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PG in USA After MBBS

Pursuing a Postgraduate degree from the USA is a dream of all MBBS aspirants. After completing MBBS from the home country, candidates prefer to complete their PG from a cream country to add value to their medical career and make it big in the medical industry as a doctor. Many doctors who have completed their MBBS from India seek to pursue their MD from cream counties like the USA. The candidates looking to settle in the USA as a certified practitioner must clear the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) in a systematic way and complete their PG degree.

Quick Overview

Level of StudyPost graduate program
Course NameMD (Doctor of Medicine)
Course Duration4 years-6years
Entrance Exam for EligibilityMCAT
Cost of Program50,000-75,000 USD
Top Universities in USAHarvard, Stanford, Yale

How to study PG in USA after MBBS

  • Firstly, the candidate must have a proper Bachelor’s degree preferably in Physical Science, Chemistry or Biology as their medical background.
  • Then, the need to sit for the Medical College Admission Test, popularly called MCAT and score as per eligibility in Medical Universities of USA.
  • Complete the four year long full time postgraduate course (MD) from the USA that is divided into different semesters.
  • Additionally, to practice medicine in the USA, the candidate must appear in Part I and II of USMLE and score well.
  • Then, the students can find their residency and apply for it along with the niche.
  • After this, the candidates need to pass the third USMLE that covers clinical management and finish their residency.
  • After completing all of this, the candidate has to earn a Board Certificate regarding their specialization field and finally get a State License to practise as an MD in the USA.

Advantages of pursuing PG from the USA after MBBS

  • It is a great opportunity for candidates to extend their network and connect with prestigious doctors and medical professionals in the industry.
  • The program is flexible and it is possible for students to take a gap of one year for completing their clerkship to obtain residency. After this, they can continue their course.
  • The students are eligible to get a Visa for 5 years within which they will be able to appear for the USMLE 3, providing them a safe passage to get their certificate and license.
  • Even if the candidate faces an issue related to the residency for the PG course, their living expenses are covered by the public health management degree.

Cost of PG in USA After MBBS

Medical UniversityProgram FeeProgram Duration (in years)
Harvard University$64,984 p.a.5
John Hopkins University$56,500 p.a4
New York University$57,476 p.a.4
Stanford University$20,731 p.a.6
Yale University$61,140 p.a.4

Best Medical Universities in USA for PG

  • Harvard University
  • John Hopkins University
  • New York University
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University
  • Columbia University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Washington University


Q: Is MCAT compulsory for students opting for PG in the USA after MBBS from India?

Yes, a student has to clear the MCAT exam to be eligible for pursuing an MD Program from the USA after completing MBBS from India.

Q: Can I retake the USMLE exam if I fail to clear it on the first attempt?

Yes, the candidate can reschedule the examination and reappear for it if they fail to clear it on the first attempt. They can also apply for residency in the meantime.

Q: Can I practice as a doctor in India after completing my PG from the USA?

Yes, the candidate can practice as a doctor in India after completing the Medical MG from a University in the USA.

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