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What is the HSK Test and Why it is Important for Students Studying MBBS in China?

What is the HSK Test and Why it is Important for Students Studying MBBS in China?

HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi in Chinese. Its English translation is the Chinese Proficiency Test. Han Ban is a non-governmental organization that conducts this test to check the proficiency in the Chinese language. It is just like you give TOEFL for testing your English written and verbal communications. This HSK exam has been introduced for the first time in the year 1984.

Majority of the Educational organizations situated in China demand HSK qualification in order to ascertain the language proficiency of the candidate in Chinese. This examination has many levels from 1 to 6 that signify the level of difficulty with level 6 being the toughest of all. A candidate can give an exam for any level accordingly without the need to pass any previous level.

Most of the MBBS Universities in China demand the clearing certificate of HSK examination of at least level 3 in order to be certified for their further studies and complete graduation. Some Medical Universities have made it even more difficult by compulsating the clearance of the HSK level 4 exam.

HSK is a three-part examination comprising Listening, Reading, and Writing. Its results are declared in the form of percentile. Recently, there is an uproar about the introduction of a Medical HSK exam in China, and as per the changing scenarios and more advent of international students to China’s medical universities, the possibility is high. Also, this exam can be made compulsory for all students coming from foreign countries according to some sources.

HSK exam is important for students pursuing MBBS from China as it has some benefits. One of them is many Medical Universities in China offer scholarships for various medical courses including Ph.D. and Master’s degrees. So, if a person has HSK level 4 or 5 clearing certificates besides other educational certificates, then the chances of winning a scholarship by him/her will easily become higher as this certificate will add to their eligibility and automatically put them one step ahead of others who don’t have HSK certificate.

There is one other exam also known as HSKK. This examination completely aims at the colloquial skills of a candidate. This certificate is specifically needed by those organizations who want high Chinese language skills in terms of speaking. That is why now some people have also started applying for HSKK as well along with the HSK exam. Books for the preparation of both the exams are available both online and offline covering complete syllabus and modules.

What is the importance of HSK?

HSK exam is an important factor for students pursuing their MBBS from Chinese University. HSK proficiency certificate helps candidates in finding a better internship opportunity for them. Also, if a candidate wants to pursue his/her career in the country and serve Chinese people then this certificate will be of great support as the person has already acquired the skills, so he/she will be able to serve the Chinese people in a better way.

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