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Top 9 Reasons Why to Study MBBS in Ukraine?

Top 9 Reasons Why to Study MBBS in Ukraine?


Ukraine, one of the pioneer countries when it comes to medical education. In 2021 this country is also in the top 5 countries for MBBS. A lot of students have confessed that they plan to continue with their medical education in Ukraine. Yes, this is something that they are saying even without counselling. If you are someone who isn’t aware of the reasons why they are leaning towards Ukraine for their MBBS graduation, here we are with 10 reasons that can help you understand it all. 

9 Reasons Why Ukraine Is The Country You Should Choose For Your MBBS Education?

World-Class Universities:

There are many world-class universities in Ukraine. These universities have great infrastructure and provide high-quality education and a lot more. They also promote all the extra activities so that students can develop in all aspects.

Students Are Approved For Any Medical Screening Test:

You get approval to appear in all exams that are conducted around the world. You need to know that just approval to sit in the medical screening test is important because these tests allow you to practice in a certain country and give you the certification that you are fit for practicing this profession.

Getting Admission To A Top University Is Comparatively Easy:

When we compare Ukraine to other countries like the USA, UK, India and more similar countries, you will find out that it is comparatively very easy to get admission to the top colleges.

No Donation Is Required:

You can get admission and you don’t have to pay any donation fee for that. You only have to pay the tuition and the accommodation fee and that is all.

Multiple Hospitals For Internship:

There are many top hospitals that allow medical students to complete their one-year mandatory internship.

Safe For International Students:

Ukraine is one of the countries that take responsibility for the safety of its students. The government and the medical universities in Ukraine take care of the security inside and outside the campus.

You Can Practice And Settle In Any Big Country After Competing Your MBBS Degree From Ukraine:

Because the universities are recognized around the world and are accredited by organizations like WHO, NMC and MCI, you can practice around the world and settle in the big countries.

Great Accommodation Facilities:

Institutions provide hostels to students who come to their countries. They give them everything that they might need from furniture to all basic amenities. 

MBBS Course Fee Is Less & International Exposure :

The fee that you have to pay for the MBBS course is also very less. You can find a top university that suits your budget easily.

Whenever you are going to another country to study, you get to interact with their local students and the students who come from other parts of the world. Also, there are multiple events where you get to meet experts in the medical field. This exposure helps in the later stage when you actually start your medical practice.


Ukraine has some of the best medical universities in the world and you know know the reasons why they are so popular. We hope that you also have this country on your list.

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