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Requirements to study in Canada

Requirements to study in Canada: Check Eligibility for Indian Students to study in Canada

Why one should choose to go and study in the country of Canada?

Canada is one of the nicest and most promising places for one’s higher studies and the nation is known to attract thousands of students and learners each year from all over the earth. Colleges and universities in the country of Canada are known to provide some very world-class education and facilities which are also recognized globally. Their research is also considered as one of the key components of any graduate course. The colleges and universities support their students who come out with their best research ideas and notions and also many different types of scholarships are given to the students according to their research work.

Here are some of the other reasons as to why to go and study in the country of Canada:

It provides an affordable education for the students.

It creates many innovative and abundant Research Opportunities for its students.

It provides immigration Possibilities for their students who are eager to join them.

It has a very exciting and healthy campus lifestyle that is given to the students.

It is surrounded by the healthy and safe communities around them.

There are a lot of work and internship opportunities for their foreign international students given by them while those students are studying there.

The Eligibility Criteria are Given Below:-

The educational qualification of the particular student-

The minimum eligibility criteria of the student to graduate is he or she has to score at least 50 per cent from a UGC or AICTE recognized college or university.

Year Back-

The graduation degree of the particular student has to be completed within the given time and also with no gap year.


That particular student should not have more than 10 backlogs in his or her graduation period.

Period of staying back in the country of Canada and the post-graduation work permit:

A student must need to seek a course that has at least a duration of 8 months to be eligible to stay back in the country of Canada. The courses that have a duration of fewer than 8 months, do not allow foreign and international students to stay back there or even apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit in the country of Canada.

For a post-graduation work permit, a student must need to pursue a course of: that has a duration of fewer than 2 years, then he or she will be eligible for a post-graduation work permit of the equivalent duration as of that particular course. For example, an 8 months course will allow only an 8-month post-graduation work permit. If the student is there to pursue a 2-year course like a master’s or diploma, he or she will be eligible for a post-graduation work permit that will be of 3 years. For example, a 2 years master’s or diploma course will be just equal to a 3-year post-graduation work permit for the student.

The cost of studying in the country of Canada:

The tuition fees in the colleges and universities of the country Canada may vary by institutions and their provinces, but the expense is normally better and affordable when it is compared to the colleges and universities of other countries around the earth. Note:- the technical and medical courses are more costly than the arts courses.

There are many reasons and furthermore many good reasons for a student to go to Canada to pursue his or her dream course there with their wonderful education system, facilities and environment. Hence, one must check out all the information and decide to study in Canada.

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