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University Transfer from Ukraine to Uzbekistan Indian Students

University Transfer from Ukraine to Uzbekistan | Indian Students

University Transfer from Ukraine to Uzbekistan | Indian Students

Uzbekistan is one of the countries that students from Ukraine are looking at when they are thinking about their transfer. A lot of students from Ukraine are struggling to find a new campus as they are scared to go back to the one where they used to study. It is not that Ukraine has bad universities, they have great ones but the situation right now does not favour them. Students can’t take that much of a risk because it can mean their life. People living in Ukraine are already facing so much, the students who have come back from there are not finding any reason to go back.

Although the universities have been trying to establish a backup for their students by organizing online classes and events. But, there are some courses like MBBS where the online lectures are not enough. Medical students need to be trained inside the labs and in front of real subjects. These things can’t be done through a virtual class, and even if they try doing that, they would not be able to let the students themselves go through the same.

This is something that will darken the future of these medical aspirants. So, the only solution that they can see right now is to get a transfer to a university in a country like Uzbekistan.

How To Take Transfer to Uzbekistan?

A question that might be running through your mind since you are here. The only way is to apply with a respected organization that deals with international student transfers from Ukraine. You have to check with your university if they provide you with credit points that are used to check if you can be transferred to your preferred university or not. All these things are to make sure that you are not being sent to a university where you might not fit.

Other things that you might need while applying for transfer to Uzbekistan are:

● Copy of Internal Passport
● Certificates (Marksheets) From School and University
● Credit Score From Previous University
● Transfer Fee Receipt

Why Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan anyway is a country where a lot of students especially medical aspirants get admission. They have well-built universities with great facilities like hostels, special cafeterias, big libraries, big campus areas and whatnot. Also, these universities make sure that they take care of things like the safety of their students. That is something that every student who is moving their university from Ukraine to Uzbekistan would want.

Uzbekistan is rich in not just culture but also in their thoughts, they are the people who would try and make their guests at home.

Final Words:

Moving from a university where you might have spent years is not easy, but for a better future, it is really important right now. The future of Ukraine is not looking certain right now. People are praying for them but students can’t waste their years and their future waiting for all this to get normal. Everyone deserves the best and so do you, think wisely and choose wisely.

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