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Canada Visa Express Entry

Canada Visa Express Entry

Canada Visa Express Entry

On July 20, an invitation was sent by Canada to 1750 Express entry candidates to apply for permanent residence. Express entry is one of the primary methods used in Canada for welcoming immigrants. Canada is in the quest to accept 55,900 immigrants in 2022. Its goal is to complete 1,11,500 by the year 2024. If any candidate had a Comprehensive Ranking System of at least 542, they were eligible for application. Application from the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) or Canadian Experience Class (CEC) was also eligible to receive an invitation. There was no designated program for this draw.

Express entry is a typical online system that is used to manage immigration applications from skilled workers.

Below are the three types of immigration programs managed through Express entry-

Canadian Experience Class

It is for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience. However, the work experience must have been gained three years before application.

It is a federal skilled worker program.

The program is for skilled workers with foreign work experience. It is essential to meet the criteria for education and other factors.

Federal skilled trades program

This program is for skilled workers who are qualified in a skilled trade, and one must have a valid job offer for a certificate of qualification.
You can apply through Express entry for the Provincial Nominee Program if you are eligible for any of the above programs. Following are the steps you should follow-

Step 1: Find out if you’re eligible

Below are the two ways to find out if you’re eligible for a program that is a part of the express entry-
● Answer a few questions to see if you meet the minimum requirements.
● Read the detailed conditions for each program.

Step 2: Check your score

If at all you’re eligible for one or more than one of the Express Entry programs, and you submit your profile, you will be ranked in the Express Entry pool using the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS.
The CRS is a point-based system used to-
Assess and score your profile.
Rank it in the express entry pool.

Step 3: Get your documents ready.

If you fill out a profile, it is mandatory to have documents such as language test results to show if you’re eligible for express entry.

 Step 4: Fill out your profile

This is the profile where you give us information about yourself.

 Step 5: Get an invitation and apply.

Express entry sends invitations to the candidates with the highest scores in the pool.

For the previous all-program draw on July 6, the minimum cut-off score was 557. Therefore, the new draw’s CRS requirement is 15 points lower. Canada also sent out 250 extra invitations in this particular draw than in the 1500-invitation round.
After a sabbatical of 18 months, IRCC invited applicants who were qualified for immigration through the CEC. This was the second all-program draw since July 6.

The IRCC considers the CRS of the candidate when conducting an all-program Express Entry draw. Before Covid-19 came into the picture, most of the Express Entry draws were not program-specific. This also means that the applicants who were eligible for any Express Entry program and satisfied with the minimal CRS had a fair chance to get an invitation to Apply (ITA).

The FSWP, CEC, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program use Express entry as their applicant management system. Candidates for the PNP in the typical Express entry pool already qualify for at least one of these schemes.

CRS is a points-based system that Express Entry uses. The highest-scoring applicants are also given an ITA. After the ITA, they can submit a permanent residency application.

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