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The Most Prestigious Universities In Russia

The Most Prestigious Universities In Russia

Russia has become a hub for all international students due to its diaspora of opportunities. The fee structure of the top medical universities in this country is very low, and they provide excellent quality of education.

Following are some of the most prestigious universities in Russia-

Crimea Federal university

The Crimea Federal University has more than 7,000 members, and the university has been conferred ‘AA’ rank by the International education society. The total fee for six years is 19,44,000 Indian Rupees approx. Many students who come to CFU from various parts of the world opt for accommodation in the CFU hostel. This university has six hostels to accommodate a large number of international students. On the university campus, you will get Indian Food, and various types of cuisine are available such as Chinese etc.

Rostov State Medical University

This university embraces a special mission for training practitioners from all over the world who contribute to improving health, research and education. The total fees for six years in this university is 18,31,800 Indian Rupees. A hostel facility is available in this university where rooms are provided with two and three beds sharing. Regarding Food, a canteen facility is also available for the students, and a shared kitchen is equipped for the students who wish to cook their Food.

 Bashkir State medical university

This institution is one of the largest medico-scientific centres in Ufa, Russia. The total fee for six years is 17,82,000 Indian rupees, including tuition fees, hostel fees and health insurance costs. The university has five hostels, and all these hostels are well furnished and have police security. The student can avail of the canteen facilities and get Indian Food.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University

The total fee for six years in this university is 30,88,500 Indian rupees. The university provides an entire furnished hostel facility to the students, and the students can avail all the services such as Gymnasium, Internet, Kitchen and all modern amenities. There is a kitchen unit, and the students can also get Indian and vegetarian Food.

Ryzan State Medical University

Ryzan State Medical University trains specialists in residency, doctoral candidacy, internship and postgraduate study. The total fee for six years is 18,60,00 Indian rupees which include the tuition fees, Food and hostel fee. There are four hostels for international students, and the quality of Food available is also excellent.

Pskov State Medical University

This university was established in 1932, and the total fee at the institute for six years is 17,07,000 Indian rupees. Twelve dormitories are provided for the students with an accommodation of 544 beds. There is a cafeteria in the university where different types of delicacies are available. 

Stavropol State Medical University

This is one of the non-profit educational institutes in Russia and the total course fee for six years is 22,50,500 Indian Rupees. The university also has hostels within walking distance of the building, and all the hostels have a CCTV surveillance system. The hostel also has a kitchen facility where the students can cook Food. 

Perm State Medical University

It is one of the top-ranked colleges, and it is the leading university located in the city. The total fee for six years in this institute is 23,43,000 Indian rupees. There are seven hostels on the campus on a sharing basis. A shared kitchen is provided where the students can cook, and Indian restaurants with Indian Food are also there. 

Mari State Medical University

This university was founded in 1972, and the total cost of education for six years is 19,60,000 Indian Rupees. The university has an entirely separate hostel for girls and boys, and each floor of the hostel has a kitchen unit where the students can cook as they wish.

 North Caucasian State Medical University

This university was founded in 1936, and the total fee for six years is 26,65,000 Indian Rupees. There is a hostel facility both for males and females with three times mess facilities at a reasonable price. The place is well equipped with all the main amenities.

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