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Indian Students Can Save Money by Studying MBBS in Abroad

Indian Students Can Save Money by Studying MBBS in Abroad

Each year hundreds of Indian students dream of pursuing MBBS courses to become skilled medical professionals. However, Indian infrastructures and high education costs turn out to be the most significant barriers against the students’ burning dreams. Therefore, most Indian students fail to attain their dream professional. As MBBS, being of the most premium courses, required higher tuition charges in India. On the other hand, the higher donation fees to get admission turns out to burden the students. Simultaneously, the seats in the Medical Universities of Indian are quite limited. So, most of the aspirants hassle to get admission to the top universities in India. Lack of opportunity and financial crisis sums up to destroy hundreds of candidates’ dreams without valuing their talents.

Here, studying MBBS abroad is one of the excellent options for the aspirants. Pursuing a medical career abroad helps the students to overcome financial barriers. Therefore, a large portion of Indian candidates’ foreign countries as a better and sophisticated alternative.

Following the modern trend of technology, several countries like Russia, the USA, UK, Germany, Ukraine have developed the most efficient education systems to help medical students unleash their true potential. With their customized facilities, they help the students climb the ladder of success to shape a fruitful medical career.

All these countries feature tons of top MBBS institutions that produce thousands of skilled doctors every year. These educational centers offer the most premium infrastructures and world-class MBBS training programs within reasonable charges. This attracts many Indian middle-class aspirants and helps to lighten the burden of money and get a quality education.

Here we will highlight why studying MBBS in abroad countries is cost-effective for Indian students. And every year, the students travel overseas to achieve their medical goals and tailor a bright future.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Abroad

Although pursuing an MBBS course abroad has countless advantages, here are some of the prominent ones –

Cost-effectivity: Most of the Indian colleges charge high tuition fees for the MBBS programs. However, the international MBBS universities charge low tuition fees in comparison to Indian private colleges. Although the charges are low, the foreign universities offer the same syllabus, curriculum, and an enhanced education system. To present the candidates with further financial aids, the international universities present exclusive scholarship opportunities based on their talents and other criteria. The universities do not charge high donations or any hidden charges during the course of admission. Most of the top-notch educational destinations offer minimal accommodation and food facilities attached to the colleges’ main fee structure, which is quite affordable. The universities present tons of restaurants that offer all types of foods at affordable rates.

World-class quality education: In today’s time, the UK, USA, Ukraine, and many of the other countries have established themselves to be the best educational centers serving the students with top-notch quality education. The foreign universities are actively supported by the government to cut-off the extra charges to provide quality education at affordable rates. The top universities are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, MCI, IMED, and others, representing the institutions’ prestige. Being recognized by renowned medical councils such as MCI highlights the worldwide recognition of the MBBS degree supplied by the institutions. The MBBS syllabus is carefully designed according to the guidelines of MCI, which enables the students to qualify for the MCI Screening Test easily. The foreign universities train the students with medical knowledge and teach them discipline, which helps them in the coming future. The universities provide MCI Coaching, under the supervision of expert teachers, who trains the students with years of experience. They present the correct blend of conceptual knowledge and practical knowledge to help them clear the MCI Screening test and successful practice medicine in India.

Less competition for admission: Studying MBBS in India is full of hassles as the Indian institutes offer limited seats. Every year over ten lakh candidates appear for the National Eligibility Examination test (NEET) to reserve their seats in the top Indian MBBS universities. Due to the lack of seats, only the most talented candidates are picked out. On the other hand, countries like the UK, USA, Russia present thousands of top institutes where the students can easily join the MBBS courses. Therefore, the candidates have an excellent option to get admission to foreign universities to gain the same quality education under affordable charges.

Challenges Faced by the Indian Students Study MBBS in Abroad

When an Indian student migrates to a new place, they are surrounded by tons of difficulties. Some of which are as follows –

Linguistic Barrier: The most prominent challenge most students face when they move to a foreign country is the language barrier. Although the mode of education in foreign universities is English, the students need to interact with the local people in the native language. To help the students understand the native languages like Russian, American English, and many more, the universities include dedicated classes and teach their native language. This allows the students to break down the linguistic barrier and learn the country’s languages much more conveniently.

Adaptation Problems: When the students travel overseas, they shift to a new world, living with new people. Many aspirants find it difficult to adapt to the circumstances. The climatic change also troubles the students causing health-related issues. Therefore, the students must ensure proper health check-ups to prevent health problems.

Budget Estimation: Although every student forms a budget analyzing the admission fees and other charges, they fail to maintain their expenses within the range. There may be certain hidden expenses in transportations, food, and others, which the students cannot define previously.

Sudden Change in Lifestyle: Most of the candidates suffer due to the sudden modification in lifestyle, living away from their parents. This contributes to being a reason for discomfort, so the students make themselves flexible to adapt to the new changes in lifestyle, transportation, and other aspects. They must adopt the foreign country’s culture, where they are pursuing MBBS, and dissolve within the environment and people of the country.

Best and Cheapest Countries to Study MBBS in Abroad

Here are the top countries to pursue MBBS Abroad –

China: China is one of the most sought-after destinations for studying MBBS. Each year thousands of Indian students enroll in the top Chinese Universities to pursue MBBS. China has a total of 45 Medical Universities recognized by MCI. China is known for its high-quality education system for decades. Due to its effective education quality to tuition fees ratio, the country has attracted many Indian students. With the lowest fee structure, China is one of the best options available for the candidates to study MBBS in foreign.

Average MBBS course fees in China – INR 20 lakhs to 35 lakhs

Top Chinese Medical Universities

  • Capital Medical University
  • Ningbo University
  • Jiangsu University
  • Wuhan University
  • Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Philippines: The Philippines is one of the trending educational countries in the world. It is the choice of many Indian students due to its low MBBS fee structure. The universities in the Philippines offer MBBS courses at 25% lesser than the cost in India. The country follows American ascent, which enables the students to grasp the learning of MBBS quickly. The Philippines hosts 40 government-affiliated Medical Institutes recognized by the top medical councils. The degree holders need to qualify for the Physician Licensure Examination to begin practicing medicine. To get admission in the Philippine universities, the students must clear the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT).

Average MBBS course fees in the Philippines – INR 20 lakhs to 40 lakhs

Top Medical Universities in Philippine

  • University of Perpetual Help Rizal
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College – School of Medicine
  • UV Gullas College of Medicine
  • Davao Medical School Foundation
  • Lyceum Northwestern University

Ukraine: Ukraine is one of the most recommended countries for Indians to study MBBS. The country hosts some of the world’s best MBBS universities which costs very low. All the Ukrainian universities are recognized by international medical bodies such as the Medical Council of India (MCI), UNESCO, World Health Organization (WHO), FAIMER, and AIMEE.

Average MBBS course fees in Ukraine – INR 20 lakhs to 38 lakhs

Top Medical Universities in Ukraine

  • Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Ternopil State Medical University
  • Donetsk State Medical University
  • Kyiv National Medical University


Presently most of the students are opting to pursue their medical careers in foreign countries. There are tons of challenges the students will face in foreign lands during their MBBS course. However, the firm believes and an ambition to succeed in life and tailor a successful career pumps up the students to reach the apex of success. Studying MBBS in foreign countries not only enhances their academic skills but also helps them to build solid communication skills.

Countries like Ukraine, China, Russia, the Philippines, and Nepal present top-notch quality education at the most affordable charges. Before choosing the ideal medical college, all Indian students must enquire about the fee structure and living costs in the specific country. They must discover the perfect blend of cost-effectivity, quality education, and a productive environment to frame a successful career.

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