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Ulitsa Sukhanova, 8, Vladivostok, Primorskiy kray, Russia, 690000


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Far Eastern Federal University is a federal institution of higher education, accredited and funded by the Russian Ministry of Education. FEFU is the oldest, largest, and highest-ranking university in eastern Russia, established in 1899 during the Russian Empire era, by special order of Tsar Nicholas II. According to the ratings of the Russian Ministry of Education, FEFU is one of the top five Russian universities and has been listed as number two in a recent publication of the top national universities rankings. FEFU is the only university of eastern Russia accredited as a scientific university by the Russian Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology. FEFU earned this accreditation for its scientific achievements: according to the Science Citation Index, FEFU faculty members contribute 78% publications of all Russian Far East universities and colleges in worldwide peer-reviewed scientific journals.

FEFU has joint academic departments with every research institute in natural sciences accredited by the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Russian Far East. In 1999, FEFU won a competition among 90 best Russian Universities for a one-million US dollar grant from the American Civil Research and Development Fund. FEFU was able to establish the Research and Educational Center of Marine Biota. Due to its high level of fundamental and applied research, FEFU has become a leading scientific and research center of ecological expertise of Sakhalin oil and gas projects.

Additionally, FEFU is the largest and the oldest non-commercial Internet provider and IT developer in the Russian Far East. FEFU was the second in Russia, after Saint Petersburg State University, to use H323 Internet protocol and multi-Mbit/s Internet channels for regular educational videoconferences. Utilizing Internet videoconference technology, FEFU pioneered several educational programs: Russian and Japanese languages, Russian-American joint credit courses in law, and international dual degree programs in business.

FEFU alumni include 49 of 58 Primorsky Krai Supreme Court Justices, more than 900 of 1,050 members of the Primorsky Krai Bar Association, 70% of the regional scientists holding Ph.D. degrees, 90% of the regional journalists, and almost 100% of the regional specialists in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and oriental studies.

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