer work opportunities. However, the reality is the UK presents a fair of opportunities for Indian students. It has several top-level universities that help the students to achieve mind-boggling success in life.

Benefits of Studying in the UK for Indian Students

  • Incredible academic records: The universities of the UK set an excellent standard for education. With its highly efficient education management, UK successfully owns four of the top ten premium colleges in the world. Some of which are – the Oxford and Cambridge Universities. All the university has top-notch faculties, who stress practical learning over the old-school bookish bits of knowledge. This helps the students to develop excellent skills, which serves them as a ladder to academic success.
  • Premium quality education: To ensure an efficient level of education, the UK has designed an independent body titled the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). This agency is responsible for analyzing different aspects of education in the UK. It ensures that all the students enjoy quality education under expert guidance and incredible facilities.
  • Financial aid and free medical treatments: All UK universities attempt to deliver the best education at minimal charges for Indian students. The UK government presents several financial aids to the students. The international students studying in UK universities also get access to free medical facilities through the National Health Service.

Top Universities in the UK for Indian Students

  • City University, London
  • Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh
  • Middlesex University, London
  • Swansea University, Swansea


Here are the top destinations to receive quality education for Indian students. All the abroad countries are riding the technological wave. Studying abroad has striking benefits of top-notch education, incredible living standards, low fee structures, scholarship programs, paid internship opportunities, and many more. Each year tons of Indian candidates pass out from the foreign boards of education. Some of which return to their countries and the others explore more opportunities in the foreign market to secure a spectacular future.

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