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As a leading higher medical, educational system in the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State Medical University(BSMU) has deserved international prestige and appreciation for its teaching and research quality. BSMU offers courses and programs that are officially recognized as higher education degrees in many study areas.

International students are grateful to apply for admission. BSMU also offers many academic and non-academic facilities and services to students, which includes a library, housing, hostel facilities, sports facilities, study abroad and exchange programs, online courses and distance learning opportunities, and governmental services.

The university carries excellent research facilities that comprise the Central Research Laboratory that is functioning since 1954. In the year 2012, it was restructured into a Research Division with six research laboratories and eight scientific groups with about hundred researchers and technical professionals.

Along with government programs’ responsibilities, the University faculty carries out innovative schemes and plans funded by the Belarusian Foundation for Fundamental Research. For several years Belarusian State Medical University(BSMU) has been the only educational organization of the Republic of Belarus as the leading organization pursuing two-state scientific and technical programs.

Advantages of Studying at Belarusian State Medical University(BSMU)

  • The university offers quality education.
  • BSMU has selected a practical education approach that focuses more on practicals in labs or tutorials than theoretical study.
  • Belarusian State Medical University(BSMU) follows the Bologna process principles and has implemented innovative and advanced educational technologies.
  • The university has affordable tuition fees. Also, there is no need for donation or capitation fee.
  • Students will also get time-to-time medical health care facilities from the BSMU(Belarusian state medical university).
  • Easy & straightforward admission process for studying MBBS in BSMU.
  • Sports activities are controlled in a very organized and modern way by BSMU(Belarusian State Medical University).
  • Special physical training is provided to the students so that they can perform efficiently in sports actions.
  • There are different faculties of medicine at Belarusian State Medical University, like general medicine, preventive medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, military medicine, etc., so that students can choose from.
  • There is no need to take the TOEFL and IELTS test for MBBS in Belarus.
  • The medium of instruction is English.


The world ranking of Belarusian State Medical University is 1380, and country rank is 2.

Belarusian State Medical University(BSMU) – Fee Structure

ParticularAnnual Fees
Fee in USD (approx)$ 5,833
Fee in Indian Rupees (approx)Rs.3,50,000
Hostel & Food in Rupees (approx)Rs.40,000

Note: 1$= Rs.60

Required Document for Visa to Study in Belarusian State Medical University-

Every candidate should carry with him/her the following list of original documents at the airport:

  • Valid Travel Passport.
  • Official letter of admission.
  • School Certificates.
  • Migration Certificate.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate by the hospital with a stamp.
  • Five Passport size Photographs.

The campus at BSMU

  • The university takes special care to raise students’ social level and advancement to settle better in Belarus’s academic and social life.
  • University provides various social and cultural events in which each candidate can participate and can have the opportunity to develop his/her talents.
  • The different university types are student gatherings, dramas, exhibitions, festivals, sports competitions, etc.

Education System in Belarus

  • The country comprises more than 100+ advanced training institutions.
  • Universities in Belarus have a beautiful campus and pleasant study environment.
  • Candidates will also get an opportunity to learn the language of Russian & Belarusian.
  • The university comprises world-class professors to teach lectures.
  • Overall, learning facilities in Belarus are perfect for Indian medical students.

Affiliation, Recognition, and achievement:

  • Medical Council of India(MCI) and the World Health Organization recognize BSMU.
  • Aid Status- Public.

The Life of Student:

Students in the Belarusian State Medical University are always first among other students in terms of quality education. The education is entirely affordable, which adds more to its attractiveness among the foreign students. The university currently houses more than 1000 local students and around 400 worldwide students in its four hostels. The university also has the facility of providing Indian food at the mess to the Indian students as there are many Indian students over there.

Services offered in Belarusian State Medical University(BSMU) Hostel:

  • Recreation Room.
  • Self-study rooms.
  • Dining Room.


Is cadaver provided at BSMU(Belarusian State Medical University)?

Yes, Cadaver is provided at Belarusian State Medical University.

Is Belarus an excellent place to study?

Belarus may not be your first choice when you are thinking of studying abroad, but Belarus has much to offer, with lush green spaces, historical but modern cities, and friendly, welcoming people. It’s also very affordable including an affordable tuition fee – another key attraction for the six thousand or so foreign students who come here every year.

Is Belarusian State Medical University(BSMU) secure for Indian Girls for MBBS?

Yes, Belarus is among the top 10 safest countries in the World; therefore, the crime ratio is nearly 0%. BSMU(Belarusian State Medical University) is very much safe and secure for Indian candidates.

How is Belarus for the MBBS course?

Studying the MBBS course in Belarus has now become the best option for Indian candidates than other European countries in medical studies, skilled faculties, well-maintained hospitals, and excellent food quality. MBBS in Belarus is of six years course and 100% English medium throughout the six years.

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