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Top 10 MCI Approved Medical Colleges In Russia in 2021

Top 10 MCI Approved Medical Colleges In Russia in 2021

Russia has been at the forefront of the education industry for a significant amount of time. The majority of Russia is known to be a former history creator with their disparate international focus and expertise. Similarly, a curious part of you might ask the question, what about the education standards in Russia? The Educational foundations of Russia are extremely strong due to various traditions that are continually followed to the core. They corroborate their cultural achievements with a 98% literacy rate and take pride in being the epitome of ‘en-masse’ educational systems.

Students opting for MBBS also have a wide range of options if they wish to go for their MBBS in Russia. Let’s skim through some of these top 10 MCI approved universities in Russia to give you in-depth knowledge!   

Kazan Federal University

Your medical teaching needs to be as good as it comes, and Kazan federal university is indeed the best, with 215 years denoted and devoted in Russian history. Whether it is diversified cultures or local knowledge that inspires ideas. Kazan federal university takes it up several notches in terms of education. Three thousand faculties are dedicatedly sworn to give their best here, where you will find a combination of ways to help you potentialize yourselves inside and out of the rooms where you study. They also consist of:

  • 17 research centers
  • 80 laboratories

Along with education, they follow practices where, as a student, you get a select span of activities that nurture your development phase with personal guidance and exceptional expertise.

Crimean Federal University

With a cost-effective curriculum infrastructure, the Crimean federal university commits itself to the well-being of an era-long education system that cherishes students to date. They currently encourage major educational systems with 7000 faculties, who have pledged themselves to better the students. Multiple programs are taken under the initiative to encourage the spirits of the 32000 students; 3000 are of international domain. Their educational set-up includes:

  • Twenty-three speculative and non academic divisions.
  • 12 outlets pan Crimea
  • Ten institutions
  • Seven colleges
  • 11 subdivisions
  • 11 research centers

It has rightly established itself as a prominent education center for students who aim to be masters in their trade.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

With a whopping 476 years of history and paraphernalia of knowledge of famous scientists taught here, this university is breezing through success in its best form. With students that arrive from 40+ countries, it is a center of attraction in terms of education. It has partnered with 150+ intercontinental universities and garnered an excellent education culture with 49+ scientific centers and 34 infrastructural buildings on its premises. They are extremely clear about their strategic primacies and aim to contribute in the best way to the student philosophy!

Far Eastern Federal University

If you intend to opt for classic educational systems engorged from centuries of history and values, this university is the place to be. Since 1899, it has enveloped the student culture and transformed it into the best synonym for success, with the amalgamation of schools in itself. They teach 468 areas of study with 300 abstract programs to enrich the education culture with 3300 researchers and faculties. They also consist of more than 90 faculty members and 80 guest-appearance professors through each academic year. They have vigorously set a tone for innovative learning and follow the same every time.

Your creative questions are catered to with zest, and due to this reason, the Far Eastern Federal University is a popular choice for the students and their parents. As it is rightly said, for being a successful protégé, you need a mentor who helps you embrace your inner talent and shows you the right path. This is a notable benefit of the remarkable Far Eastern Federal University.

Smolensk State Medical University

The Smolensk State Medical University is a government medical university that comprises the top educational culture and classifications. Due to its exceptional expertise, it is a caliber recognized by WHO and many other countries like the USA, United Kingdoms, and India. The Smolensk State Medical University holds the 22nd rank due to its excellent tutelage options and is a preferred option for medical education.

This institution dedicates 342 seats for international students to gain their expertise under the guidance of 450+ expert faculties. The medical teaching is incomparable here due to 31 hospitals under its wings where approximately 6000 beds (8 hospitals) are dedicated for educational purposes. Along with the inner working faculties, external scientists and faculties from all over the world are invited to impart their knowledge and life experiences for the welfare of the students.

Kazan State Medical University

Choosing a foreign university or college is a life-changing decision that will also determine the shape of your future and success. With two centuries’ worth of intelligent behavior, the Kazan State Medical University houses more than 700 foreign pupils from 57 countries. Kazan State Medical University is the third oldest university in comparison with Moscow as well as St. Petersburg. They provide a myriad of benefits that enrich your medical future, like faculty exchange programs and the development of the student body with regards to international assistance and activities. It supports the growth of modern-day science with numerous events and conferences, where students are guided and made to shine through. More than 40 educational domains are catered to immaculately by the Kazan State Medical University.

It consists of:

  • 5500+ students
  • Nine facilities
  • 65 departments
  • More than 1500 members of staff

Their premeditated following of aims for the advancement of the students is a major benefit for the students who intend to study there.

Volgograd State Medical University

If you are looking forward to great alumni and educational experience, the Volgograd State Medical University is a favorable option in all educational aspects. It is home to numerous faculties with worldly recognitions where getting élite medical education is very favorable. Many of the faculties are scientists who have established authorities with their supreme knowledge in the medical arena, and their contribution has shone a light on many irrevocable medical situations.

Since 1962, the Volgograd State Medical University has been lodging students from 113 countries. Three thousand experienced physicians, dentists, and pediatricians bring a sense of exceptional teaching for the students, where they are repeatedly tested for their respective field’s knowledge. The main benefit that the Volgograd State Medical University consists of is a wide horizon of opportunities where observant faculties repeatedly provide enhanced exposure to the real-time medical knowledge that assists the students, no matter where they go around the world.

First Moscow State Medical University

The First Moscow State Medical University holds irrevocable pride in being established as the most ancient university of medical science in Russia. It has not been given an official title of being the first, but its successes and know-how have carved a path for it where it is equivalent to being the first amongst all medical organizations in Russia. It had its originations in 1758, where abundant physicians had gathered to garner the medical culture in Russia and help it reach the formidable standards, which exist today. In 2018, before celebrating its 260th centennial, the university had had a range of milestones that proudly depict the immaculate culture existing in the First Moscow State Medical University.

It is tautly knit with the history, where it has been clasping innumerable medical communities and medical periodicals. It has been an imminent destroyer of stereotypical medical education and has augmented the high standards of medicine, contributing to the world medicine instances.

People Friendship University

The People Friendship University of Russia has been duly recognized as the RUDN University and has set the standards for a significant time. Their core expertise lies in creating the specification of any educational aura and turning it into the reality for the students interested in any course. They comprise of:

  • 6 Faculties
  • Ten institutes
  • An academy

Not only medical, but various educational fields take form here. With exposure to numerous languages, exceptional scientific research with 200 labs and 40 research centers, they embrace the educational reality of the world in its true form. It has been handing out its knowledge since 1960.

St. Petersburg Medical University

The St. Petersburg Medical University is very well known as the off-spring of Women’s medical institute (shortly known as ZMI). They were known to be the first institution where women got accustomed to higher knowledge and education. Setting a dynamic example of an organization is today regarded as the dominant form of educational university. It consists of the 75 departments where annual tutelage programs are conducted. Each year, there are changes in the organization, reflected in the students’ furtherance and careers. Staff with highly qualified personnel ensure that the great ideals of education are irrevocably maintained.

Wrapping up,

Education is the most important and dynamic feature of a person’s life, where they cultivate a humanitarian approach towards the world in general. The medicinal sector today is the most important, as humanity itself depends on it. Everything depends on the sustenance of life, and who does it better than experienced medical professionals? Hope you have received an adept idea about the royal educational standards of the medical universities in Russia, where the culture and expanded horizons make you ready for a glorious and non-surreptitious future.

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