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Peoples Friendship Medical University Of Russia

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Ulitsa Miklukho-Maklaya, 6, Moskva, Russia, 117198


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Choose the profession you’re dreaming about. RUDN University offers any specialization e.g. technical, scientific, medical, economic, humanitarian one. In RUDN University an ambitious student has an opportunity to become a theoretically and practically advanced specialist

RUDN University offers any specialization e.g. technical, scientific, medical, economic, humanitarian one. 6 faculties, 10 institutes, and 1 academy provide ample opportunities for getting a quality education. Engineers, lawyers, doctors, diplomats, financiers, agrarians, physicists, mathematicians, linguists, journalists are taking a degree in RUDN University.

Learning foreign languages allows students to gain a qualification of a certified translator from 1, 2 or even 3 languages. RUDN University offers its students 12 foreign languages for learning – traditional European, Eastern (Chinese, Arabic, Persian) and also Russian as a foreign language. By the way, since 1978 RUDN University teachers have been teaching Russian as a foreign language to the foreign cosmonauts and astronauts participating in Soviet and Russian space crews.

The students develop their language skills not only in class: life at university is a continuous practice. They can speak English, French, Chinese, Arabic, etc. in classes, in corridors, in the street and in RUDN University campus…

RUDN University has everything for mastering science during the university days: one can research, experiment, invent. RUDN University has over 200 laboratories, 3 shared knowledge centers with modern equipment, annual scientific conferences, grants, scholarships, joint scientific projects with leading foreign institutions of higher education, researches of federal and global scale.

100 000 RUDN University graduates work in 170 countries of the world. One can find presidents, prime-ministers, MPs, scientists and businessmen, public figures among them. The university takes notice of its former students’ careers, keeps in touch with them. Every year on the 5 February the RUDN University graduates gather in Moscow to celebrate the birthday of their Alma Mater. Years and decades after their graduation they meet again at the same desk in the room where they had their first lecture.

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