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NMC & MCI Important Changes In Year 2021

NMC – National Medical commission / MCI – Medical Council of India Important changes in the year 2021

  1. National Medical Commission: What is NMC and Why NMC is established in India?
  2. Purpose of NMC in India and MBBS Abroad: Recognition
  3. New Important Note on NMC Website: What does it say?


  1. Students can study in any medical college abroad as NMC is not going to Endorse any Medical Colleges Abroad.


  1.  One of the Illogical decisions made by NMC.
  2. NMC Is not going to endorse any Medical Colleges abroad means it is clearly stating that it will not take any responsibility for medical colleges and Indian students studying anywhere in abroad.
  3. The level of corruption in some Medical Colleges In Abroad will drastically increase as no fear of NMC will be there from now on.
  4. No parameters of selecting a college from now on as NMC is not ready to give their confirmation whether a college is genuine or not.
  5. Some scammer consultants will now aggressively promote Bilingual Universities of China, Russia, and scam 1000’s of students in terms of low fee structure.

Note: Earlier in 2019, more than 200 Bilingual Universities of China were removed/delisted from the MCI list. Now, with this, they will re-enter the market with the help of Scammer Consultants.

University’s with extremely poor infrastructure will now be promoted to manipulate parents and students. These universities belong to countries like Kyrgyzstan etc.

A major decline in the MCI results will be now noted, as non-professional medical universities will be enrolling thousands of students. The data for 2020 is as follows:

I) FMGE | MCI June Results in 2020
Total Candidates: 17,789
Pass: 1697

Pass Percentage: 9.5 %
No. of students passed: 1697/17, 789

II) FMGE | MCI December Results 2020
Total candidates: 19122
Pass: 3722

Pass percentage: 19.46 %
No. of students passed: 3722/19122

From I) and II)
Total Number of candidates who appeared in 2020:
Students appeared in FMGE Exam December 2020 + Students passed in FMGE Exam June, 2020

=> 19122 + 1697 = 20,819;

* Students Passed in FMGE Exam 2020: 1697 + 3722
= 5419

* Number of students passed in FMGE Exam 2020: 5419/20819
Pass Percentage of FMGE Exam 2020: 5419/20819 X 100
= 26 %

Now, if the NMC list will not be there, the results will decline. Also, once the NEXT Exam will be implemented, the results percentage will change.

What can be done now?

  1. Now, parents will have to research aggressively about selecting a meritorious Medical Institution In Abroad.
  2. Don’t fall into the trap of marketing. Scammers will find a way to manipulate you.
  3. Sign agreement with your consultant about Medium of Instructions, Recognition Medical Infrastructure, Clinicals, Education Quality.

Note: This point is extremely Important and Mandatory.

Softamo will be recommending Medical University with its own Guarantee and in the form of a Written Agreement for students studying in Softamo Represented Medical Colleges and staying in Softamo Hostel.

Softamo Advocates only Brilliant and deserving medical universities Abroad. The name you can blindly trust.
Softamo’s working team comprises Professionals including Doctors, Indians, Bankers, Lawyers, Charter Accountants, Journalists, Teachers, and Retired Medical Personnel.

A strong PIL needs to be a file in this regard requesting NMC to share the list again to boost students’ confidence in our country’s Medical Council.
Also, an RTI should be drafted in order to know the larger benefits of the Important Note issued if there is any; and How this note will prevent scams with students planning to study in Abroad and will NMC going to take responsibility for the scams that will be executed in Abroad?

Install MADAD App in case you met with a scam Abroad to register your grievances.

Lastly, choose your consultants wisely from now on.

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