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Why MBBS in Ukraine is Preferred by Indian Students?

Why MBBS in Ukraine is Preferred by Indian Students?


Ukraine is slowly becoming a hub for Indian MBBS students. Surely they all try to get into the Indian medical colleges but their second choice is mostly Ukraine. This country has all the things that Indian students want. In this article, we are going to know some of the reasons why so many students from India are going to medical colleges every year.

What are the reasons behind Indian Students wanting To Study MBBS in Ukraine?

Affordable Fee Structure:

Most people have the problem of budget and they can’t go to other counties to complete their medical education. This is something that student doesn’t have to face when they are thinking of admission to medical colleges in Ukraine. Students can complete their whole graduation and also pay their accommodation fee in almost 3/4th of the just the tuition fee that they might have to pay in any other country.

Easy Visa Approval:

You don’t get even an education visa easily for some countries. You might have to complete multiple formalities in order to get to the university. When you are applying for admission to Ukraine you can complete the process in a short time and have to submit comparatively fewer documents and forms.

Experience A New Culture:

Whenever you go to a new country that you are going to surely learn about their culture. It is a benefit that most people don’t think of but it is there in all countries other than your own. People get to learn things that change the way they think and behave. It helps to improve the personality and also accept things that you never thought was right.

Practice In High-Class Hospitals:

Ukraine has some great hospitals and when you are pursuing your MBBS from the country you get a chance to do your 1-year internship in one of these hospitals. This is something that lets you understand how different healthcare structures work. When you practice under the finest of the doctors in the world, you also learn something special. This is something that improves your quality as a doctor. When you come back to your country you will already have the great things of this healthcare structure.

Great Accommodation Facilities:

Medical colleges in Ukraine provide separate luxurious hostels to boys and girls coming from other countries. These hostels have everything that students might want when they are staying for their graduation in a country like Ukraine. When you are getting all the things that you want and you are not asked for a lot of money against it, there is no logic in staying outside. This is why when you go to study MBBS in Ukraine you should prefer staying in these university hostels.


All these institutions in Ukraine are accredited by NMC and WHO and are following the international standards curriculum. With all these things, the people who take admission get campuses with all facilities that they can ask in the top universities. Ukraine is a great country if you are also thinking of getting admission abroad to pursue an MBBS course.

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