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Zhejiang Medical University is one of China’s oldest national universities, founded in 1897. The University is the most renowned and selective medical university as well as a member of the C9 League. The university has an urban campus in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. The President of the University is Prof. Wu Zhaohui and the Secretary of the Party is Zou Xiaodong. There are more than 3500 teaching staff employed at the university and more than 45000 students studying at the university.

Advantage of MBBS in China at the Zhejiang Medical University

Chinese MBBS universities, including Zhejiang medical University, are sustaining world-class infrastructure with the aid of big funds created by the Chinese Government. MBBS Universities in China, especially Zhejiang medical University, promote MBBS programs through technically equipped classrooms, specialized nursing laboratories, sophisticated and up-to-date libraries, and unparalleled academic conveniences.

Get the Advantages, Plus Even More

  • Direct acceptance
  • Fees for low-cost MBBS
  • Academic amenities in world-class
  • Scholarships:
  • New Hospital
  • Improved Work Prospects

Duration of MBBS at the Zhejiang Medical University

The Chinese Medical Course will take six years to complete. Five years of preparation in the classroom, where they can undergo all the necessary training. Practical preparation will go hand and hand with a year-long apprenticeship. But it continues when the classroom activities are over. Apprenticeships can have clinical experience in medicine, surgery, and other related courses to help them cope with any situation. This would also give them the attention they need.

Intake of MBBS at the Zhejiang Medical University

As of the end of June/July, the intake capacity of the top medical universities in China is reduced. The students they take hail from various countries across the globe. With a high-quality infrastructure, a low budget, and a vibrant community, these colleges offer a healthy and stable space for their overseas students. Apply to universities as soon as possible until they run out of their seats.

Eligibility for MBBS at the Zhejiang Medical University

  • Applicants must come from a STEM tradition with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their education.
  • The overall score is estimated to be 70% for all of the above-mentioned subjects.
  • Two years of research experience in the following subjects are required.
  • They must be fluent in English and be able to communicate correctly.
  • The higher and lower qualifying ages are 25 and 17, respectively.

The means of teaching at the Zhejiang Medical University

The Medium of Instruction is mainly English, but students are likely to undergo Chinese language preparation for a year as universities assume that they would excel better in local care and practice with their knowledge of Chinese. This is limited for the first year, however, as the rest of their schooling is in English. It can sound daunting, but it’s not.

Admission process for the Zhejiang Medical University

  • Step1: Check out the following documents needed to apply at Zhejiang Medical University:
    Application Form
    One photo of passport size
    Marksheets of the 11th and 12th standards of the relevant board or board of directors of education.
    Certificate of School Leaving
    Class 11 & 12 credentials from the board or board of education concerned
    Copies of the valid passport and the photo page have been scanned.
    Both of the aforementioned records must be notarized and approved by the appropriate authorities.
    Certificates to extra-curricular activity (in the field of study, sports, volunteering, dancing, drama, etc.)
  • Step2: Once you have sent all the papers, Eklavya Overseas will carefully review them and give them to the Admission Committee for Foreign Students of the University you have selected.
  • Step3: The student is expected to pay the application, enrollment, and processing fees in compliance with the Zhejiang Medical University’s guidelines. The registration and approval fee must be charged in advance.
  • Step4: Production fees will be charged to China or India, whichever is earlier.
  • Step5: We will do it all for you after collecting the payment and give you the official photocopy of your Admission Letter released by the Zhejiang Medical University within seven working days. We also process your papers for the issuance of the JW2O2 form required by the Chinese Embassy in your country to grant a Student Visa to the Ministry of Education in China. You can be given the papers via express mail or FedEx.
  • Step6: The student visa procedure can be begun in association with your nearest Embassy/Consulate of China in your country until these documents are received-the Admission Letter and the JW2O2 Form (visa form). The required documents to apply for a visa are:
    A valid visa
    Latest Photos in Passport Size
    Request Form for Visa
    JW202 Type (When coming to China, do not forget to carry the original copy)
    Letter of entry given by a university.
    Health Check-up Form / Record for Physical Test
  • Step7: After obtaining the Visa, please tell us correctly, and we will arrange the Air Tickets and inform you about the date and time of your departure from your country.
  • Step8: Upon your arrival in China, our representative will welcome you to the airport and lead you to the University Hostel. Next morning, the agent will also assist you in paying the entrance and administrative fees at the university counter, where you will enter the MBBS program.
  • Step9: The student will not have to face many difficulties because he/she will be directed before our members complete the whole process.
  • Step10: It takes around a month from the time you receive an Admission Letter from us to your China Visa issued by your government.

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