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Kursk State Medical University VS Kazan Medical University

Kursk State Medical University VS Kazan Medical University

Kursk State Medical University

The Kursk State Medical University is one of the oldest universities in the country of Russia, and it was founded in the year 1935. This university serves as the region’s scientific, educational and cultural center. The Kursk State Medical University has an aim, mission and objective. The main goals are to spread facts and information about human health, improve and advance healthcare techniques and boost the department of medical science. This professional and intellectual society comprises students, graduates, interns, doctors and postgraduates.

It is the most prestigious university, which ranks in the top 54 per cent of the universities and colleges globally. The university has qualified over forty thousand pharmaceuticals and specialists for its 83-year presence. European Quality has named this university one of the Hundred Best Russian Colleges. This is the university that works, and several activities are carried out in congruence with the requirements and needs of the state principles. This university’s effectiveness is evidenced by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation. 

Kazan State University

The Kazan State University is the second oldest university in the Russian Federation. This university was established in the year 1804. It is a very prominent university, ranked among the top 10 institutes of higher education. This university is known for 213 years of brilliant academic and educational achievements and accomplishments. They are also known for many remarkable types of research on an extensive range of subjects. This university has been a crossroad between the east and the west for a very long period. Thus, the students can get exposed to a whole new world of ideas, culture and variety. There are around 3000 teachers and professors who deliver excellent levels of undergraduate and postgraduate level of education. Most of the people studying here are PhD candidates. Some of them are even working with scientists who hail from all around the world, not only from the country of Russia. This university has been accredited with a rating of BBB+, and it is ranked 33rd among all Russian universities. 

More than almost 700 students from more than 57 countries all around the entire world study here. This university functions based on self-governance. It prepares excellent experts in various fields of medicine. The university holds 16th place among all the medical schools in the Russian Federation. This university has obtained a third place among the medical universities in the Russian Federation. International students from all the other corners of the world come to get medical education here as this university offers services to students of all nationalities and religions. It has trained more than 24000 students, including international students from 49 countries. The World Health Organization recognizes the degree obtained at this university. This university commenced an English-Medium course in 1996. All the lectures, practical, seminars, examinations and state examinations for English Mediums are conducted in English. 

At the Kazan State Medical University, clinical training is performed at 54 units of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan. There are 33 general hospitals, 21 polyclinics, several maternity hospitals, and dental clinics. This university has six hostels. The international students are offered different kinds of rooms and these rooms may differ in size. Two or three students can even share a room. All the rooms are comfortable, well heated and fully furnished. These rooms also have internet access. The facilities for students are organized on a sharing basis. These facilities are bathrooms and kitchens. The university also consists of particular areas for the students where they can socialize and meet new friends. All the student hostels are under the protection of police for 24 hours and these hostels are situated very close to the university.

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