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University Transfer from Ukraine to Moldova Indian Students

University Transfer from Ukraine to Moldova | Indian Students

We all think of changing midway from where we are. This thought can arise because of many reasons. One of the reasons that we see in the students is to learn more and to get better exposure. This is why we have written this article for Indian students who are right now studying in Ukraine but want to get transfer to a university in Moldova. Moldova is a beautiful country, with great landscapes, people and culture. But, what people don’t know about Moldova is that they also have great medical and other universities. Now, why would someone want to transfer from Ukraine to Moldova?

Looking at the current scenarios there are students who are looking to transfer from most universities in Ukraine to a lot of countries and Moldova seems to be one of them. The situation right now in Ukraine is not so favourable for the students and that is why looking for alternatives is not a bad thing. A transfer is a great option because they would not even lose their years.

Ukraine Universities Trying Their Best:

Even though the medical universities in Ukraine are trying their best to provide their students with whatever possible, some things will never be the same. The students can’t go to campus in the campus during war times and studying medicine from home doesn’t sound anyway appealing. No doctor wants to be known for studying in front of a desktop and not in a real classroom.

Why Moldova?

There are universities in Moldova that will provide easy transfer to the students from Moldova. Also, the prices would also not be too high. This is one of the reasons why students choose Ukraine as well, now when choosing a replacement or alternative, they need some country that can offer something similar to them. The universities provide the students with not just the basic amenities but also with advanced facilities like one would expect in USA and UK. That is not it, they also manage to host a lot of workshops and seminars to enhance the character and quality of their students.

What does A Student need From Transfer To Moldova?

You need all your reports and certificates from your previous university. Also, you need to make sure that your university grants you credits for your degree, these credits are used while transferring. The centre in Moldova that takes care of all these things would take this into consideration to make sure if you are the right candidate for transfer. One thing that you need to know is that your academic records play an important role in all this. If you are in the good books and in the top layer of your course, the chances that you will get transferred to the prefered university are really high.

You will need documents like:

1. Marksheets (School)
2. Records (Previous University)
3. Internation Passport Copy
4. Transfer Fee Receipt
5. Other original Documents

Final Words:

A student should know if this is the right decision for them, they can choose from a variety of countries. Moldova is a budget-friendly country with decent universities and should not be looked at differently.

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