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Why Nanjing University is Named as the Best Chinese University for MBBS?

Why Nanjing University is Named as the Best Chinese University for MBBS?

MBBS is one of the in-demand educational programs for medical students. In today’s time, there are tons of MBBS colleges globally. However, in a country like India, getting admission in the MBBS program is much challenging due to the scarcity of seats. At the same time, the fee structure in these countries is stiffer. Therefore, most of the students consider traveling abroad for higher education. 

China is one of the hottest counties, which marked its imprints as the top educational destination. The country features tons of government-affiliated Medical Universities that set a new standard of MBBS education. It presents the students with the best quality education within the minimal fees. China has excellent education management and a high education budget for the development in the medical fields. The country has received official approbation from all international medical councils, allowing it to provide a world-class education to international students. 

The Nanjing University is titled one of the best MBBS universities in China for its premium education and other facilities. The university is famous for its MBBS program for both national and foreign candidates. It tailors a solid foundation of medical learning among the students, presenting them with greater exposure in professional fields. All the students are encouraged to gain more knowledge and skills and embark on the journey to have a successful future. There are more reasons why Nanjing University is preferred as the MBBS specializes in the education center. 

Why Do Students Prefer to Study MBBS at the Nanjing University in China?

  • China is a hub of academic excellence for MBBS aspirants. The country presents some of the world’s best MBBS universities that provide quality education at affordable charges. Each year thousands of international students join the Chinese MBBS program to nurture a successful medical future. The Nanjing University in China peeks out at the top of the list of top MBBS colleges in the world. The university has produced tons of scientists, medical professionals, and other field experts. The university is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of China. The city of Nanjing is well-known as the center of culture and education. The Nanjing university has over 300 Indian MBBS aspirants studying at different levels. According to reports, the past passing ratio of the MCI Screening test is around 28%. With excellent experienced and top faculties, it trains the Indian students to achieve the highest marks in MCI Screening to get a practicing doctor’s authority in India. The university was rated “B+” by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2015. Since then, the university has boosted up its facilities and services to achieve an “A” grade. The university is also approved by the Medical Council of India and UNESCO. 

Ranking of Nanjing University 

  • The Nanjing University is ranked #401-500 by Universities Rankings – ARWU 
  • It is ranked #800 by Times among the world’s top universities.
  • The university ranks 908 in the list of best MBBS institutes around the globe. 

About the Nanjing University in China

  • The Nanjing Medical University is located in Nanjing, China. However, initially, the university was established in Zhenjiang. Its foundation was led in 1934 by the Jiangsu Provincial College of Health Policy and Management. Later in 1957, the university was shifted to Nanjing. The university was one among the first group of top-class medical colleges in China, and its name was switched to Nanjing Medical University. Nanjing University is affiliated with over 50 teaching hospitals in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, and Zhejiang. It also features over 20 schools. With the Chinese government’s active support, the Nanjing University successfully serves thousands of students with high quality of education at reasonable costs for the MBBS course. 
  • The climate of the Nanjing region is favorable for International students. It presents pleasant weather that resembles the Indian weather for nine months. In contrast, the remaining 3 months present cold weather. 

Reasons to Choose Nanjing Medical University for MBBS 

  • World-Class education facility: The Nanjing University is a hub of experienced and specialized medical professionals who instills incredible knowledge within the students. Its faculties guide the students to develop deep learning about different fields. The university also conducts regular online seminars or webinars to guide the students to tailor a successful medical future. 
  • Other facilities of the Nanjing University of China: The Nanjing Medical University presents a massive campus of about 500 acres that features an incredibly designed campus facility. It avails of eight different types of canteens with various cuisines like Chinese, Muslim, Indian, International, and many more. The university eliminates all food-related problems of the international students. The restaurants within the campus present both veg and non-veg foods for the students. It has thousands of International students living conveniently under excellent facilities. The university campus has all types of facilities and amenities, including transport measures through bicycles, electric scooters, two-wheelers, and others. The students can easily access these vehicles rather than waiting for the busy or other public transport facilities. It also presents several grocery stores, electronic stores, banks, and ATMs for students’ convenience. 
  • Nanjing University also owns excellent library facilities, with more than 1,500,000 medical e-resources, 1,07,000 papered medical resources and over 6,000 medical journals. 
  • Nanjing University is affiliated with tons of reputable hospitals: Nanjing University collaborates with more than 23 renowned hospitals across the Chinese provinces. This presents a handsome opportunity for the students to join internships to gain practical experience under professional doctors. The international students can also return to their native countries and appear for screening tests to begin their internships. However, the presence of an efficient education system in China attracts the degree holders to practice in the hospitals affiliated with the university. In these hospitals, the students can get precious practical education in high-quality laboratories. Working in these hospitals elevates their skills and helps them to develop excellent communication skills dealing with the constant flow of patients. 
  • Excellent accommodation and hostel facilities: The Nanjing Medical University has two campuses, namely the Jiangning Campus located in the Jiangning District and the Wutai Campus at the Wutai District. Both the campus has well-equipped apartments for the accommodation of the students. The accommodation price is comparatively lower, which is around 25-30 RMB per day. The students are also allowed to rent a house outside the campus. The campuses are equipped with all the lavish facilities such as water heaters, air conditioners, single beds, internet access, telephone, water dispenser, and many more. 

Eligibility to Study MBBS at Nanjing University in China 

The education board of China defines specific eligibility criteria the students must fulfill to join Nanjing University, which is as follows – 

  • The applicant’s age should be at least 18 years on the year of admission. The upper age limit for admission is 25 years. 
  • The candidate must have a physical fitness certificate. 
  • Nanjing University demands a minimum of 80% marks in the Class 12 examination in State Board. Simultaneously, the CBSE/ISC students must have scored at least 70% in Class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


The Nanjing Medical University presents the best platform for MBBS aspirants to polish their knowledge and get lucrative jobs after completing the course. The multicultural environment of the universities exposes the students to various communities. The university also provides the candidates with recreation facilities, sports opportunities, and other co-curricular activities, helping them pave a glorious career. 

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